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Worth Deserving Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808

However, just when Tang Hao and everyone else thought that Ye Fan would not be able to escape this time.

Who would have thought that, at the last moment, a figure would rush out directly.

In the midst of everyone’s shocked and abrupt gaze, it suddenly flashed past.

In the end, it stood in front of Ye Fan like that.

Thousands of thunderbolts were all poured into his body alone.

Then, he was struck hard by the thunderbolt and hit the ground again.


“General Long!”

Such a strange change undoubtedly shook the crowd.

Those men who came after Long Baichuan had tears streaming down their faces immediately afterwards.

They struggled and cried out.

Endless sorrow swept over them.

Ye Fan also froze.

He did not expect that Long Baichuan, the King of Longchuan, would take this blow for himself with his frail body.

At this moment, Long Baichuan was covered in wounds, lying on the ground, his breath shrivelled.

No one knew whether this general, who had once ruled the army, was dead or alive.

“Baichuan, what are you doing again, why bother?”

Ye Fan’s eyes showed sadness, and his pupils, once filled with majesty, were now almost shining with tears.

“You’re not worthy of yourself!”

“Who can blame you for seeking your own death?”

“How dare a mere Martial Arts Grandmaster block my Heavenly Master’s Lightning Technique and even think of saving Chu Tianfan from this King?”

“You are simply delusional!”

Looking at Long Baichuan, who had fallen to the ground and was unconscious, King Yin Tianwang laughed coldly.

In his eyes, there was indifference and coldness.

It was as if, having just fallen into his hands, he was just an insignificant mole.

Of course, the fall of Long Baichuan did not make Burning Heaven give up the thought of exterminating Ye Fan.

After he finished laughing, his eyes flashed and his hand held a long sword as he immediately cut down.

A sword aura flashed by.

The dreadful strength of the blade fell straight down towards Ye Fan’s location.

As the long blade fell, the light of blood rose.

Ye Fan’s body was once again stained with blood.

However, the knife wound on his body did not take his life.

This man, this man who had once terrified the world, was still standing stubbornly.

That magnificent figure, standing there, was only like a heavenly river stretching across.

“Dragon Master!”

“Mr. Chu.”

The eyes of the people on the full boat were red.

Xu Lei and the others, were even in tears.


“We’ll fight you!”

“We’ll fight you!”

Iwai Zen gritted his teeth and roared, finally using all his life’s strength to carry the might of the Sealed Sovereign, holding his submachine gun and sweeping frantically in the direction of Burning Heaven and Chu Yuan.

However, it was useless.

These people in front of him were all powerful people who stood at the peak of their power.

Even a nuclear bomb would not necessarily be able to kill them.

Not to mention, this little gun and cannon.

Therefore, even when Iwai Zen finished shooting the bullets, it did not cause any damage to Chu Yuan and the others.

On the contrary, Chu Yuan moved his fingers slightly.

The majestic power then gathered under his fingertips to form a Qi blade.

In the next moment, this Qi blade flashed with the momentum of thunder and lightning.

“b*****d, stop!”

Ye Fan shouted, even trying to rush over to save him.

But, in the end, it was futile.

Everyone, as they watched, saw Iwai Chan’s chest, pierced through by the Qi blade under Chu Yuan’s finger.

Crimson blood gushed out as if it did not want money.

“Grandpa Iwai!”

“Dragon Rock King!”

As Iwai Zen fell, tears flowed long from Chi Chi Jing.

Li Er and the others even shouted in anger.

Ye Fan even forced himself to endure the powerlessness and pain coming from his body and ran over, hugging Iwai Zen’s fallen body.

“Dragon Dragon Master, sorry for that, next time you you go up to Chu Men Mountain, I am afraid that I am afraid that I will not be able to accompany you.”

“Good, live.”

Iwai Chan grabbed Ye Fan’s hand and tried hard to put on a smile.

Back then, in the face of the Chu family’s power, Iwai Zen refused to fight and retreated from the battlefield.

Everyone thought he was a deserter.

However, when it came to a real life-and-death situation, Iwai Chan rushed out without hesitation.

Even at the moment of his death, he was not frightened, and what he left on his old face was still a smile on Ye Fan’s face.

