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Worth Deserving Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812

The difficulty of Ye Fan had already been deeply experienced by Chu Yuan.

Today, he had to ensure that he would finish his work in one go.

After paying so much, Chu Yuan did not want any more surprises to occur.

Just like that, Chu Yuan walked slowly towards Ye Fan’s corpse.

Li Er and the others, naturally, would not tolerate Ye Fan being taken away by people from the Chu Sect.

“You want to take away Mr. Chu’s corpse, don’t even think about it!”

“Today, even if we die, we will protect Mr. Chu’s remains!”

In the face of what Chu Yuan said, Li Er and the others naturally could not ignore it.

Their eyes were full of viciousness and their teeth were clenched in a vain attempt to stop Chu Yuan’s actions with their frail bodies.

However, in the end, they were just a mantis blocking a chariot.

For Li Er and the others, Chu Yuan did not even look at them.

As he approached the ship, a powerful pressure swept out like a huge river in an instant.


How strong was Chu Yuan’s strength and realm?

Even a mere spill of the pressure would come down like a titanic mountain to Li Er, a mortal.

Hearing only a bang, Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were nearly crushed to their knees by this heavy pressure, their mouths and noses spilling blood, unable to move at all.


“Stop it!”

“How dare you desecrate the Dragon Lord’s corpse?”

However, even though they were shaken by Chu Yuan’s mighty pressure, they could not move.

Li Er and the crowd of Dragon God Hall powerhouses were still roaring, their eyes red and their faces filled with endless anger and resentment.

Some, even had tears falling down their faces.

They hated!

Hated themselves for being weak.

More than that, they could not protect the life of the Dragon Lord.

And now, even Ye Fan’s dead body could not be protected.

One could imagine what kind of mourning and misery was in the hearts of Li Er and the others at this moment.

However, who would care about the emotions of the weak?

Throughout, Chu Yuan’s gaze did not fall on Li Er Xu Lei and the others for even a moment.

It was as if the people on this boat were nothing more than air in Chu Yuan’s eyes.

The only one who could enter his eyes was Ye Fan at his feet.

At that moment, Chu Yuan’s body had landed on the deck.

Underneath his feet was Ye Fan’s body, which had been pierced by ten thousand swords.

Crimson blood was flowing everywhere. ,

“If I knew this, why should I have done it in the first place?”

“Isn’t it good to keep hiding in the dust, to be your fine dust?”

Chu Yuan’s face was expressionless as he spoke indifferently.

In Chu Yuan’s view, Ye Fan’s biggest mistake was that he was not willing to be ordinary.

If, after he had been expelled from the Chu family back then, Ye Fan had resigned himself to his fate and lived in the countryside at a snail’s pace, being a country pikeman.

He grew beans in the southern mountains and raised fish in the countryside.

He would have been an ordinary man.

He might not have the power, he might not have the wealth and glory, but at least he could spend his life in peace.

But this Ye Fan, however, was not willing to be ordinary.

When he was banished, he even planted the seeds of hatred for the Chu family in his heart.

He even had the vain hope that one day, with his own power, he would become bigger and stronger, kill his way back to Chu Sect Mountain and make the Chu family apologise and regret.

Therefore, it was Ye Fan’s unwillingness to be ordinary that ultimately forged today’s tragedy.

After saying these words, Chu Yuan also did not delay any longer.

He bent down and reached out, lifting up Ye Fan’s corpse with one hand.

After that, he ordered the troops to retreat and return.

As the people of the Chu Sect began to retreat, and as Ye Fan’s corpse fell into Chu Yuan’s hands, all the people present sighed with emotion.

Tang Hao Sword Saint and the others even sighed long and sadly.

Even the corpse had been taken away, then Ye Fan, without a doubt, would have no more possibility of resurrection.

Of course, what was even more cruel than that was that even after Ye Fan died, it would be difficult for his soul to return to his homeland.

Before this, who could believe that the number one powerhouse who had reigned over the Heavenly Rankings would end up in an untimely death.


“After today, there will no longer be, in the world, a Peerless Seal.”

Tang Hao looked up to the sky and sighed.

“Let’s go too.”

“Chu Tianfan is dead, and his body was taken away by the Chu Sect.”

“It’s almost safe to say that it’s, completely dead.”

