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Worth Deserving Chapter 1803

Chapter 1803

“General Long!”

Seeing Long Baichuan being seriously injured by Burning Heaven in an instant, Li Er and the others were undoubtedly shocked.


“Bullying the strong and bullying the weak, what kind of heroes and heroines are you?”

“In front of the martial dao leaders of all countries, you act like this, aren’t you afraid of losing face in your country’s martial dao?”

“If you are really capable, then wait for Mr. Chu to recover his strength and fight him in a real fight!”

Li Er and the others, with red eyes, rushed towards where Burning Heaven was and roared sternly.

Burning Heaven’s brow furrowed, perhaps because he had been spoken to in a painful manner, and above his face, his expression undoubtedly surged with a bit of anger.

“Where did that jumping clown come from?”

“Not even a martial artist, and you dare to shout at this king.”

“I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

With a cold frown, Burning Heaven formed a sword with his vertical hand and cut down viciously at Li Er’s location below.

The Heavenly King Burning Heaven was a sealed master on the Heavenly Ranking.

In the battle in the Rain Forest back then, even Ye Fan had suffered a considerable loss in his hands.

Even if Tang Yun chopped off an arm, but the strength of the Seal Sovereign, is still not Li Er, these mortals, &bsp&bsp can resist.

Just when the boat full of people, near despair between.

Suddenly there is sword qi east!

The harsh strength, cut through the long sky, suddenly cut down!

It clashed with the attack of the Incendiary Heavenly King, fiercely.

After a moment of stalemate, Burning Heaven’s attack was instantly broken.

He even let out a stifled grunt as he retreated several steps back with his feet treading on the River of Heaven.

After stabilising himself, Burning Heaven’s face turned red as he turned his head and said angrily, “Sword Saint, what do you mean by that?”

“Could it be that your Yanxia Martial God Hall wants to shelter that devil Chu Tianfan and make an enemy of the entire world?”


That sword just now was precisely the sword of the Martial God Hall’s Hall Master, Sword Saint Xiao Chen.

When he was knocked back by the Sword Saint in public, Burning Heaven’s old face was naturally embarra*sed.

His heart was furious and his palms crackled with anger.

With this question from Burning Heaven, everyone in this room undoubtedly looked towards Yan Xia’s side.

In particular, the strong men of the Chu Sect had cold eyes, waiting for the Sword Saint to make a statement.

“Sword Saint, think twice before you act.”

“Now is not the time to be impulsive.”

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng advised in a low voice behind him.

The Sword Saint’s face was expressionless, and when faced with Burning Heaven’s query, he only coldly replied “I didn’t see you dealing with Chu Tianfan, I just saw you oppressing the weak.”

“Before the borders of my Yanxia Kingdom, will you not allow this foreigner to be lawless in our country’s gates and kill my innocent compatriots in Yanxia indiscriminately?”

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want in the absence of the War God!”

“This Sword Saint’s seven-foot green blade is not just for show!”

“I will not shelter sinners, but I will not allow you to humiliate our innocent compatriots!”

The Sword Saint’s words were categorical.

In his icy cold words, his majestic majesty was evident.

The majestic voice was like a thunderbolt that cracked the heavens and the earth.

The calm sea beneath his feet was lifted up by the Sword Saint’s words, creating three thousand waves.

Burning Heaven’s face turned three shades whiter, and his original arrogance was immediately curtailed.

The rest of the martial artists from the other countries also had their faces sunken, and they restrained their men from making rash moves.

Even the Sun Country Sword God Wang Yuehe, who had wanted to kill a few of Ye Fan’s men while there was chaos, did not feel like withdrawing his sword.

They could see that the Sword Saint was not just saying this for fun.

On Ye Fan’s boat, apart from Ye Fan, there were indeed quite a few people from Yanxia.

Listening to the tone of the Sword Saint’s voice, those Yanxia people on the boat were not allowed to be killed casually by the next person.

“Well said!”

“Worthy of being the Martial God Hall Master, this majesty alone makes us admire it.”

While the crowd was silenced, a person stood out from the crowd.

The moment this person stepped forward, the crowd only felt that ten thousand feet of mountains stretched across the sky.

An even more terrifying might swept out like a tsunami of mountains and seas.


In that instant, the Sword Saint, the Moon Watching River, Burning Heaven and the others were all shaken back a step under this mountain-like might.

“Is this the power of the God Realm?”

“How could it be so terrifying?”

Everyone in the audience changed colour.

Burning Heaven and the others were so scared that their scalps tingled, and their eyes were filled with fear and horror.

