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Worth Deserving Chapter 1802

Chapter 1802

Although they were still far away, and although only vague figures could be seen, the boat was full of people who could not hide the joy and excitement in their hearts.

They were shaking their arms and shouting loudly into the distance.

However, while everyone was rejoicing, Ye Fan was the only one who had a secret frown on his face.

Perhaps others did not notice, but Ye Fan clearly felt, coming from ahead, a burst of coldness and oppression.

Even, underneath that biting coldness, there was actually a murderous intent pervading.

“Little Brother Fan, why aren’t you happy?”

“Look, so many people are greeting us?”

“You went up to the Chu Clan alone, single-handedly, and turned it upside down.”

“And now you’re back in one piece.”

“I reckon that the whole world, at this moment, admires you greatly.”

“All treat you as a role model, as a hero, and worship you.”


“When Little Brother Fan makes his speech later, I’ll be in the picture with you too.”

“From today onwards, I’m a hero’s sister too.”

In the midst of a boat full of joyful atmosphere, Xu Lei was the one bending her charming big eyes and smiling smittenly at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan did not speak, his eyes always looking ahead.

Only after a long time did the gruff words ring out “Rei’er, these people, I’m afraid, are not welcoming us.”


“It can’t be.”

“If they don’t welcome us, then what are they doing here?”

Xu Lei froze and couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

At this time, the cruise ship was still moving forward.

The huge hull of the ship crashed through the waves.

Behind them, was the blue and boundless sea.

In front of them, were the thousands of figures towering over the river of heaven.

Looking from afar, it was like a giant ship from a distant land, then gradually, plunging into the abyss.


“It doesn’t seem to be one of our Yanxia people?”

At this time, Li Er took a look with his binoculars and immediately his face changed as he spoke in a deep voice.

However, soon, the gloom turned into panic.

“Yes is the Chu Sect.”

“The floating clouds blaze the sun.”

“It’s the Chu Sect!”

“It’s someone from the Chu Sect!”

As they got closer and closer, Li Er and the others finally got a clear look.

What towered in front of them was not at all the people they had imagined welcoming them.

Rather, it was the thousands of martial artists from the Chu Sect.

The battle banners of the floating clouds and blazing sun waved out, and the bitterly cold wind blew the battle banners of the Chu Sect hunting.

After seeing the other party’s identity, Li Er and the others were all terrified, their expressions trembling tremendously, their eyes full of fear.


“Quickly turn the helm!”

“Get back!”

For a moment, the ship was in a panic.

Several anxious and frightened voices were heard throughout the ship.

However, it was already too late.

As Li Er and the others prepared to turn the ship around, the rolling torrent of voices ahead of them came rolling in like a mighty river.

“The current Inferno Demon Chu Tianfan, with his thirst for killing and forming, is full of evil.”

“Brutalising martial artists from all nations and killing people in all directions.”

“He has provoked the wrath of the heavens and made people resent him!”

“Today we have gathered on the shores of the Eastern Sea to judge you.”

“Sinner Chu Tianfan, come up and suffer death!”

“Come up and die!”

“Come up and die!”

Thousands of people shouted in unison.

The voices were like thunder, shaking the heavens and the earth.

The sea rippled and the sky swelled with wind.

The weather was silent, but suddenly the winds rose and the clouds swirled.

The huge waves rolled in like fierce beasts.

The majestic might was like a hurricane, sweeping through the rivers of heaven.

Under the majestic might of this gathering of a thousand people, that huge wheel of ten thousand tons was actually like a small boat, directly pushed far away by the waves.

Eventually, it arrived at the Chu Sect’s long-established, encircling circle.

“This this”

“How is this possible?”

“How how can this be?”

After the ship had smoothed out, Li Er and the others climbed up from the deck.

They lifted their heads and looked around.

All they could see were human figures in all directions.

Every one of them, their qi and blood rushed to the sky and their spirits were like blazing fire.

Many of them, even had qi and blood like dragons.

The man leading the group even stepped directly into the air, walking with his hands on his head.

“This many martial artists?”

Long Baichuan, Xue Renyang and the others had undoubtedly been shaken and confused as they looked at the martial artists in all directions.

One should know that for a country as large as Yanxia, with a population of over a billion, there were probably only two to three thousand martial artists.

