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Worth Deserving Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801

“These past ten years, we have all been trying to climb up the ladder, but we have neglected the people who love us the most.”

“But if, I could have divided my energy more to my loved ones, my son and daughter-in-law, would not have been poisoned.”

As he said these words, Iwai Zen’s gaze was slightly lost.

It was as if he had travelled back in time and space to see once again those unbearable past events.

All these years, although Iwai Chan had never supported Ye Fan’s attack on the Chu Sect, and even refused to accept the Dragon God Decree when it was first issued, Iwai Chan refused to accept it.

However, even though he did not share Ye Fan’s goals and dreams, he did not dare to fail or slacken in the cause that Ye Fan had given him.

He was by no means ungrateful, he just did not want to die in vain.

When his power had built up enough and he was sure of victory, Iwai Zen would naturally help Ye Fan to fulfil his vision.

It was for this reason that he worked hard for more than ten years to build up his forces, just to build up enough power to rival that of the Chu Clan one day sooner.

It was also for this reason that he spent almost all of his time in his career and did not give enough protection and attention to his children.

It was not until a rival killed his only son in a car accident to get back at him.

Having lost his son late in life, it is unfortunate to know how devastating that incident was for Iwai Zen.

“But fortunately, God has given me a chance to forgive my sins.”

“A little granddaughter was left to me.”

In between his downcast mood, Iwai Zen suddenly smiled again with happiness.

“Look, Dragon Master, doesn’t this granddaughter of mine look good?”

“If you think it’s good, how about we make a baby marriage.”

“Don’t worry, the girls of my Iwai family are very virtuous & tolerant.”

“Three wives and four concubines are acceptable.”

“How about it, Dragon Master?”

“Should I take one for your future son first. If you meet a better one later, you can marry again too, I guess, without delay.”

Iwai Zen laughed heatedly and goaded Ye Fan.

As he was talking, Iwai Zen’s mobile phone rang.

It was his granddaughter who was calling on the video.

“Grandpa, can you be there tomorrow or not?”

“You said you were going to spend my fifth birthday with me.”

“And don’t forget the postcard from Yan Xia that you promised?”

On the phone, a little pink girl with big beautiful eyes smiled happily at Iwai Zen.

“This little girl, however, is quite pretty.”

“When she grows up in the future, she will definitely be a stunning beauty.” On the side, Ye Fan looked sideways and couldn’t help but be amazed.


“Dragon Master, how is it, your heart is moved, right?” Iwai Zen laughed proudly.

Then, he pointed his phone at Ye Fan “Quick, good granddaughter, look who this is? Remember what he looks like, and when you see him in the future, call him Eunuch directly.”

“This, this,” the corner of Ye Fan’s eyes twitched fiercely.

This was how he called out?

I don’t think he had agreed to it yet.

“Hello, Eunuch! My name is Iwai Yunshi, with happy to meet you too let”

The little girl over there was already shouting happily, not knowing that her grandfather had already “sold” her.

The two grandparents were so enthusiastic, so what could Ye Fan say, he could only respond awkwardly.

It was not a loss anyway!

Just like Iwai Zen said, let’s take the next one first.

It was so hard to find a wife now, so in case his son really couldn’t find a daughter-in-law, he could still have a guaranteed one.

Not a loss indeed.

“Lord Dragon, in fact, the other day, I was thinking of asking you to resign.”

“At that time, your grudge with the Chu family was understood, and my mission as Dragon Lord was considered completed.”

“I just thought of taking off my burden and returning to my countryside to recuperate.”

“Use the time left to spend more time with my granddaughter.”

“Go to school with her, grow up with her, see her fall in love, and send her off to be married.”

“It’s really a blessing to be there for a little one growing up, isn’t it?”

After the phone call hung up, Iwai Zen looked at the vast and distant and calm sea, chatting with Ye Fan like an old friend.

Above the old face, there was all a kind of warmth and happiness.


People get tired, right?

After half a lifetime of struggle, even with all the power and glory in one’s hands, one would want to return to the humdrum and warmth.

Iwai Zen was, Tang Yun was, Li Er and the others were.

