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Worth Deserving Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811

To be honest, most of the people present had no great grudge against Ye Fan.

Today’s so-called siege of Ye Fan was only for the benefit of their own country’s martial art.

The wind will destroy the wood that shows up in the forest.

The world may seem big, but it is actually very small.

It can accommodate ordinary people, it can accommodate stupid bad people, but it cannot accommodate people who are too evil.

This is the cruelty of the martial arts world.

Sometimes, being too good is also a mistake.

It was precisely because there was no deep hatred that Carlo, Aaron and the others did not feel much joy or happiness in their hearts after seeing Ye Fan kill himself with his sword, but instead had a heavy feeling of grief over the death of a rabbit.

Even psychologically, they were burdened with a sense of guilt and weakness.

Therefore, even in the face of the Sword Saint’s scolding words, the martial leaders of these countries did not get angry, but even apologised to the Martial God Hall.

Of course, such emotions were not shared by everyone.

People like Burning Heaven, who had long hated the idea of cutting Ye Fan to pieces, now felt a great sense of joy at seeing Ye Fan dead.

Therefore, after hearing that Carlo and the others had even apologised to the Sword Saint, he sneered and said “There is nothing to apologise for.”

“Heaven’s sins can be forgiven.”

“If you do it to yourself, you cannot live!”

“This Chu Tianfan has done all sorts of bad things and made the heavens angry.”

“Now he has come to this end, he is also to blame.”

“He doesn’t deserve pity!”

“Letting him die so painfully now would be a bargain for him.”

“In my opinion, he should be cut into pieces.”

“We, the martial dao of all nations, should each take a section to console the spirits of those nations who died under Ye Fan!”

Burning Heaven spoke morosely, and his face was covered in cold intent.

Looking at him, even if Ye Fan was dead, he was not prepared to let Ye Fan go.

He would have to split Ye Fan into five pieces before he could get rid of his hatred!

“b*****ds, how dare you?”

“Isn’t it enough that you forced Mr. Chu to death?”

“How dare you do it to Mr. Chu’s corpse!”

“You are worse than dogs and pigs.”

“Today, even if we die here, we will not let you beasts defile Mr. Chu’s corpse in any way!”

When Li Er and the others, who were originally in grief, heard that Burning Heaven and the others were actually going to lay their hands on Ye Fan’s corpse, these people’s eyes directly turned red.

The faces were as lofty as those of a fierce tiger whose tail had been stepped on.

One by one, their eyes were ruthless, their faces were determined, and their fierce gazes glared at Burning Sky and the others, as if they were going to burn the jade and stone.

However, Burning Heaven did not even care about the ferocity of these people.

They were just a bunch of mole crickets.

Even if they screamed and shouted, it would still be painless to him.

“However, if you ants really want to go down with this b*****d, this king doesn’t mind giving you a percentage.”

“The death of a ruler and his subjects together, when people talk about it later, it will not be short of a good story of a ruler and his subjects!”

Burning Heaven laughed coldly, and then with his long sword in his hand, he actually waved his hand towards Li Er and the others and chopped them down.

“Burning Heaven, how dare you?”

However, who would have thought that just as Burning Heaven raised his sword, an angry shout came from behind him.

Immediately afterwards, Patriarch Haotian charged up with his hammer.

The huge hammer, with the power to shatter the void, fiercely clashed with Burning Heaven’s long sword.

A clanging sound was heard.

Sparks flew everywhere!

Burning Heaven was directly smashed into the sea by Tang Hao’s hammer.

The waves surged and the sea tumbled.

The terrifying force exploded the sea below into a huge crater several dozen metres deep.

A moment later, Burning Heaven, who was covered in wretchedness, rushed out from beneath the surface of the sea.

“Tang Hao, what do you want?”

“If you want to fight me in a duel, just say so.”

“I, Incendiary Heavenly King Burning Heaven, am not afraid of you!”

“What kind of skill do you have with this sneak attack from behind?”

Being smashed into the sea with a hammer by Tang Hao, and in front of so many people.

Burning Heaven naturally felt his face was shameless and furious.

The long sword in his hand reflected the cold light of the blazing sun, and in his dantian, infinite power had been wildly mobilised.

It looked as if a battle for the title was about to break out.

