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Worth Deserving Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804

Chu Yuan’s voice echoed here.

When the Sword Saint, Tang Hao and the others heard the words, their hearts immediately sank.

Although Chu Yuan did not explicitly say this, the meaning was already very clear.

That was, no matter what the truth was, if they had decided that Chu Tianfan had done it, then it was Chu Tianfan’s doing.

Yes, when everyone thinks that something is right, then even if it is wrong, it is still right!

When the people’s hearts are in the right place, what is the point of the so-called facts and evidence?

“It looks like they’re really going to force Chu Tianfan to die.”

Tang Hao’s heart was full of heaviness, and his old eyes were filled with heavy worries.

The Sword Saint’s face also fell hard.

However, Tang Hao was still unwilling to do so, and turned his head to ask the likes of Aaron, the leader of the martial arts in Soviet Russia, as well as the Western European Lord Karo.

“Do you, too, all think so?”

“Without evidence, you a*sume that the culprit of that tragic case back then was Chu Tianfan?”

Tang Hao asked the crowd in a deep voice.

Lord Karo and the others shook their heads “Patriarch Haotian, that is the truth.”

“That battle in the rainforest, no one other than Chu Tianfan had the motive, the strength, to kill that many people.”

“We did not disbelieve Old Sect Master Chu’s judgment.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Although we also feel sorry, in our hearts, Chu Tianfan is a demonic genius that rarely comes out in a thousand years in my present martial dao.”

“Such a talent, if he were to fall, it would be a loss to the entire martial dao world.”

“But there is no way around it, he made a mistake and deserves to be punished.”

“We have to avenge the deaths of those fellow countrymen.”

Everyone shook their heads, and although there was pity in those dark gazes, reason told them that this Chu Tianfan, could not be kept!

Whether there was that ma*sacre outside the rainforest or not, apart from the strongest of the Yanxia Martial Dao, the rest of the martial dao of all the countries would still try to get rid of Ye Fan, I’m afraid.

As the saying goes, when a tree is shown to the forest, the wind will destroy it.

This world, by nature, is a delicate balance.

And Ye Fan’s comet’s rise had undoubtedly broken the balance between the countries of the martial arts world.

They would never allow, among other countries, the emergence of an existence that was too demonic.

This was almost an unspoken rule in the Martial Dao world!

For this reason, there are very few geniuses in the martial world, and even fewer who survive to the end and grow up peacefully!

Most of them are a*sa*sinated and murdered after they have shown themselves.

In fact, the enemy martial dao had already noticed Ye Fan before. However, Ye Fan’s growth was so fast that before they could send someone to a*sa*sinate him, he had already reached the top of the Heavenly Rankings.

The powerful people of the countries originally thought that Ye Fan’s future rise would be unstoppable.

However, Ye Fan himself did not know what he was doing and provoked the Chu Clan.

Now, with the Chu Sect leading the way, this was undoubtedly a golden opportunity to eradicate the aftermath.

“You guys.”

At the near-identical reaction and response of the crowd, Tang Hao froze, bordering on despair.

The Sword Saint also sighed, only feeling powerless.

“Several Martial God Hall Masters, now you should know, the true face of that Chu Heavenly Mansion, right?”

“The Sword Saint Hall Master leads the Yanxia Martial Dao, so he must be a reasonable person.”

“What’s more, the Yanxia Martial Dao has always been benevolent and righteous.”

“I don’t think that you would throw away your fine traditions and risk the whole world to make enemies for the sake of an indiscriminate and murderous devil, would you?”

Chu Yuan smiled coldly, how distinct the threatening accident was in those faint words.

A pair of old eyes fell on the Sword Saint and the others, and there was even a mountain of majesty that poured down.

In a moment, the thousands of martial artists of Yanxia behind the Sword Saint, under this mighty power, revealed a painful look.

Cold sweat also spilled out from the forehead of the Sword Saint and the others.

At this moment, everyone was looking at the Sword Saint and the others, waiting for the Martial God Hall’s reply.

“Lord Sword Saint, you guys can’t just see death and not save them?”

“Do you really put the lives and deaths of your compatriots at risk because of a few words from them?”

“Mr. Chu is a supreme demon, in time, he will lead our Yanxia to stand proudly in the world of martial arts.”

“Such a heroic man, do you really want to watch him get killed by these foreigners?”