Even Ye Fan himself, how could he not?

But in life, there are so many things that one cannot help oneself.

Just like Iwai Chan, his previous plans could only become plans after all.

Now that the Chu Clan had been defeated, Ye Fan needed them at the very moment. At such a time, how could he leave Ye Fan and live in peace in his old age?

“Actually, you can now.”

After a moment of silence, Ye Fan opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

But instead, he was interrupted by Iwai Zen.


“Dragon Master, I’m just saying.”

“I am a man who always has a beginning and an end.”

“I will not stop halfway even if the great work is not accomplished.”

“The next time Dragon Master goes up to the Chu Sect, I, Iwai Zen, will definitely have an edict to meet.”

“Moreover, now that President Chiaki is able to take charge on his own, I have a much lighter load on my shoulders and have complete time for my family.”

Iwai Zen laughed harshly.

When Ye Fan smiled, he said no more, and likewise smiled back.

In this way, time continued to pa*s.

Ye Fan and the others were getting closer and closer to the Yanxia Continent.

Li Er and the others, whose heartstrings had been tense for several days, could not hide their excitement and joy, and ran over to Ye Fan to report to him.

“Mr. Chu, are we arriving soon?”

“In a few hours, we will be going home.”

“I can almost see the coastline of our Yanxia already!”


“We’re back!”

“We’ve come back alive.”

“I guess that our Dragon God Temple is the only force in the world today that has gone straight into the Chu Sect’s lair and still managed to come back in one piece.”

Long Baichuan and the others, too, could not hide the joy in their hearts.

Xu Lei also revealed a long-lost smile.


“I, Li Er, am also considered to be someone who has travelled south and north with Mr. Chu, someone who has seen the world.”

“When we get back to Jiangdong, I won’t do anything, first I’ll call up four or five girls and have a good sleep with me.”

Li Er had already begun to fantasise about the happy life lying flat that would follow.

“You old thing, your mouth is unstoppable.”

“Miss Xu and Miss Qianchi are both here?”

Long Baichuan scolded with a black face.

“General Long, you should stop pretending.”

“You’re always giggling on the phone these days.”

“Tell me honestly, did you pick up a few blonde foreign girls abroad?”

The crowd looked at Long Baichuan and questioned loudly.

Long Baichuan’s face reddened and he smiled awkwardly as he rubbed his head, “Don’t talk nonsense, that’s my fiancee.”

“He’s urging me to go back and get engaged.”

“I had agreed to get engaged to her as soon as the military ranking was completed. But something has delayed it, hasn’t it?”

Even though Long Baichuan was a brave general who had been through many battles, he was still a bit indolent when it came to matters of men and women.

Unlike Li Er and the others, a group of old drivers.

Although they were all battle-hardened and long-range, the locations were nothing alike.


“Good girls aren’t afraid of being late.”

“When we go back this time, we and Mr. Chu, a piece of us will go to say happy to you.”

On the cruise ship, the crowd was full of laughter, and the sound of Lang Lang’s laughter, with the sea breeze, carried far and wide.

The joy of surviving the disaster enveloped all of them.

They had been on the run all the way before, and their hearts were tense.

But now, having arrived home, everyone naturally relaxed completely.

Just like the generals returning from the fierce battle, they were already thinking about how to relax and entertain themselves after returning home.

Looking at their happy faces, Ye Fan also revealed a touch of relief.

No matter what, at last, he had brought them all back safely.

“Mr. Chu, look!”

“Up ahead, so many people.”

At this time, Lei Lao San, Chen Ao and the others suddenly noticed that there were many figures standing in the sea of Yan Xia’s border ahead.

It was so dense that they were afraid that there were thousands of them.

“Let’s see!”

“I go, it’s really true?”

“Could it be that it is the Yanxia side that has come to welcome us in triumph?”

“Knowing that we almost stepped through the Chu Gate and avenged our country’s invasion back then.”

“So, treating us as heroes, they all came out to greet us?”

Long Bai Chuan and the others were beaming with joy.

Li Er was even near jumping up and down in excitement.


“I never thought that I, Li Er, would one day be able to enjoy heroic treatment, huh?”