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Worth Deserving Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810

Hot summer, Maple Sea.

The old Chu family residence.

On a rare sunny morning, the old lady walked slowly out of her room with hobbled steps.

When she saw the old lady coming out, the big black dog that was lying in the courtyard, warming itself in the sun, came around with its tail wagging.

On a cold day, the big black dog was sticking out its tongue and panting heavily.

When the old lady saw this, she shook her head and laughed.

“Ah Hei, you are hungry again, right?”

“It just so happens that we just steamed steamed buns last night, I’ll go and get you a few.”

The old lady stroked its dog’s head, and then went back to the kitchen, lifted the lid of the pot, took a few still somewhat warm steamed buns from inside, and threw them towards the big black dog.


“Woof woof!”

The big black dog barked happily at the old lady, as if he was thanking her.

In the end, it even went over and licked the old lady’s hand before returning to gnaw on its steamed bun.

Seeing this, Old Taijun could not help but let out a sigh of relief, “Sometimes, people are not as grateful as Ah Hei.”

Thinking of this, the old lady suddenly raised her head and looked towards the end of the sky.

“At this hour, that b*****d should have fled back to Yanxia.”

“Still too young and too impulsive.”

“That b*****d kid, don’t even think about it, and even if the current Chu family is in decline, it still has a thousand years of heritage and several generations of accumulation.”

“You little fellow, you have only been hiding your light for how many years, you can’t just say you’ll bring it down.”

“It’s for the best.”

“It is not good to have too much smooth sailing.”

“The path of the martial arts is all about breaking and then standing.”

“This setback is considered a lesson for you.”

“In the future, when you face more powerful enemies and more difficult matters, you will also be much more mature.”

Although the old lady lived deep in this old mansion, she could still sense many things about Ye Fan.

In the old lady’s opinion, Ye Fan’s greatest crisis had already pa*sed.

His own false body had manifested itself with the help of the Yunyang Ancient Sword.

The old Taijun felt that even if that Chu Yuan’s murderous intent towards Ye Fan was even more intense, he would definitely not dare to act rudely and openly disobey himself again.

Several days had pa*sed since his own imaginary body had manifested.

Old Taijun estimated that Ye Fan should have already fled back to Yanxia.

“That b*****d kid, I guess it’s time for him to come to me.”

Old Taijun muttered to herself, her words filled with doting and kindness.

The descendants of the Chu family were scattered all over the world.

However, among so many juniors, the only one who could catch the old dowager’s eye and make the old lady happy was actually Ye Fan alone.

Of course, if we were to add one more, it would be the young girl from the Tang family, Tang Yun.

Old Taijun remembered that Ye Fan had lived in the Chu family’s old mansion when he was a child, and whenever he was beaten up by his dad, he would come to her for treatment.

So much so that, later on, when he grew up and encountered a hurdle he couldn’t get over, Ye Fan would also come over.

The last time Ye Fan was in the waters of the Japanese country, he was in a life-and-death situation.

Wasn’t it exactly when he ran to her that he recovered his life?

This time, not surprisingly, that b*****d boy came back from the Chu Sect and would probably have to seek her out to save his life as well.

However, Old Taijun had been waiting for Ye Fan for several days, and still nothing was happening.

“Could it be that he has gone home to be with his wife first?”

Old Taijun shook her head and smiled.

However, just as the old lady was muttering to herself.

Suddenly, as if she sensed something, she jerked her head up and looked towards the land of Yanxia’s eastern border.

Immediately afterwards, a wave of unconcealed sadness swept out from the deepest part of the old lady’s heart.

“It’s my grandson?”

“It’s my little Fan grandson?”


“Those beasts of the Chu family!”

“They, how could they do such a cruel thing?”

The old lady was trembling, her old eyes as red as blood.



In the eastern realm of God’s Country, the Yan Xia border sea.

The rivers of heaven were roiling, the vast sea was tossing.

The red blood stains the sky.

Looking from afar, the blue sky and the earth were almost blood-red in colour.

Heaven and earth were speechless, the vast sea was silent.

The moment that man fell, the time and space of this region almost came to a standstill at that moment.

