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Worth Deserving Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807

Chu Yuan laughed coldly, and his reckless words were filled with arrogance and confidence.

At this moment, Chu Yuan had that confident and high-minded look in his eyes, as if everything was under his control.

“Moon God, you are the guardian deity of the people of our Sun Country, that Chu Tianfan, he is a foreigner, and an enemy who has killed countless of my powerful people.”

“God of the Moon!”

After Chu Yuan had said those words, Wang Yuehe, who was at the side, almost burst into old tears.

His eyes were filled with tears, and his eyes were full of misery as he begged to the Moon Reading Heavenly God before him.

He was truly afraid, afraid that the patron god of their country would choose the lord in front of the great national righteousness.

When that happened, their country, the Sun Country Martial Path, would really be in the grip of a disaster of life and soul.

Wang Yuehe was also someone who had experienced the Chu Sect’s havoc, and he was even, how ruthless this man in front of him, called Chu Yuan, was.

There were certain words that he could say and do.

“Chu Yuan, you are shameless and despicable!”

The Moon God had undoubtedly become difficult to remain calm.

It had to be said that what Chu Yuan was doing now could be considered to have hit the Moon God’s biggest soft spot.

The reason why she had sheltered Ye Fan was purely because she had the consciousness of Liang Gong Ying Yue within her body.

In Rangong Ying Yue’s mind, nothing in this world was as important as her master’s life.

It was precisely because of her thoughts and desires that the Moon God had repeatedly helped Ye Fan and sheltered him.

But for the Moon God herself, there is nothing more important than her people.

Now, Chu Yuan had put the safety and security of the Sun Country’s martial dao in opposition to Ye Fan.

There was no doubt that this choice put the Moon God in a dilemma.

If he stayed behind to shelter Ye Fan, the Japanese Martial Way would surely suffer a heavy blow, with deaths and injuries all over the place.

But if he returned to his country and went to defend himself against the Chu Sect’s attack.

Then Ye Fan, who stayed here, was afraid that he would definitely die.

She did not want Ye Fan to die, but it was impossible for her to have total disregard for the lives and deaths of her people.

“Your Excellency Moon God, this cannot be blamed on me.”

“You forced me to do this.”

“If you had not repeatedly interfered with this, would this Chu Tianfan have lived to this day?”

“How could the land of my Chu Sect have suffered such great destruction?”

“I was also forced to do this when I had no choice.”

“Of course, if you really can’t let go of this Yan Xia junior, you could have stayed.”

“But I can tell you without hesitation that when you return to the Sun Country later, it will be a mountain of corpses and blood!”

Chu Yuan’s expression turned cold, and his words were filled with an eerie chill.

“Moon God, don’t hesitate.”

“Go back quickly!”

“For every moment you hesitate, countless more of your people will be sacrificed.”

“Those two Elders of Xuan Hei, they will soon be killing Winter Kyoto.”

Wang Yuehe’s voice was so bitter and persuasive that he was almost on his knees begging.

The rest of the Sun Country martial artists who had followed Moon River here also begged the Moon God.



“What shamelessness!”

Li Er and the others were filled with righteous indignation, and they all cursed at the Chu Sect crowd.

They did not expect that the number one sect in the world would use such despicable means to force the Moon God to leave in order to deal with Ye Fan.

Finally, the Moon God, who was originally torn and full of anger, turned her head and glanced back at Ye Fan.

At that moment, the man called Ye Fan still looked calm.

The gaze that he looked at the Moon God was so calm and warm.

It made people, like a spring breeze.

The clean and warm face was just like the one back then, on the Clear Sky Tower, the young man who had accompanied her to watch the sunrise.

“Yue’er, go back.”

“Really, thank you so much.”

“On my side, I will have a solution.”

Ye Fan naturally saw the torment and hesitation within the Moon God’s heart.

The Moon God had already helped him too much.

Her kindness had long since been more than Ye Fan could repay.

And now that the Chu Sect had taken the entire martial artists and people of the Sun Country and coerced them against Yue Shen, Ye Fan naturally could not let Yue Shen carry such a deep sin because of himself.

Therefore, Ye Fan was also persuading the Moon God to leave.

“Dragon Master, the Moon God cannot leave.”

“If she leaves, there will be no one in, who can stop Chu Yuan!”

