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Worth Deserving Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809

Jiangdong, Yunzhou.

Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange were strolling through the shopping mall.

It was almost New Year’s Day and a new year was coming.

In the mall, however, festive red lanterns had already been hung up.

Various year-end promotions were dazzling.

“Mu Orange, how about this dress?”

“It’s only over 10,000.”

“When I looked at it last month, it was twenty-three thousand.”

“I didn’t expect that the sale would be so strong this time.”

Somewhere in front of a luxury clothing shop, Susie tried on a beige jacket, showing off her charms in front of the fitting mirror.

“Ehnn, it’s not bad, it quite matches your temperament.”

Qiu Mu Orange smiled back.

It was the tenderness of this smile of Qiu Mu Orange that drew a heartfelt infatuation from the surrounding pa*sersby.

These two women in front of them had to be said to be the most beautiful scenery in the entire mall.

Their beautiful faces, exquisite bodies, and their noble temperament.

Especially Qiu Mu Orange, walking in the crowd, just like a fairy who had fallen from the mortal world.

As she walked along, she attracted the attention of many people.

There were even some successful men with successful careers who plucked up the courage to strike up a conversation.

But whenever this happened, Qiu Mu Orange would always politely say back, “Sorry, I already have a husband.”

“He’s handsome, he’s a great guy, he’s a great hero.”

When she said these words, Qiu Mu Orange’s beautiful eyes were overflowing with happiness and miss.

“Mu Orange, don’t look at it either.”

“You come over and pick one too.”

“It’s almost New Year’s Eve and your family member is a filial son, he will definitely come back.”

“Why don’t you pick out some beautiful and sexy clothes, so that when your family member comes back, you can wear them for him to see?”

Originally, Qiu Mu Orange, did not want to buy clothes.

She felt that she already had enough clothes.

But hearing this from Susie, Qiu Mu Orange felt that it made sense.

She had to show off her extraordinary charm, otherwise that b*****d, when he got busy, how could he think of coming back.

Just like that, the two girlfriends began to sweep up goods like crazy.

From coats to trench coats, to bottoms, bustiers, heels, jeans and jewellery.

In short, inside and out, up and down, Qiu Mu Orange almost all Ou bought a whole lot.

She even went to a lingerie shop and bought several different types of stockings.

Black silk, ice silk, fishnet stockings

Seeing that the girl who used to be pure and youthful was now becoming so affectionate, Su Xi looked on from the side and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“What are you laughing at?” Qiu Mu Orange glared.

“Hey Mu Orange, you’re getting the hang of it, you know how to enjoy life. Sure enough, marriage is the catalyst for a girl to mature. Before, you would blush when you saw all these sexy clothes and such. Now, it’s all about taking the initiative to try them on.” Su Xi hemmed and hawed.

Qiu Mu Orange blushed “Keep your voice down, don’t tell anyone.”

“I can’t help it, the one in my family is always out of sight, if I don’t give him something fierce, he’s afraid he won’t even know there’s a wife at home.”

She had been married to Ye Fan for many years.

In the past, she didn’t understand, but then she naturally knew a lot about it as she followed Su Xi around all the time.

Thinking about it, Qiu Mu Orange felt guilty.

Other people’s wives were their husband’s tender home, a happy-go-lucky lubricant for their busy and boring lives.

And as a wife, the tenderness she gave Ye Fan was indeed too little.

So, she thought about changing.

This time, when Ye Fan returned, she would definitely become the softness around her fingers in Ye Fan’s arms, making her husband, happy.

When she heard these words from Qiu Mu Orange, Su Xi shook her head and laughed “Look, what’s so great about marrying the prince of Jiangdong?”

“It seems to be a great scenery, but in reality, what is the difference with that widow who stays alone.”

“When I look for a husband in the future, I will definitely not look for one like your husband.”

“It’s not good to be too capable.”

Su Xi complained on behalf of her bestie.

Qiu Mu Orange, however, did not have the good grace to give her a white look “You woman, you are simply unbelievable.”

“Back then, when Ye Fan was in his infancy, you disliked him for being incompetent and a loser, and you kept urging me to divorce him. Let me marry someone powerful and influential.”

