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Worth Deserving Chapter 1800

Chapter 1800

Summer of Yan.

Yan Mountain, Martial God Hall.

The three great sealed masters, the Sword Saint, the Fist Emperor and Hao Tian, are gathered.

Of course, there was also the young Fist Emperor who was new to the seal.

At the foot of Yan Mountain, the wind was bitterly cold and snowy.

The cold wind from Siberia swept through the land like a rushing beast.

At this moment, in the hall of the Martial Hall, the heating had been turned up to the maximum.

However, the atmosphere in this room was still as cold as ice.

“Sword Saint, the matter has gone completely out of hand.”

“The leaders of the martial arts of the various countries are all involved.”

“What’s more, there is also a Chu Yuan who is most likely a God Realm powerhouse!”

“It can be said that the entire world’s martial power has been stirred up.”

“Yanxia, it’s in danger.”

Looking at the red expedited documents that had gathered from all sides in front of the table, Tang Hao and the others were filled with gloomy eyes and their hearts were burning with anxiety.

For hundreds of years, what had they, Yanxia, never faced such a critical situation?

Back then, when the Chu Sect’s powerful men came to invade, it was only one side of the Chu Sect’s forces.

But now, the martial arts leaders from all over the world had arrived.

One could imagine what kind of pressure the Yanxia Martial God Temple was facing today.

“It’s all that Chu Tianfan’s fault!”

“He’s really crazy, why did he have to go and provoke the Chu Sect?”

“The number one clan in the world, how can you resist a youngster?”

“And now, to bring such a profound calamity to my Yanxia?”

The Fist Emperor was undoubtedly doubly anxious.

As Masters of the Martial God Hall, they were responsible for the peace and stability of their entire family and country.

And now that the country had suffered a critical situation, how could they not hate Ye Fan.

After all, all of this was because of Ye Fan!

From the beginning to the end, Ye Fan was the one who started this matter.

“Fist King, you can’t say things like that.”

“People Chu Tianfan has openly declared that he has no&bsp&bspconnection with my Martial God Temple, and any actions he takes are his personal actions.”

“Perhaps, his heart also does not want to implicate my Yanxia.”

Tang Hao explained from the side.

“Don’t want to implicate?”

“Then if Chu Tianfan really didn’t want to implicate my Yanxia, why did he still run to our side?”

“Now, well, our Yanxia has been completely pushed into the limelight by him.”

“This is neither a fight nor a non-fight, what do you think we should do?”

The more the Fighter thought about it, the angrier he became, his palms clenched with the crackling of his phi.

“I have long said that this Chu Tianfan is a calamity.”

“Back when he was still weak, I advised you all to strangle him in his cradle.”

“But you guys didn’t listen and gave him his seal of approval.”

“How about now, a hair out of place?”

The Fist King spoke in a cold voice, and Tang Hao and the others all lowered their heads and did not speak.

“What’s the point of talking about this when things have come to this?”

“Has there been any news from the War God’s side?”

“Has the person sent to invite the War God returned yet?”

The Sword Saint’s face was expressionless as he merely asked about the situation of the War God, Ye Qingtian.

The son of the Fist Emperor, Little Fist Emperor, replied, “Uncle Sword Saint, all the people we sent there have returned.”

“I can’t find Uncle Ye at all.”

“This old Ye, why is he running around blindly all day? Every time it’s crucial, he can’t find anyone.” Tang Hao stomped his feet in anxiety.

“If you can’t find it, don’t look for it.”

“We’re not going to wait either.”

“Let’s go straight over.”

The Sword Saint sighed, then also stopped hesitating and prepared to go over with Tang Hao and the others.

“But Sword Saint, what should we do when we go?”

“That Chu Tianfan, to protect or not to protect?”

“And the Chu Sect side, how should we communicate with them again?”

“You have to set an attitude for us.”

The situation was too complicated today.

Forces from all sides were converging.

And because of Ye Fan’s Yan Xia people, the Yan Xia Martial Dao had been pushed into the limelight as a result.