With these words, Ye Fan caused the Dragon God Hall disciples behind him to become anxious for a while.

Xu Lei’s beautiful eyes even went red straight away.

Now in this situation, the Moon God was Ye Fan’s only hope of surviving.

Once the Moon God left, it would be another desperate situation of life and death!

“Stop it all!”

Ye Fan then he stopped the crowd and told them to stop talking.

In front of them, the Moon God was in a long skirt fluttering.

Above her pretty face, there was no longer the calmness and flamboyance of before.

Instead, there was an unspeakable powerlessness and bitterness.

In the end, she turned in Ye Fan’s direction, her red lips trembling as she gave Ye Fan, one last sentence.

“Live well.”

“Consider it for Yue’er’s sake.”

The clear, cold voice had the sound of a sea breeze blowing across the four directions.

A rare touch of sadness and deep emotion flickered within her beautiful eyes.

Finally, the Moon God suppressed the sadness within her heart and looked towards Chu Yuan in the most ice-cold tone of her life.

“If he dies, even if he exhausts the blue fall to the yellow spring, this month, God of the Moon, will still swept away the Chu Sect and kill the people of the Chu Sect!”


The morose words caused the seawater beneath his feet to freeze inch by inch.

Tang Hao, Aaron and the others all turned pale with horror.

After that, the Moon God stepped into the air and left.

The magnificent figure went straight into the Sun Country.

In front of Ye Fan and her people, the Moon God had finally chosen to shelter her people.

This was the mission and duty of the Moon Reader.

Even if Ye Fan had an in-body entanglement with Liang Gong Ying Yue, the mission engraved in his bones would never let him betray his people.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go back too!”

Wang Yuehe and the others followed and returned.

As they left, the heaven and earth here returned to peace again.

The impulse in the hearts of Tang Hao and the Sword Sage, who had originally planned to come to their rescue, was once again suppressed.

“There’s nothing that can be done!”

“There’s nothing we can do.”

Sword Saint and the others, a burst of powerlessness lamented.

And at this time, Chu Yuan had no more patience.

He took a few steps forward and looked at Ye Fan from a high position.

A mountain-like majesty was unleashed without reservation.

Boom boom boom!

The Heavenly River trembled and the cold ice broke apart.

The giant wheel of ten thousand tons all sank several metres deep in an instant.

Li Er and the others, under this mountain-like might, even more so, directly fell to the ground.

Ye Fan stubbornly maintained his standing position, but eventually pulled his injury and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Chu Tianfan, this is the end.”

“The Moon God has retreated.”

“No one will be able to protect you anymore!”

“I’ll give you the last ten seconds.”

“You have sinned so much that the heavens are angry with you, and everyone will be punished.”

“Finish what you started.”

“Or else, don’t blame me for taking action myself.”

Chu Yuan’s majestic voice carried an endless majesty.

A thousand sharp edges pointed directly at Ye Fan.


“Dragon Master, you cannot give up!”

“Dragon Master, you must live and survive!”

On the giant wheel, countless Dragon God Hall disciples, their eyes red, gritted their teeth and shouted.

“What’s the point of still talking nonsense?”

“Just kill it!”

Burning Heaven no longer wanted to wait, his desire to have Ye Fan die was even stronger than Chu Yuan’s.

Therefore, he simply couldn’t wait for those ten seconds, as he leaned up to the sky and shouted, grabbing in the void.

“Lei Lai!”

Between the rivers of heaven, only an explosive shout could be heard.

The Heavenly Master’s Thunder Law instantly appeared.

Black clouds and clouds moved, and lightning exploded.

A golden thunder dragon, from the depths of the heavens, struck down directly.

“Chu Tianfan, come and die for me!”

Burning Heaven’s face was lofty as he grasped the thunder in his hand and laughed fiercely.


“Brother Little Fan.”

“Dragon Master.”

Under the thunder, Ye Fan stood like that.

In the distance, Xu Lei Li Er and the others were lying on the ground, crying out loudly, unable to stop the flow of tears.

Ye Fan had long been at the end of his strong, seriously injured body.

His physical condition was even worse than that of a martial arts master.

Xu Lei and the others no longer dared to imagine that if they were struck by this thunderbolt, Ye Fan was afraid that his soul would directly fly apart.