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Worth Deserving Chapter 1805

A rolling torrent of sound, only like muffled thunder echoing, swept through this river of heaven.

The moment Burning Heaven’s words fell, an unparalleled killing intent wrapped around the wheeled vessel in front of him.

Everyone, all of them, felt that monstrous killing intent towards Ye Fan.

As things had developed to this point, the other party’s intention was already clear.

That was, to have Ye Fan die!

But, would Li Er and the others agree?

Even if they faced the martial powerhouses of the entire world, would they, the weak and ordinary worldly people, back down?

The answer, of course, was no!

“Mr. Chu, it is my Jiangdong clan.”

“If Yanxia does not protect, I, Jiangdong, will!”

“All the sons of my Jiangdong hear the order to protect Mr. Chu back to Jiangdong to the death!”

Li Er had become utterly disappointed with the Martial Hall.

He was not pinning his hopes of survival on the Sword Sage and the others.

Instead, he chose, with the frail bodies of their Jiangdong sons, to shelter Ye Fan.

“We, together with Mr. Chu, will live and die together!”

Chen Ao also stood out.

There was also Lei Lao San.

Back then, the Iron Triangle, who had fought with Ye Fan in Jiangdong, all stepped out in unison at this moment.

Their eyes were red and their teeth were clenched.

In the past, Li Er’s greedy face was now filled with determination and ruthlessness.

Chen Ao and Lei Lao San and the others even let out the strongest cries to live and die with Ye Fan.

The Yanxia Martial Way could abandon Ye Fan, the Martial God Hall could abandon Ye Fan.

But, they definitely would not!

Of course, Li Er and the others knew that compared to the Chu Sect, compared to those Patriarchs and even the Sealed Patriarchs, the power of the Jiangdong Sons was as small as dust and as light as dust.

But so what?

Just as Han Lao had said, even if it was a starburst, it had to offer a small amount of light.

In life, there are always things that one must be willing to put one’s life on the line to protect.

As these three great men of Jiangdong took the lead, those Jiangdong sons and daughters who followed them out to support Ye Fan also roared in unison.

“With Mr. Chu, live and die together!”

“With Mr. Chu, we live and die together.”

The voices that rose and fell were only like monstrous waves that rolled in.

“Even these secular people have such courage.”

“Martial artists of my generation, all the more so as we cannot be ashamed of ourselves!”

“Longchuan Army, listen to the order!”

“Protect the Dragon Lord from killing the siege, regardless of life or death!”

Long Baichuan, who had just received a blow from Burning Heaven, wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth as his majestic bellow exploded.

Behind them, dozens of elite disciples called out in unison that they would live and die with the Dragon Master!

Not only them, but in the end, all the people on this boat, all the disciples under the Dragon God’s Hall, with the awakening to die as if they were going to die, shouted in unison.

“With the Dragon Lord, live and die together!”

“Live and die together!”

The mountainous and sea-like voices caused this heaven and earth to tremble.

Seeing these people who had vowed to protect Ye Fan to the death, the Sword Saints, Aaron and other martial powerhouses of the nations could not help but be moved.

It was hard for them to imagine just how much determination and courage one had to have to have to make these people, who were rarely even strong Sovereigns, speak such words.

After all, in the eyes of them, the Sealed Patriarchs, people like Li Er were nothing more than ants that could be crushed to death at the drop of a hat.

But this difference in strength had caused them to not retreat halfway, but instead, they were willing to die.


“What a way to live and die together!”

“Sword Saint Hall Master, you should have seen it by now, right?”

“It’s not that we don’t want to spare them.”

“Rather, they are bent on death and are obsessed.”

“They have to go and protect that great devil Chu Tianfan.”

“In this case, it is not our fault that the weak are affected, is it?”

Hearing Li Er’s and their self-inflicted shouts, Burning Heaven burst into laughter.

In his cold words, there was all the murderousness surging.

It looked like he was already ready to kill these weak people below.

As he spoke, Burning Heaven held his sword with one arm and was about to slash down with an attack.


However, just in the nick of time, a deep voice suddenly rang out.

Then, the crowd could only see a pale and weak-looking man, supported by Xu Lei, slowly walking out.

“Miss Xu, why have you brought Mr. Chu out?”

Li Er and the others were anxious when they saw Ye Fan come out.