On the Heavenly Ranking, Burning Heaven was ranked before Tang Hao.

Therefore, if he really fought alone, Burning Heaven was really not afraid of Tang Hao.

However, just as Burning Heaven was about to get his revenge back, Sword Saint, who had been silent, came up and stood behind Tang Hao.

Along with the Sword Saint came the thousands of martial artists of Yanxia behind him.

“You guys.”

“What do you Yanxia want?”

“Don’t forget, I’m now a member of the Demon Subduing Alliance.”

“If you deal with me, you are dealing with the martial arts alliance army that has gathered here today.”

“Do you guys, by any chance, want to be enemies of us all under the sun?”

Burning Heaven was somewhat abashed.

The gaze of the Sword Saint and the others was too intimidating.

That feeling, as if they were being stared at by countless devils, gave Burning Heaven a shuddering feeling of trepidation.

In fear, Burning Heaven took several steps back in quick succession.

He was afraid that this group of Yanxia martial artists would go crazy again and really kill him.

Although he had the confidence to deal with Tang Hao, he was by no means confident enough to face the entire Yanxia martial dao.

“As we said, this is the border of my Yanxia nation.”

“There is no room for you foreigners to make a fool of yourselves!”

“If you want to kill my Yanxia civilians, you have to ask if my Martial God Hall agrees first.”

The icy words of the Sword Saint carried an endless chill.

How distinct was the majestic murderous intent within his tone.

Burning Heaven smiled sheepishly “Sword Saint, don’t be angry, I was just talking for fun to scare them.”

“Old Sect Master Chu has just said it all, we are only here today to uphold martial justice, to do justice for Heaven, and to kill the demons of the martial world.”

“Therefore, we will only kill Chu Tianfan alone, and the others, will never be affected.”

“This point of face, we still give Yan Xia’s.”

The Martial God Hall and the others had already stepped forward to stand up for Li Er and the others, so naturally, Burning Heaven had the good sense to back off and no longer think about making a move.

A bunch of mole crickets were just a bunch of mole crickets, and Burning Heaven really didn’t care if they lived or died.

As long as Ye Fan alone died, it would be enough.

“Still not rolling?!”

The Sword Saint raised his head and shouted again.

Ye Fan was already dead, and their purpose had been achieved.

The Sword Saint naturally did not allow them to stay here any longer, and directly spoke out to drive them away.


The crowd looked at each other, none of them saying anything.

It was obvious that they were still waiting for Chu Yuan’s meaning.

After all, today, this allied army was led by Chu Yuan.

Whether to retreat or advance, they still had to wait for Chu Yuan to speak.

“Sword Saint Hall Master, why do you need to be angry.”

“I have already said that we have no malice. Coming here is to uphold justice.”

“Now, since Chu Tianfan is dead, I will take the corpse here and leave this place.”

Chu Yuan said politely.

Tang Hao however frowned “Master Chu, isn’t that a bit too much?”

“My Yanxia preaches that leaves return to their roots.”

“Chu Tianfan is already dead, so there is no need to take his corpse away.”

“Even out of humane concern, we should let his body be sent back to his hometown and brought to his parents.”

Chu Yuan shook his head “That is not correct, Hall Master Tang Hao.”

“This Chu Tianfan is a devil.”

“A devil in the martial world, where’s the need to talk about humanism?”

“This devil has nailed my son, who is begging for his life and death on the Chu Sect Mountain.”

“In response, I will also take him to Chu Men Mountain and nail him to the top of Chu Men Mountain, to be with my son, day and night.”

“I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do I.”

“It’s just the way of his people.”

As Chu Yuan said that, he walked towards the direction where Ye Fan had fallen.

It looked like he had no intention of discussing with the Martial God Hall’s side and was ready to take away Ye Fan’s corpse directly.

What’s more, the Martial God Hall was not qualified or able to stop him from taking away Ye Fan’s corpse.

Of course, the reason why Chu Yuan wanted to take away Ye Fan’s corpse, apart from the reason he had just mentioned, was that he wanted to make sure that Ye Fan was dead or not.

A Grandmaster was always difficult to kill.

Even if ten thousand swords pierced his heart, he would not necessarily be dead.

If he was still alive, Chu Yuan would naturally have to make up for it with another slash.