“Now, my husband is powerful and has become the venerable of Jiangdong.”

“Again, you say that a capable man is bad.”

“People like you deserve to be single!”

Susie spat out her tongue and laughed heatedly “Good bestie, I’m not just being unfair for you, am I?”

“Look at your great years, all wasted by that Ye Fan.”

“Okay, no more talk. Let’s go, let’s continue to sweep the goods.”

Su Xi pulled Qiu Mu Orange and continued to go look at clothes.

Qiu Mu Orange smiled and responded.

However, suddenly there was a moment when her heart trembled violently.

Immediately afterwards, a sharp pain that drilled into her heart came on abruptly.

Qiu Mu Orange covered her chest and leaned against the wall, on her forehead, beans of sweat, couldn’t stop falling down.

“Mu Orange, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t you scare me.”

Su Xi was terrified and asked in fear.

Qiu Mu Orange’s body trembled, her voice weak and feeble “I… I don’t know.”

“It’s just that I suddenly feel a pain in my heart, like a needle stabbing a needle.”

She was as pale as a white sheet in front of her.

The face that used to be so dusty and beautiful was no longer the slightest bit bloody.



The country of the sun, the winter capital.

“Hallowed Moon God, the invaders have fled towards the southeast.”

“Our men, they are treating the wounded.”

His Excellency, the Three Gods, looking at Moon River and the others reported on the situation today.

The Moon God’s expression was clear and cold “Pa*s down the order to seal off the entire territory and do your utmost to stop them from leaving the Sun Country.”

“If they break our borders, my palace will kill them within our borders!”

The words were cold and full of killing intent.

And then, the Moon God headed in the southeast direction, chasing after the two Xuan Hei Lao.

However, just as the Moon God was about to move, she felt a palpitation in her heart.

Her delicate body trembled with a heart-breaking pain, almost going limp to the ground.

“Hallowed Moon God?”

Hope Moon River and the others then became alarmed and asked anxiously.

The Moon God ignored them, only bowing her head and covering her chest.

She didn’t know why.

Why, all of a sudden, was her heart palpitating so much?

But immediately afterwards, the Moon God seemed to realise something, she looked up sharply and looked in the direction of Yan Xia, her expression then changed drastically “Could it be, it’s Master him”


In the middle of her brain, there was a buzzing sound in an instant.

Deep within the Moon God’s consciousness, the consciousness that belonged to Rangong Ying Yue suddenly surged out.

An unparalleled wave of grief swept out like a mighty river.

When Moon River and the others looked up again, the Moon God was already in tears.


The heavenly river trembled and the sea of clouds tossed.

The Moon God headed towards the northeast, frantically breaking through the air.

“Hallowed Moon God, it’s wrong, the southeast direction is over there!”

Hope Moon River and the others shouted anxiously.

However, no one responded.

The silhouette running to the border of Yanxia was determined and firm.



Chu Men Mountain.

It was silent.

Nearly all of the strongest people in the entire mountain sect had been dispatched.

There were less than a hundred people left in the large sect.

Chu Zhengliang’s mournful howls were still ringing out.

At this moment, deep within the sect, a graceful and noble silhouette was sitting on her knees.

Her breath was steady, her red lips were like fire, and her eyebrows were like paintings.

Her beauty was so beautiful that it almost eclipsed heaven and earth.

However, such a stunning woman was confined to this place and had to close her door to heal her wounds.

However, at a critical moment in her healing.

Suddenly, that delicate body trembled violently.

Immediately afterwards, a mouthful of crimson blood poured out.

Her delicate jade body fell limp on top of the boulder.

“Ye Fan”

“Ye Fan Ye Fan”

Her pretty face was pale, and the weakness inside her was like a mountainous tsunami that swallowed her up.

But even though she was covered in wounds, she continued to call out the boy’s name over and over again.

Tears streamed down her face and pear blossoms fell.

In those beautiful eyes that reflected the stars and the moon, there was endless sorrow and mourning.

At this moment, she felt that the world had become dull.

After that, her life was nothing but darkness.