“In the future, our Indian Kingdom, too, can rest in peace.” The Indian Heavenly King, Burning Heaven, sighed with relief, and his eyes were filled with relief and joy.

He felt that a big problem that had been in his heart for so many years had finally been completely ended today.

“Let’s go, we should also go back to our country.”

“It’s over, it’s all over.”

“From now on, that person called Chu Tianfan is now history.”

Aaron, Carlo and the others looked at the corpse that had been lifted by Chu Yuan, and after a sigh of relief, they too turned around and returned to their country.

A strife that was rarely seen in a hundred years had, by now, come to a complete end.

After witnessing Ye Fan’s death, the martial artists of all the countries also returned to their countries with their hearts satisfied than Ah-nui.

This diffuse heavenly river was now left with only the piteous cries of Xu Lei, Li Er and the others.

“Sword Saint, let’s retreat as well.”

Seeing that the strongest people from all four directions had retreated one after another, there was naturally no point for the people from the Martial God Hall to stay here.

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng spoke in a low voice, also suggesting that the Yanxia powerhouses withdraw to the country’s borders.

“Hm.” The Sword Saint nodded, “Let’s all withdraw back. Tang Hao, you take a few people to stay behind and help him, deal with the matter behind you.”

“At the very least, bring these people on board, back to the country in peace.”

The Sword Saint spoke slowly.

The tone of his voice was vicissitudes and feeble.

In these few short hours, it was as if the Sword Saint had aged several dozen years in an instant.

All over his body, he carried an unspeakable sense of powerlessness.

Perhaps, not being able to protect Ye Fan, not being able to keep Ye Fan’s corpse, this Martial God Hall Hall Master’s heart, too, was guilty.

At least, at this point, the Sword Saint no longer knew how he was going to explain to the War God when he came out of seclusion.

The Sword Saint was even more afraid to imagine what kind of reaction the War God would have if he knew that his most valued descendant of Yanxia had ended up killing himself in front of the country’s gates?


The heart full of annoyance and sorrow could only turn into a, helpless and futile sigh in the end.

However, just when everyone thought that the chaos that had shaken the world had come to an end.

Suddenly, at the end of the river, a black shadow flashed past.

That man was as fast as lightning.

At first, no one even noticed the arrival of this person.

It was only when the black shadow appeared a thousand metres away from here that Chu Yuan, the old Sect Master of the Chu Sect, realised it afterwards.

“What man?”

Chu Yuan snapped his head up and shouted in a deep voice somewhere in front of him.

However, at this instant when he spoke, the black shadow, had already reached him.

There was no conversation or communication whatsoever.

The moment this mysterious black shadow appeared in shock, the majestic might of his body exploded like a bomb.

With a powerful palm, it fiercely struck towards Chu Yuan’s chest.

“You don’t know your own strength!”

Chu Yuan coldly snorted, his eyebrows sunk, and his right hand quietly smashed down, directly confronting the other party with a palm.


However, it was this palm that caused Chu Yuan, who had always been light-hearted, to change his expression, with waves of shock sweeping through his heart.

He realised that he had underestimated his opponent!

But at that moment, it was already too late to make any more efforts.

In that clash of palms just now, Chu Yuan was completely suppressed, and his body of hundreds of jin was instantly shaken back a hundred metres.

It was also at the moment when Chu Yuan was suppressed that the man’s palm turned, curled his fingers and grabbed, and the corpse of Ye Fan, which was originally carried in Chu Yuan’s hand, was pulled directly into the man’s hand.

And then, turning around, he ran!

“b*****d, where are you running?”

“Leave your life behind!”

The moment Ye Fan’s corpse was snatched away, Chu Yuan only realized that the other party’s intention was to come.

Therefore, after being knocked back, Chu Yuan instantly came back to his senses.

Infinite power instantly erupted from his dantian, and his feet stepped on heaven and earth as his figure flashed.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yuan chased after that man.

Between his roars, Chu Yuan threw a heavy punch and instantly exploded.

The terrifying power was so great that it far surpa*sed that of a Seal Sovereign.

“This this is.”

“The power of the God Realm?”

The crowd was appalled.

Everyone looked away in astonishment.

It only felt as if the mighty power that Chu Yuan was exploding out with at this moment was like a miracle of the gods!