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Worth Deserving Chapter 1806

“I’ll break your grandmother’s legs!”

Li Er couldn’t watch any longer, his eyes were red as he ran over and lifted up one of those swords and threw them out.

With eyes full of rage, he rushed at everyone and cursed.

“A bunch of son of a b*tch sons of b*tches.”

“What else would you do but take advantage of people’s danger, besides falling on your sword?”

“When Mr. Chu first defeated Chu Zhengliang, the head of the Chu Family, why didn’t you all dare to say that you would finish yourselves off?”

“When Mr. Chu topped the Heavenly Ranking, why didn’t you dare to let Mr. Chu kill himself?”

“When Mr. Chu’s grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday, you all acted like dogs, fawning over Mr. Chu, why didn’t you say that Mr. Chu was a martial arts scum and deserved to die?”

“Now that Mr. Chu has been defeated by the Chu Clan, and that he has lost all his power, all of you clowns have come out.”

“How dare you all call yourselves leaders of the martial arts.”

“Such villainous behaviour and despicable acts are worse than dogs!”

Li Er pulled out his voice and cursed angrily.

Who would have thought that Li Er, who had always been greedy for life and death, would be so scared that he would burrow under the table when he faced Wu He Rong back then.

Now, in the face of a group of sealed powerhouses standing at the very top of the globe, he was so unafraid that he opened his mouth and closed his mouth, insulting them in public.

Li Er’s behaviour had undoubtedly also deeply touched Chen Ao and the others.

“Good scolding!!!”

“They’re all just a bunch of moralistic, pig-like beasts!”

“What kind of heroes and heroines are they if they take advantage of others and bully the few with the many?”

“I, Mr. Chu, have killed many more, but all of them are upright.”

“Unlike you, shameless to the core!”


“A bunch of sons of b*tches.”

“And you want to force our Dragon Master to kill himself?”

“Are you worthy of that?”

“That’s right.”

“If you want to take the Dragon Master’s life, you have to go through us first!”

All of a sudden, the crowd was furious.

All the people on the ship, armed with weapons, rushed forward to protect Ye Fan.

However, in the face of their angry words, Burning Heaven laughed.

“Self-defeating things!”

“With just you, you also want to block the steel flood of my nations’ martial dao?”

The reckless laughter echoed in all directions.

“What about adding me?”

However, just as this laughter from Burning Heaven fell.

At the end of the River of Heaven, a clear, cold voice came quietly.

Immediately afterwards, a saintly and dusty figure, like an immortal from beyond the sky, came treading the sea.

In a matter of moments, she arrived here!

A magnificent figure with a stunning face.

The moment this person appeared, the crowd felt that the world was in a trance for a moment.

It could be said that she was magnificent!

At the same time, a boundless and majestic might was rushing out from this person in all directions.

Under this power, Burning Heaven and the others were struck by a heavy blow.

Thousands of martial artists from the surrounding countries were shaken back.

Only Chu Yuan, in the midst of this storm, did not move like a mountain.

“Yue’er?” Upon seeing this person, Ye Fan was surprised and immediately shouted out.

Of course, Ye Fan’s joy was not because he had been saved.

Rather, it was because, seeing the Moon God at peace and untroubled.

“Hallowed Moon God?”

“How did you arrive?” After the Sword God Looking at the Moon River saw the visitor, he was naturally terrified and his eyes were close to staring out.

A bad feeling of foreboding followed in his heart.

“It’s her?”

The rest of the powerful people of the kingdoms all changed their expressions after seeing the Moon God.

“This is going to be difficult.”

“This woman has appeared.”

“Then Chu Yuan will also have someone to defend against.”

“Without Chu Yuan, then the situation is going to be reversed if the Martial God Hall and Dragon God Hall join forces.”

Burning Heaven and the others’ faces changed greatly, and they secretly said in their hearts that something bad was going to happen.

“Sword Saint, are we.”

The transformation of the situation here was something that Tang Hao and the others had undoubtedly seen.

At this moment, Hao Tian Patriarch Tang Hao could not hide the madness in his heart and looked at the Sword Saint.