“Sword Saint!!!”

“I beg you.”

While the Martial God Hall’s several Sealed Masters were silent and hesitant, Li Er and Lei Lao San on the ship were red-eyed and begged bitterly.

In the end, all the Yanxia people on the ship were all kneeling down to the Sword Saint Tang Hao and the thousands of Yanxia martial artists behind them, begging forlornly.

“Please, Martial God Hall, save Mr. Chu!”

“Please, Yanxia, save my Dragon Lord!”

“Please, Martial God Hall, save the future of my Yanxia!”

On the ship, countless people worshipped in desolation and begged. ,

Li Er’s eyes were red, Lei Lao San’s voice was hoarse, and Chen Ao was in tears.

Xue Ranyang and the others even knelt and sobbed, begging with tears in their eyes.

The sounds of misery and mournful words converged into a stream, striking the whole heaven and earth.

Now Ye Fan and the others were facing the siege of the martial dao of all the countries, and were undoubtedly at the end of their tether.

Li Er knew that with just the Dragon God Temple, they would have problems even fighting against the Chu Clan with Chu Yuan, not to mention the dozens of Sealed and Patriarchal powerhouses from the 36 countries of the Four Seas.

Their only hope was the Martial God Hall, the Yanxia Martial Way!

As long as the Sword Saint and the others were willing to make a move,&bsp&nbspas long as Yanxia was willing to take refuge.

They, the Dragon God Temple, combined with the Yanxia Martial Way, as well as the various highly sophisticated anti-personnel weapons on the national border, could not afford a battle?

Silence, a long time silence.

Faced with the piteous worship of the Dragon God Temple people, faced with the desperate cries of Li Er and the others, the Sword Sage and the others, countless silence fell.

But at this moment, everyone’s eyes were on the Martial God Hall.

Should they fight, or retreat?

Everyone, everyone was waiting for an answer.

Finally, after a long silence.

The Sword Saint, whose heart was filled with powerlessness, let out a long sigh.

“Heaven’s sins can still be forgiven.”

“If you do it to yourself, you cannot live.”

In a few short words, it was only like thunder falling down.

Li Er and the others, then froze.

In the depths of their eyes, the fire of hope that had just been kindled was instantly extinguished.


“Heaven’s sins can still be forgiven?”

“You can’t live with your own sins.”


“Good one, you can’t live with what you’ve done to yourself”

“Dragon Master, did you hear that?”

“Is that the answer?”

“Is this the answer to your heart’s desire for your country?”

“Is this the martial path of Yanxia that you sacrificed your life for your country to fight for the spirit fruit back then, regardless of life and death?”


As Li Er and the others were filled with despair, the Dragon Hidden King Iwai Zen burst into laughter.

He leaned up to the sky and laughed, his old face filled with sarcasm and ridicule.

He had followed Ye Fan for many years, and although he rarely met him, the Dragon God Temple crowd, knew well Ye Fan’s feelings towards the martial dao of Yanxia.

He had decreed that when a martial artist of Yanxia was in distress on the road, he must come to his rescue!

He had also decreed that unless he ordered it, the land of Yanxia was off-limits to sect masters!

He had ordered that no Yanxia patriarch should be killed, no matter what conflicts arose.

He had done his utmost to shelter the martial dao of Yanxia.

As a result, all he got was the phrase, “You can’t live with your own sins!

These words were undoubtedly a sword that pierced through the defences of countless people.

Li Er and the others felt a sense of sadness.

Iwai Zen, those people from foreign countries, felt even more unworthy for Ye Fan.


“Well said!”

“As expected of the Sword Saint Hall Master, he knows right from wrong and upholds the great righteousness of the martial dao.”

“In time, the Yanxia Martial Dao will surely flourish under the auspices of the Sword Saint Hall Master.”

Chu Yuan and the others burst into laughter, and Yin Tian Wang Burning Heaven also came out to join in the fun.

At this point, the situation was clear.

Without the shelter of the Martial God Hall, that Ye Fan, was just a fish on a chopping board, at the mercy of others.

“Chu Tianfan, why don’t you come out and suffer death?”

“Are you going to let these mere ants under you suffer and die for nothing?”

Burning Heaven took the lead, standing proudly at the head of the tide as he sneered recklessly at the bottom.