Xu Lei’s eyes were full of bitterness “I couldn’t stop him either”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes had fallen on Ye Fan.

Burning Heaven, who was originally ready to slaughter Li Er and the others, did not feel like withdrawing his sword and subconsciously retreated to the side of Chu Yuan and the others.

With those sealed powerhouses, he stood together.

It was not that he was cautious, but the man in front of him was too famous in the martial arts world.

Back when he was unknown, Burning Heaven had almost fallen into the hands of this youngster.

What’s more, this man was now famous in the Heavenly Jubilee.

Alone, he had killed the Chu Clan’s chickens and dogs.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were so many people and a strong member of the Chu Clan leading the way, if it were Burning Heaven himself, he would definitely not dare to kill himself to provoke Ye Fan.

Even if this guy was now seriously injured!

But the shadow that Ye Fan had left on him back then had undoubtedly made Burning Heaven feel endlessly scornful and fearful of this man.

However, scruples were scruples.

This did not stop Burning Heaven from having a monstrous hatred for Ye Fan.


“Chu Tianfan, you’ve finally given up and come out.”

“I thought that you were going to be a shrinking turtle all this time and didn’t dare to come out?”

Burning Heaven, who was standing in the crowd, looked down at Ye Fan, who looked weak, and laughed coldly.

Other than Burning Heaven, the rest of the crowd, all of them did not say anything and just looked at Ye Fan quietly.

Ye Fan did not pay any attention to Burning Heaven’s words.

Of all these people present, the only one who could scare Ye Fan was the old Sect Master of the Chu Sect, Chu Yuan.

“Is she, alright?”

Ye Fan was silent for a moment, and suddenly asked a question that made everyone’s mind boggle.

No one knew who exactly the she was that Ye Fan was talking about.

Except, Chu Yuan!

“Shut up!”

“When you’re on the verge of death, you still have time to care about others?”

“Mind your own business first!”

When the originally calm Chu Yuan heard Ye Fan’s words, the nameless anger in his heart immediately sprang up.

This b*****d, even now, he still had a thief’s heart and was still thinking about his disciple.

This undoubtedly caused the killing intent in Chu Yuan’s heart to intensify.

Even if it was for the sake of Tang Yun not taking his compulsion in the future, he had to completely kill this Chu Tianfan today!

“Ye Fan, they said that you were the one who killed the martial elites of the nations in the Rain Forest Land.”

“Whether it was you who did it or not, explain it to everyone quickly.”

Seeing Ye Fan finally reveal himself, Tang Hao in the middle of the crowd said anxiously.

When Ye Fan smiled, he shook his head and smiled “How is it me, how is it not me.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Ye Fan knew very well that today’s siege, the so-called revenge was just an excuse.

Even without the ma*sacre in the rainforest, they would have found another reason to surround and kill themselves.

If they were to blame, they could only blame themselves for defeating Chu Men Mountain.

If not, how could these rats like Burning Heaven and Moonraker have the guts to follow the Chu Sect and surround and kill themselves?

What’s more, could Ye Fan be blamed for that ma*sacre outside the Rain Forest back then?

It was those rat b*****ds who coveted the treasures in Ye Fan’s hands and were only killed in return when the siege failed to kill them.

What was the crime of defending oneself in a justifiable manner?

“Hmph, good to know!”

“Chu Tianfan, you have sat through all your bad deeds, and the heavens are angry with you.”

“Today, under the leadership of Sect Master Chu Yuan, we have gathered here for one purpose, and that is to do justice to Heaven and kill you, the great devil!”

“If you still have the self-awareness, you should kill yourself with your sword, so that you can save some face.”

“Otherwise, we will join the Chu Yuan Sect Master in taking action.”

“By then, not only will your own bones be lost, but your ship full of men will also be buried in the sea of fire!”

Burning Heaven said in a stern voice with eyes full of fierce laughter.

The Sun Country’s Sword God, Moon River, echoed the sentiment, “Chu Tianfan, your destiny is over, don’t struggle unnecessarily.”

“Finish yourself off, and leave yourself a whole body.”

As he spoke, Yuehe threw a sword in his hand.


Soon, the martial powerhouses from the rest of the countries also threw the weapons in their hands in front of Ye Fan.

Although, they did not speak.

But that meaning was all very clear.

All of them, were forcing Ye Fan to kill himself.