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Worth Deserving Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798

Xu Lei smiled gently, her pretty face, which was enough to drive countless men crazy and make countless women ashamed of themselves, was full of happiness and expectation.

The fantasy that she had had for countless nights had finally come true today.

Xu Lei tried to smile, but as she smiled, tears unconsciously flowed down her face.

Crystalline teardrops slowly slid down her pretty face.

Then, they splashed down on Ye Fan’s face.

Where it entered his eyes, it was cold.

In the end, Xu Lei could no longer control the emotions in her heart and hugged the man in front of her, bawling her eyes out.

“Little Brother Fan, wake up.”


“You can’t die, I don’t want you to die, wake up.”

“In this world, you are the only family member of Lei’er, if you are gone, who else can chat with Lei’er, who else will knock Lei’er’s head, who else will scratch Lei’er’s nose”

Xu Lei couldn’t stop crying, her miserable and sad appearance was like that of a child who had lost the love of her life.

It could be said that, apart from Ye Fan’s parents, Xu Lei was almost the earliest person to know Ye Fan.

The encounter in the middle of the Chu family back then had made this girl, remember the young man back then for so many years.

In Xu Lei’s memory, this man called Ye Fan was always so proud, so dazzling and so energetic.

Even after being expelled from the Chu family back then, there was still an unquenchable flame in his eyes.

But why, God is so cruel.

Since he had created such a proud and dazzling youngster, why did he now want to destroy him.

In fact, not only Xu Lei, even Li Er and Chen Ao could not believe that the man in front of him, covered in blood, wretched and dying, was the Mr. Chu who had swept through the herd and reigned over Jiangdong back then.

How dazzling was Ye Fan at that time?

With one punch and one kick, he crushed Wu He Rong, who had come across the sea!

In the battle of the military district, he alone suppressed the four military districts!

The trip to the Rainforest, he fought alone against several great seals without defeat.

In the Battle of West Lake, he even nearly leveled the entire Jiangbei Martial Path, which was still in ruins.

Along the way, this man was truly too dazzling.

So dazzling that all they could remember was the supreme glory of him sweeping through the Sun Country and suppressing the Martial God Hall, and only the overwhelming majesty of him going up to the Chu Clan, defeating Chu Zhenghong and topping the Heavenly Ranking.

However, when the glory dissipated, the light faded away.

The man who lies here today is just a young boy in his early twenties.

At this age, many people are probably just coming out of the ivory tower of university, still mentally childish teenagers.

But Ye Fan, however, has already been through the world’s ups and downs.

Women, power, strength.

Ye Fan has already enjoyed all the dreams that all people struggle for their whole life.

Sometimes he thinks that since he has already seen all the prosperity in the world, what is the pity of falling today?

Perhaps the only thing he could not live up to was the beautiful woman in front of him.


“Little Brother Fan, wake up!”

“I won’t let you go.”

“You’re the one that Rui’er cares about the most, if you leave, what’s the point of Rui’er living in the world?”

Xu Lei was still crying, miserable tears sliding down her face.

The thought that in the future, she might be all alone in the world made Xu Lei’s heart, almost, feel a shattering stabbing pain.

“Silly girl, little brother Fan has not yet seen you start a family, how could he be willing to leave?”

As Xu Lei was crying, a faint voice suddenly rang out.

Xu Lei’s tearful pretty face was instantly stunned.

She looked down and saw that at some point, Ye Fan, who had been unconscious for a long time, had finally opened his eyes.

Xu Lei was instantly overjoyed, the tears on her face had not yet dissipated, but her pretty face was beaming with joy.

“Little brother Fan, you’ve finally woken up.”

“Hmph, you scared Rei’er to death.”

“Do you know how long you’ve been unconscious?”

Under the surprise, Xu Lei immediately hugged Ye Fan, her pretty face buried in Ye Fan’s chest, complaining about him with a heart full of resentment.

“Mr. Chu has woken up?”

“Chief Xu, really, is Mr. Chu really awake?”

Li Er and the others, who heard the commotion, all ran in after him.