The Sword Saint nodded “We’ll see what happens later. As long as Chu Yuan is held back, find a way to take away Chu Tianfan.”

The Martial God Hall had not dealt with Ye Fan for a day or two.

Although Ye Fan acted in an open and wild manner, he was very unpleasant.

But in his heart, the Sword Saint also did not want to see him fall.

After all, Ye Fan had the blood of the descendants of Yanxia in his body.

Before, he was unable to help even if he wanted to.

The reason was that the difference in strength between the two sides was too great!

Even if he joined forces with the Dragon God Hall, they would not be able to stop the allied forces of the kingdoms.

Especially Chu Yuan.

An existence that exceeded the rank of a seal.

This kind of powerful martial artist that was almost bug-like could annihilate hundreds of their Yanxia martial artists with a single move at will, right?

There was no way the Sword Saint would make such a meaningless sacrifice to save Ye Fan.

But now, the Moon God’s appearance had undoubtedly given the Sword Saint and the others, the hope of turning the situation around.

Ignoring the crowd’s reactions, after the Moon God appeared, all of their attention fell on Chu Yuan.

“Moon God, we meet again.”

“I didn’t expect that you were still alive?”

“I thought that you had been burnt to death by my Chu Sect’s divine beast, Zhurong.”

Seeing the Moon God, Chu Yuan was not surprised, as if he had expected her to return, and smiled lightly.

The Moon God ignored him and said coldly, “Chu Yuan, it seems that your mother is in Yanxia territory.”

“You deceive your master and destroy your ancestor, you are not afraid that your old mother will come after you and teach you a lesson.”

“Shut up!” With these words, the Moon God seemed to have touched Chu Yuan’s soft spot, and Chu Yuan was instantly furious.

“My Chu family’s family affairs are still not for you, an outsider, to dictate!!!”

“What if I had to be in charge?” The Moon God said in a tit-for-tat manner.

“Is that so?”

“Then you must be prepared to collect your corpse for your Sun Country Martial Path!” Chu Yuan’s face was icy cold, and there was a cold intent in his morose gaze.

“You should have noticed that in this siege of Chu Tianfan, my right hand man, the two Xuan Hei Lao, who are among the top five on the Heavenly Rankings, did not come along, right?”

“Guess where the two of them, are now?” Chu Yuan smiled playfully.

The Moon God immediately frowned “Aren’t the two of them seriously injured and losing their fighting abilities?”

“Hahahaha,” Chu Yuan burst out laughing, “My Chu Sect has a thousand years of heritage, do you think there would be no healing elixir?”

“What’s more, the injuries of the two of them are not the same as Chu Tianfan’s, they are not fatal injuries.”

“With a little bit of care, and with the aid of my Chu Clan’s inherited spiritual medicine, even if their strength cannot be fully restored, a 70% to 80% will be enough to wipe out your Japanese martial path!”

“Chu Yuan, you dare?” Hearing this, the Moon God was finally unable to remain calm.

A look of panic and worry had appeared on her dignified and graceful pretty face.

“If you dare, just have that Sword God of your Sun Country contact the country.”

Chu Yuan smiled lightly.

Immediately, Wang Yuehe dawned on him and hurriedly made a video contact with the country.

“Sword God, we were just about to look for you!”

“You should come back soon!”

“Two Sealed Sovereigns have suddenly killed their way into our country’s realm.”

“Several martial arts societies under my Sword God Palace have been attacked.”

“All of their members have been beheaded!”

“Now, it has gone towards the winter capital!”

“It’s too strong, we can’t stop it at all!”

Over the communicator, the voices of his compatriots at home pleaded for help.

Moon River was shocked and immediately looked at the Moon God, “Moon God, the greater good is important.”

Chu Yuan also looked over, “Hallowed Moon God, it’s time to make a choice.”

“Should I shelter this Yanxia junior or protect your Sun Kingdom’s people?”


“There is not much time left for you.”

“You should know how destructive two of the top five Sealed Sovereigns of the Heavenly Rankings can be when they kill with reckless abandon.”

“Do you really want to disregard your duty and mission of guarding for a thousand years in vain for the sake of an insignificant man from a foreign country?”