But now, the number of martial artists gathered here was as few as five thousand.

Together with the thousand martial artists who had followed Ye Fan, it could be said that half of the martial artists in the entire world had gathered here.

Of course, this was only in terms of quantity.

If one were to look at the quality, it would undoubtedly be even more desperate.

There was no need to count at all, just by eyeballing the past, those Sealed Sovereigns who were able to step into the air, there were nearly twenty of them.

“Good heavens!”

“He they”

“What are they doing?”

Li Er and the others had gone mad and only felt their scalps tingle.

Originally, they thought that they were safe when they were nearing the country’s border.

But who would have thought that just after leaving the wolf’s den, they would enter the tiger’s den again.

At this moment, the power they were facing was even more powerful than the Chu Sect.

“How could this happen?”

“How could there be so many powerful people?”

“This these, could it be that they are all from the Chu Sect?”

Li Er and the others were trembling and their legs were wobbling.

The two of them, Long Bai Chuan Xue Ren Yang, however, shook their heads one after another.

“No, apart from the Chu Sect, there are also martial powerhouses from other countries.”

“Soviet Russia’s Aaron the Great, Western Europe’s Lord Karo and the Indian Heavenly King Burning Heaven, basically the internationally counted Sealed Patriarchs, all of them have arrived”

Long Bai Chuan’s brow was furrowed, and Xue Ren Yang’s face was ugly.

Dragon Hidden King Iwai Zen even had a gloomy face.

In addition to these people, he surprisingly saw their Sun Country’s martial arts leader, the Sword God Wang Yuehe, from among the crowd.

“Why are they all here?”

“Why on earth?”

Iwai Zen and the others were filled with gloom, but they could not figure it out.

If the people from the Chu Sect were after them, it made sense.

But why would the martial powerhouses from the rest of the countries also gather here.

“This is going to be difficult.”

Long Baichuan and the others were filled with a heavy heart.

Now that the four Dragon Gods were all gone, Dragon Lord Ye Fan had suffered heavy wounds one after another and his power did not survive.

The rest of them, originally relying on their numerical advantage, were still able to fight with the Chu Sect.

But now, the only advantage they had was gone.

It could be said that at this moment, the Dragon God Hall was in a deep and desperate situation.

“General Long, now what do we do now?” Li Er and the others were already in despair.

“Don’t panic yet.”

“The situation is unclear now, we are not at the end of the mountain yet?”

“Our Dragon Lord only has a grudge against the Chu Sect, the rest of the forces, they might just be here to watch the battle.”

“What’s more, the Dragon Lord is an Inferno Xia powerhouse, and now there’s something on the Inferno Xia national border. Even if the other party is really coming from a bad place, I believe that the Sword Sage and the others, will not turn their backs on us.”

“But first, let’s send the Dragon Lord back to the cabin.”

“The Dragon Master was already seriously injured, and he cannot afford any more accidents now.”

Long Baichuan said in a deep voice, and then had Ye Fan escorted to the cabin, leaving Xu Lei and Qian Chi Jing to accompany him and take care of him.

After sending Ye Fan away, Long Baichuan and Iwai Zen stood out and faced the group of martial arts seniors in front of them, cupped their fists and said “We are returning to our country, pa*sing through here, and have no intention to disturb.”

“But you all have set up such a formation to block our way back to our country, I wonder what you mean?”

Long Bai Chuan asked in a deep voice.

Aaron and the others looked over, and none of them said anything.

Anyway, today, they were all supporting characters.

The real protagonists were still the people of the Chu Sect.

Therefore, the people present were still waiting for the people from the Chu Sect to come forward and say something.

However, before the people of the Chu Sect could say anything, Yin Tian King Burning Heaven was the first to stand out, looking down on the crowd of Long Baichuan below from a high position and smiling coldly.


“What about Chu Tianfan?”

“Back then, in the middle of the Rain Forest, I remember what kind of vigour that Chu Tianfan had?”

“What, now that we haven’t seen him for a few years, has he become a shrinking turtle?”

“You don’t dare to show yourself, and you send such cats and dogs out to die?”


As Burning Heaven laughed, he casually chopped down with a powerful Qi.

With a roar, the deck cracked and Long Baichuan flew out with blood!