The sea of clouds no longer rolled, the cold wind was lifeless.

The sky and the earth were so silent that one could almost hear the sound of the flow of time.

The scene in front of us was engraved in everyone’s mind and had become eternal!

“Little Brother Fan!”

Xu Lei fell onto the hard deck, her jade fingers drenched in blood.

When she saw the thousands of long swords pa*sing through her, for a moment, Xu Lei felt that her own heart had been pierced in an instant.

The unparalleled sorrow and pain was like the palm of a demon’s hand, choking Xu Lei’s throat fiercely.

In this world, Ye Fan was her only concern, and his little brother Fan was the only meaning she had in this world.

But why?

Why was God so cruel?

Why, in front of her, did he destroy her entire world with his own hands.

Back then, it was her parents.

Now, it was her little brother Fan.

That feeling of watching the world crumble before her eyes almost drove Xu Lei mad with pain!

“Mr. Chu.”


“Why, did it end like this?”

Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were similarly filled with pain and tears.

Unaware of them, those who had followed Ye Fan for many years from the Dragon God Temple were equally filled with grief, pain and despair sweeping through everyone’s hearts.

They couldn’t understand why, why creation was so tricky to people.

Why, their Dragon Master had worked so hard, cultivated so hard, persevered so hard, and become stronger, but in the end, he still ended up like this?

“Obviously, he has already left the Chu Mun Mountain, obviously, he has already come alive to the doorstep of the Daoist family, obviously, he is only one step away from Jiangdong.”

“Why, why is it like this?”

It was difficult for everyone to accept the ending before them.

Obviously the most dangerous time had been broken through, obviously they were about to go home, but Ye Fan

Li Er, Chen Ao and the others kneeled in front of Ye Fan’s corpse in agony, almost all the tears they had accumulated in their lives flowing in at this moment.

Looking at the blood-covered Ye Fan, Li Er felt for a moment that reality was unreal and untrue.

Was this really Ye Fan?

Was this really the Mr. Chu who had reigned over Yunzhou and crossed Jiangdong back then?

Was this really the invincible man?

In a trance, it was as if Li Er was seeing, once again, the young man who stood proudly at the top of Mount Tai, the peerless seal who swept across the north of the river and beat back the Martial God Hall.

“Little Brother Fan, wake up”

“You can’t die.”

“Lei’er doesn’t want you to die, doesn’t want you to die”

Heaven and earth were speechless, the vast sea was silent.

Only the cold wind whimpered.

Xu Lei and the others were in tears, their pale pretty faces lying on Ye Fan’s corpse that had already started to turn cold, their miserable bitter voices, but they became more and more feeble.

“This this Chu Tianfan, has really really killed himself?”

At the top of the Heavenly River in front of them, those martial dao leaders of the various countries that had surrounded Ye Fan were all trembling as well.

Ye Fan’s choice was undoubtedly out of everyone’s expectation.

Lord Karo’s face was pale, Emperor Aaron was stunned in place, and even Burning Heaven’s eyes were trembling.

As for the Sword Saint, Tang Hao and Mo Kucheng, their eyes were even wider in shock.

Although they had long expected the end of Ye Fan’s fall, no one had expected before this that this man, who had once stunned the world, would end up ending his life in such a shocking manner.

“You all,” the Sword Saint suddenly raised his head, his eyes red, and looked around at the martial artists of the surrounding nations, his trembling voice carrying an unparalleled morose chill, “should you be satisfied now?”

The low voice was suppressed with endless anger.

Finally, the thousands of emotions in his heart turned into a majestic shout, “Now, get the hell out of Yanxia!”


The Sword Saint shouted in a deep voice, and his majestic majesty swept across the River of Heaven with a gut-wrenching ferocity.

Carlo, Aaron and the others were obviously a little weak, and looked at the Sword Saint and the others, saying apologetically “Sorry, Sword Saint. We didn’t expect that it would end up like this.”

“Without mentioning anything else, in terms of martial talent alone, this Chu Tianfan is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime demonic genius.”

“We will honour his memory.”

“The global martial arts community, too, will remember him.”