All along, God Realm powerhouses had existed only in legends and books.

How many of those present had ever truly experienced the majesty of a God Realm powerhouse.

Now, the mere release of the opponent’s majesty had caused the Sealed Patriarchs to retreat, unable to bear it.

As the saying goes, a leopard can be seen in a tube.

The crowd could hardly imagine how terrifying it would be if a God Realm powerhouse were to strike at full strength.

For a time, this heaven and earth then fell silent.

All the powerful people of the kingdoms were silent.

Even the Sword Saint’s majesty had been suppressed just now.

This downfall by Chu Yuan had undoubtedly taken control of the entire scene in an instant.

However, after Chu Yuan appeared, he still smiled as he looked in the direction of the Martial God Hall crowd.

“Sword Saint Hall Master, there is no need to be nervous.”

“This time, we, the leaders of the martial dao of the various countries, have gathered here with absolutely no intention of showing any disrespect or disrespect to the martial dao of Yanxia.”

“Our only purpose is to do justice to Heaven and kill the martial demons, so as to return a clear and upright martial world to us.”

Chu Yuan stood with his hands folded and smiled lightly.

The Sword Sage and the others were silent, but Tang Hao was holding back the pressure and asked rhetorically “Does Sect Master Chu mean that those who are enemies of your sect are all devils and scum?”

“Tang Hao, be careful what you say!” Tang Hao’s words frightened the Fist Emperor’s face, and he hastily pulled Tang Hai back, anxiously advising him.

At a time like this, was Tang Hao saying this clearly not a slap in Chu Yuan’s face?


However, Chu Yuan didn’t get angry.

Instead, he laughed.

“Of course not.”

“When I say devil, I’m referring to the act of wantonly killing fellow martial artists indiscriminately.”

“For example, Chu Tianfan!”

“I wonder if the Martial God Hall Master still remembers the battle in the Rain Forest back then, when the martial dao of the countries suffered heavy losses, hundreds and thousands of martial dao elites, were exterminated.”

“Now, after investigation by members of my Chu Sect and the World Martial Dao Alliance, we have learned that the person responsible for that heinous killing back then was that Chu Tianfan!”

“Such a crime has provoked the wrath of the common people and the wrath of the gods.”

“I wonder if the several Hall Masters of the Martial God Hall think that the person who committed such a crime, who mercilessly brutalised so many fellow Martial Daoists, should die and be considered a Martial Dao scum?”

“This,” Chu Yuan asked, but Tang Hao and the others’ faces turned white, not knowing how to answer.

“Sect Master Chu, why are you asking them?”

“Who in this world doesn’t know that back in the Rain Forest tragedy, the martial dao elites of the 36 countries were nearly wiped out as a group.”

“Only the Yanxia Martial Dao, all of them survived with their bodies intact and not a single person died.”

“How could they, as the beneficiary party, empathise with us?”

“What’s more, that Chu Tianfan was another one of their Yanxia martial artists, they would definitely cover up!”

Burning Heaven suddenly stepped out, and with eyes full of anger, he rushed towards Chu Yuan.

That ma*sacre outside the Rain Forest at the beginning had caused a furore throughout the martial world.

Many people had blamed Burning Heaven for it.

Burning Heaven had gained notoriety as a result, and was almost killed by those seeking revenge.

Later, the news that Ye Fan had not died spread, and at that time Burning Heaven went around saying that the murderer was that Ye Fan, but it did not bring much repercussions.

But now, the Chu Sect was involved in the matter.

With them taking the lead in identifying Ye Fan, then this charge of Ye Fan was, without a doubt, solid.

“You guys are talking nonsense!”

“If you want to add to the crime, there is no excuse.”

“I see that you guys are deliberately arranging the charge for Mr. Chu in order to kill him.”

“If this matter is true, please show your evidence.”

“Otherwise, with empty words, who will believe your nonsense?”

Li Er, Chen Ao and the others argued according to reason.

The Sword Saint also took the opportunity to interject, “Yes, Master Chu. This is a matter of great importance, if there is no solid evidence, I am afraid it will be difficult to convince people with just a few unwarranted words.”

Chu Yuan shook his head and laughed at his words.

“If I were to say that, apart from your Yanxia Martial Dao, the martial dao of all the other countries have all believed that Chu Tianfan is the murderer.”

“Do you think that in this situation, the so-called evidence, does it still matter?”

Chu Yuan stood tall and looked down at the Sword Saint and the others before him.

There was arrogance and teasing in that faint smile.