But as soon as they entered, they saw Xu Lei who was nestled in Ye Fan’s arms, pouring out her love and ugly tears, Li Er then kindly stopped and backed out.

“Lao Er, what are you waiting for, dawdling, go in?” Lei Laosan had little eyesight and was still scolding Li Er for dawdling.

But Li Er directly dragged Lei Lao San out with one hand “You old thing, you have no eyes at all.”

“Can’t you see that Mr. Chu and Mr. Xu are talking?”

“People like you, if you didn’t have some money, you would have been a bachelor for the rest of your life.”

Li Er cursed and scolded outside.

After waiting for a long time, Xu Lei, whose beautiful eyes were red and swollen, only then called Li Er and the others in.

“Little Brother Fan is still very weak, you guys shouldn’t delay him for too long.” Xu Lei reminded.

“Don’t worry, General Xu, we are just visiting Mr. Chu.”

Li Er and the others replied back, and then all of these men of Ye Fan poured in.

However, after they saw Ye Fan’s haggard and pale face, Li Er, Lei Lao San, Chen Ao, and Long Baichuan, the three Dragon Kings, their eyes unconsciously turned red.

With a bang, Li Er and the others knelt down in front of the bed, their eyes full of misery and old tears.

“Mr. Chu.”

“Dragon Lord.”

“It is we who are incompetent!”

“We could not share the Dragon Lord’s worries!”

“The party made the Dragon Lord”

Li Er and the others really hated, hated their shallow abilities.

On the frontal battlefield, they could barely help Ye Fan in the slightest.

Ye Fan was wounded and on the verge of death, and they could only kneel here and watch, unable to even avenge Ye Fan.

“All of you get up, it has nothing to do with you guys.”

“You you guys have done well.”

“Yes it was me, underestimating the Chu Sect.”

Ye Fan leaned against the bed, his pale face, revealing a powerless smile.

After a short moment of sadness, Ye Fan asked Li Er about their current situation and condition.

Ye Fan could ignore his own life and death, but these people in front of him, he always had to bring them back safely.

“Mr. Chu, ahead is my Yanxia East Sea.”

“In a day at most, we will be able to reach our homeland!”

“By that time, we will be safe.”

“Those b*****ds will no longer be able to harm us.” Li Er said joyfully.

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

“We are about to arrive home safely.”

“The fathers and mothers of Jiangdong are waiting for you over there?”

Chen Ao and Lei Lao San and the others all said happily as well.

These days, Ye Fan was unconscious, and Chen Ao and the others’ hearts were hanging in the air.

For one thing, they were worried about Ye Fan, but they were worried about the Chu Sect coming after them.

It could be said that none of them had slept well.

But now, everything was about to change for the better.

They would soon be returning to their homeland!

No matter how arrogant that Chu Sect was, they couldn’t really dare to kill a large army to the Yanxia hinterland.

This is an invasion!

Yanxia’s millions of troops were not for show.

“Yes, it’s good to be about to arrive home.”

Ye Fan smiled along with him.

But the emotions in his heart were undoubtedly complicated.

A few days ago, when he had left Jiangdong, he was still the number one in the Heavenly Ranking with boundless scenery.

Now that he had returned to Jiangdong, he was already on the verge of death, having lost all his prosperity.

Ye Fan suddenly had some appreciation of why the defeated King of Western Chu, who was defeated at Wujiang River a thousand years ago, did not dare to cross Jiangdong.

“Where is she? Is she still there?” Ye Fan suddenly asked.

“Her? Who is it, does Mr. Chu mean that He Lan Shan’s thousand-year-old daughter?” Li Er was puzzled, thinking that Ye Fan was asking about He Yurou.

Ye Fan shook his head.

Chen Ao thought of something and asked again “Mr. Chu is asking about that veiled woman who came with you?”

“She seems to have left.”

“I haven’t seen her since you fell into a coma.”

Ye Fan did not say anything, only that his eyes, which were already listless, had once again dimmed a few points.

Inside, an unspeakable sadness and loss suddenly welled up.

He had, after all, not been able to take her away.

“How many days have I been in a coma since now?” After a short silence, Ye Fan asked again.