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Worth Deserving Chapter 1799

Chapter 1799

“Almost, seven days.”

Li Er thought for a moment, and then said back.

When Ye Fan heard this, he immediately frowned and then said “Is the cruise ship sailing at the fastest speed now?”

Li Er shook his head “I don’t think so. It feels much slower than the previous days.”

“Inform them to go down, go at full speed and reach the Yanxia border waters in the fastest time possible.”

“Also, tell everyone not to slack off and make sure to stay on high alert until we reach Yanxia.”

Ye Fan suddenly became serious and said solemnly.

When Long Baichuan and the others heard this, they were somewhat puzzled. Especially Li Er and Chen Ao and the others, they even looked like they had difficulty understanding&bsp&bsp the look.

“Mr. Chu, I think, it is greatly unnecessary, right?”

“It’s been so many days, we’ve long been nearly ten thousand miles away from the American continent.”

“Moreover, in another day, we will reach Yanxia.”

“The most dangerous time has pa*sed.”

“You do not know that we have maintained a high level of vigilance during these days of your coma, and everything has turned out to be calm and quiet.”

“I reckon that Truman’s men have given up the chase.”

“Moreover, we have all run here, at this time, even if Chu Sect’s people are chasing after us again, they will not be able to catch up.”

“Mr. Chu can rest easy now.”

Li Er and the others all laughed, and the urgency of their words was no longer there, instead there was a sense of relief that they were about to return home in triumph.

This time, so many of them had gone to Chu Sect Mountain, and although they had not been able to help Ye Fan defeat the Chu Sect, they had, at least, brought Ye Fan back safely.

From this perspective, their character this time was undoubtedly a success.

It was not too much to say that it was a triumph.

“Yes, Dragon Master.”

“These days, the brothers have been on guard day and night without sleep.”

“Spirits were in a state of high tension for many days in a row.”

“Now that they will be going home soon, it’s time to take a proper rest.”

Long Bai Chuan also spoke from the sidelines.

Obviously, so many people present felt that they were already safe.

After all, this side of the sea, was already far away from the Chu Sect’s sphere of influence, so there was absolutely no need to be as frightened as they were before.

However, Ye Fan’s words were firm, and it was simply not up to the crowd to advise each other.

“Listen to me, let everyone hold on for one more last day!”

“When we return home in peace, I will let everyone recuperate well!”

Although Ye Fan’s words were weak, his firm tone was one that could not be questioned by anyone.

In desperation, Long Baichuan and the others had no choice but to obey, allowing the ship to travel at full speed and raising the defence to the highest level.

Once the meeting was over, all the people dispersed, not disturbing Ye Fan’s recuperation.

Xu Lei, on the other hand, remained by Ye Fan’s side, taking good care of him.

Xu Lei undoubtedly cherished this time alone with Ye Fan.

She knew very well that when Yanxia returned to Jiangdong, this man in front of her would no longer belong to her.

“Brother Little Fan, aren’t you being too careful.”

“Could it be that the people of that Chu Sect still dare to kill before the national gate?”

“Unless they want to start a national war.”

“Otherwise, I categorically don’t think they would dare to cause trouble at our motherland’s border.”

“After all, the power of the Martial God Hall, if fought locally, is not to be underestimated.”

Xu Lei asked softly as she peeled an apple for Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan shook his head “Rei’er, I have long been a person who has walked in front of a ghost gate, in fact, I have long looked away from my own life and death.”

“But I can ignore life and death, but I can’t ignore you all.”

“You are all involved in danger because of me, and I am really afraid that I cannot bring you back safely.”

“The number of people I have dragged into this is already enough. I really don’t want to, again, drag you all into this.”

Ye Fan spoke slowly, but his words were tinged with a million heaviness and guilt.

At the beginning, the reason why he had single-handedly killed his way up to Chu Sect Mountain was because he was afraid that he would bring others down if he defeated the Chu Sect.

But the scene Ye Fan least wanted to see had happened after all.

Yue’s whereabouts were unknown, and Gaia and the others were unknown alive or dead.

There was no telling what awaited Oske, who had voluntarily stayed in New York.