However, after saying this, Iwai Chan seemed to want to say something else.

But when he opened his mouth again, all that gushed out was blood.

But even though he couldn’t say anything, he still used his last strength to give Ye Fan the blood-stained postcard in his arms.

And then, he pa*sed away!

In the winter of that year, the Dragon Rock King fell.

Blood, stained the sea at the border of Yanxia.

Ye Fan looked at the old man in front of him, at the postcard in his hand that was covered in blood.

His body was trembling.

The palms of his hands, too, were clenched.

“Chu Tianfan, do you still want to persist?”

“Do you have to get this ship full of people killed before you are willing to do so?”

“Together with the previous Oske, this should be the third person who has died because of you.”

Chu Yuan’s reckless laughter rang out slowly as he stood tall.

That arrogant and lonely look was like the king of this world, in control of all &bsp&bsp everything.

Ye Fan heard it, his body trembled again “Oske he, also also dead”

No one answered him.

Only the cold wind whimpered.

The waves in the distance, like an abyss opening its bloody mouth, seemed to swallow the whole world.


“You bunch of b*****ds.”

“Today, we, the people of the Dragon God Temple, will die in this force, and we will also break a few of your teeth!”

The death of Iwai Zen and the others deeply stimulated Li Er and the others.

Long Baichuan’s fiancee was still waiting for him, and Iwai Chan had dreamed of meeting his granddaughter.

But now, these insignificant wishes had become an unattainable luxury.

In the heat of the moment, the boat was filled with people who no longer cared about life or death, who no longer cared about danger, and who, like a moth, flung themselves into the flames that could burn them to ashes.

“Stop it!”

However, just as Li Er and the others were about to fight to the death, Ye Fan let out a long and majestic cry that was like a stone breaking through the sky and exploding into the void and heaven.

Everyone was frozen in their tracks.

Li Er was stunned in place, and Chen Ao’s eyes were terrified.

Xu Lei Qian Chi Jing and the others were even more lost in thought as they looked at the man whose body was stained with blood in front of them.

“Little Brother Fan?”

“Dragon Master?”

“Mr. Chu?”

Everyone looked at Ye Fan.

They did not know what exactly Ye Fan wanted.

Doubt and trepidation filled everyone’s hearts.

After he had stopped the crowd, Ye Fan suddenly turned around.

That sharp, sword-like gaze swept over Chu Yuan, Burning Heaven and everyone else.

The moment they were stared at by this gaze, everyone shuddered, as if they were being stared at by the devil.

Even Chu Yuan had his heart palpitating for a moment.

Finally, Ye Fan looked at Chu Yuan and slowly laughed out loud.

“Chu Yuan, do you know that the greatest shame in my life is that I have blood similar to yours flowing in my body?”

“I do not hate being born into the Chu family, I only hate, being your grandson!”

After the endless mortification, Ye Fan laughed loudly up at the sky.

That laugh was so loud that it was like thunder running through heaven and earth.

That laughter was sad and desolate, and it was like a hero at the end of his rope.


“Congratulations, you have won.”

“As the world has told me to die, I, Chu Tianfan, will have to die.”

“I only hope that you all, will keep your promise.”

“No more harm to my Dragon God Hall congregation.”


It was only when these words fell from Ye Fan’s lips that the crowd realized Ye Fan’s intentions.

For a moment, Li Er and the others, were all terrified.

“Mr. Chu, don’t!” Li Er rushed over like a madman.

“Brother Little Fan,” Xu Lei fell to the ground, crying out in piteous tears.

“Dragon Master, don’t!”

Behind them, thousands of sons and daughters hissed.

Everyone ran towards Ye Fan with all their might, only hoping to stop the man.

However, it was too late.

Between the rivers of heaven, only Ye Fan could be seen stamping down with one foot.

A thousand long swords instantly shook up.

Then, under Ye Fan’s traction, countless sword blades, directly penetrated Ye Fan’s chest.

Fresh blood poured out.

The blood-stained river of heaven was like a painting!

The peerless figure that had stunned an era fell to the ground with a bang.

In the winter of the year Xin Chou, Chu Tian Fan, Lord of the Dragon God Hall, extinguished himself!!!