Now, the world’s martial dao was looking at their Martial God Hall, wanting to know what the Martial God Hall’s attitude was towards this matter.

In the face of the Fist King and the others’ enquiries, the Sword Saint only returned one sentence.

“No matter what happens next, we have to keep one principle and bottom line in mind.”

“Yanxia Divine State, foreigners are forbidden!”

“For the rest of the matters, improvise.”

The Sword Saint’s gaze was like a torch, and his eyebrows were firm.

His low, powerful words were like a great wall of a thousand miles, stretching across the border of the mountains and rivers, forbidden to the gods and demons!

Soon, in the land of Yan Mountain, four figures rushed into the sky like arrows from a string.

Towards the border, they stepped into the air.



“The direction of the Martial God Hall?”

The movement of Yanshan naturally caught the attention of those with keen senses.

The several powerful families that had eyes everywhere in Yanjing City were alerted.

“Yanjing’s underground queen Xu Lei hasn’t shown her face for several days.”

“Xue Renyang, the head of the Xue family, has not returned since he left home several days ago.”

“There has been a ma*sive mobilisation of border forces recently.”

“All the victorious martial artists of Yanxia are out en ma*se.”

“Now, even the Pillar God General, who is guarding the hinterland of Yanxia, has left the capital.”

“Good heavens!”

“This world, what is going on?”

“Could it be that the end is coming?”

As the saying goes, a duck in the spring river is a prophet.

These Yanxia gentry were deep in the heights, so naturally they were the first to be informed of the change in the heavenly phenomenon.

For a while, the heads of those powerful families were on edge.

On the other hand, the ma*ses of people living at the bottom of the hierarchy were not even aware of it.

They went to work, played and multiplied as they had done for countless days and nights.

The sun still rises in the east and the birds still chirp.

Only, how could they know that the world might be coming to an end?



“Mr. Chu, look, what a beautiful blue sky, what a beautiful sea.”

On the vast and distant sea, the cruise ship Ye Fan and the others were on was still splitting the waves and treading on the waves.

Ye Fan, who had rested for the night, was still weak, but was unwilling to stay in the cabin and had someone help him to the deck. Watching the river in the sky for ten thousand miles, watching the fish swim in all directions.

Standing beside him was the young girl with whom he had met a few times back in the Sun Country, Chien Chi Jing.

It has been a few years since he met that timid little girl, but now she has grown into a beautiful woman.

She has a slender waist that is too small to hold, and her figure is so slim, but she has bosoms that would make thousands of women jealous.

At this moment, Qian Chi Jing was pointing at the sea and talking to Ye Fan joyfully.

Ye Fan did not say anything, but just smiled back.

Seeing such a lively and cheerful girl, his originally gloomy mood did not feel much more pleasant.

“Dragon Master, you should have gone back to see Chairman Qianchi more often. Over the years, Chairman Chiike has often thought of you and even called out your name in his sleep.”

Iwai Zen accompanied him to the side and smiled softly at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan gave a hint “In the future, if there is nothing else to do, I will go for more walks. Look at mountains that I haven’t seen before, walk the water that I haven’t flowed before.”

“The Snow Pond in the Heavenly Mountains, the Kunlun Mountain Valley.”

“Actually, this world is, indeed, quite beautiful.”

As he said these words, Ye Fan unconsciously thought of that girl called Tang Yun again.

She had given up the highest power and prestige in the world for him, while he had failed to help her achieve even the simplest of wishes.

“Yes, Dragon Master.”

“The world is a beautiful place.”

“In the past, we just went too fast to overlook so much beauty.”

“Dragon Master, in fact, if there hadn’t been this accident, I would have planned to tell you to quit the Dragon God Hall and step down as Dragon King.”

“After all, the purpose of forcing the Chu Family to apologise had been achieved, and my mission as Dragon King had been fulfilled.”

“I am thinking that I am also getting old, and I am afraid that I do not have many years left in my life.”

“I just want to take advantage of my last time to spend more time with my granddaughter.”