And Rhyme, the girl who was willing to leave the whole world to leave with him, had been taken away after all.

Along the way, Ye Fan had really let down too many people!

Sometimes, Ye Fan himself couldn’t help but wonder what virtue he, Chu Tianfan, was capable of, that he had let so many people, defy life and death for him!

“Lei’er, promise me.”

“No matter how Little Brother Fan will end up in the future, you must live a good life.”

“Find someone you like, someone who can protect you for me.”

“In that case, my Little Sister Lei, even without Brother Little Fan in the future, won’t feel lonely, right?”

Ye Fan smiled gently, his words filled with concern and worry for Xu Lei.

He had known Xu Lei for so long that he could even be considered a childhood friend, far longer than he had known Qiu Mu Orange.

Over the years, there were not many people who had come into Ye Fan’s heart, and Xu Lei was definitely one of them.

Unlike Mu Orange, she still had her parents, even if she didn’t have herself.

Qiu Mu Orange’s parents might have been a bit mean, but having been a member of the Qiu family for so many years, Ye Fan could still see that Mu Orange’s parents were only mean to him, and were sarcastic to others, but they still cared for their own daughter.

Back then, Qiu Mu Orange broke off her relationship with the Qiu family and her parents for herself. But is it so easy to cut off the gift of birth and nurture?

All these years, Qiu Mu Orange had been hiding it from Ye Fan and receiving help from her own parents.

Although Qiu Mu Orange did not say so, Ye Fan had always known. Ye Fan did not mind, and even expected Qiu Mu Orange to do so.

Ye Fan was happy to have a few more people in this world who really cared about his wife.

But Xu Lei was different, around her, apart from friends with benefits, there really wasn’t anyone who really cared about her and cared about her.

It could be said that this silly girl in front of him was really the one Ye Fan could not let go of the most.

In this world, the most frightening thing is not life and death, but loneliness.

When there is no one left to hold on to, there is no point in living, right?

Therefore, Ye Fan has repeatedly urged Xu Lei to find someone she likes, just to let this girl have something to hold on to.

Otherwise, Ye Fan was really worried that if something happened to him, this silly girl would also follow, right?

After all, what else could a silly girl who was so stubborn that she had searched for ten years for one person, not be able to do?

“I won’t!”

“Little Brother Fan, I forbid you to say those words.”

“You said you would protect me for a lifetime, you are not allowed to go back on your word.”

“If you leave me behind, I will never forgive you for the rest of my life.”

Xu Lei suddenly became agitated, she shouted stubbornly, her tears flowing out with a wow.

Ye Fan didn’t know what to say, just in his heart, a sigh of relief.



Chu Men Mountain.

On top of one of the few well-preserved halls, Chu Yuan sat in silence with his eyes closed.

Below the great hall, Tang Xian, as well as the remaining two elders, worshipped respectfully.

“Old Sect Master, everything has been done as you commanded.”

“All the strong men of my Chu Sect are already in place!”

“The global martial dao chiefs, the martial dao leaders of all the countries, have also all received word that they will cooperate with my Chu Sect’s actions.”

“However, the Yanxia Martial God Temple has been slow to say anything.”

“But according to the reports from our intelligence officers, the Yanxia side is already mobilizing their troops and actively preparing for the battle.”

“Sword Saint, the Martial God Temple’s leader, has even urgently summoned thousands of martial artists from all over the country to the capital.”

“It’s like a battle to the death!”

“We have to be on guard, huh?”

Grand Elder Tang Xian was worried.

Chu Yuan frowned “What about that number one powerhouse of Yanxia, has he made any moves?”

“Back to Old Sect Master, it seems that Ye Qingtian, the War God of Yanxia, has gone into seclusion. There has been no news for a long time.” Tang Xian said back.

Chu Yuan instantly smiled “In that case, then there is nothing to worry about. Don’t worry, the entire Martial God Hall, except for that Ye Qingtian, the rest of them will never have the vigour to fight against my Chu Sect!”

“Let’s go, the seven days have arrived. It’s time for the big show to begin!”