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Worth Deserving Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813

Chu Yuan had been avoiding the world for more than ten years.

It had only been a little more than a month since he had left the gate.

Therefore, as to how far Chu Yuan’s true power had reached, Aaron and Carlo and the others, in fact, had no idea in their hearts.

Even, back then, on the Chu Sect Mountain, when Ye Fan first killed the Chu Sect, they had seen Chu Yuan strike a few times.

However, at that time, Chu Yuan had not used his full strength either.

Therefore, the shock Chu Yuan gave them at that time was very limited.

But now, this heavy punch from Chu Yuan in front of them had shattered the void and broken through the sound barrier.

That explosive power undoubtedly made everyone present look on in awe.

It only felt that this should be the power that only a god could have.

“I don’t know which unknowing thing it is.”

“How dare you snatch someone from the old Sect Master of the Chu Sect?”

“Really tired of living.”

Burning Heaven watched from afar, but shook his head and laughed coldly, his eyes full of gloating.

Although, Ye Fan’s corpse had been snatched away by the other party.

But Burning Heaven did not look in any hurry.

In his opinion, it was an extremely stupid act for the other party to snatch something from Chu Yuan’s hand.

One should know that in today’s martial world, the two of them, Chu Yuan and Moon God, were the only two supreme powerhouses that touched that legendary realm of the God Realm.

Therefore, so many people present did not feel that the mysterious man in black who had suddenly appeared just now was capable of taking Ye Fan away from under Chu Yuan’s nose.

“I guess, after this punch landed, that mysterious man was chopped into mush along with Ye Fan’s corpse.”

Behind them, Aaron and the others thought this.

Finally, Chu Yuan, who had already chased after the man in black, slammed the heavy fist in his hand with the momentum of shattering the void towards the man in black’s back, fiercely.

The speed was so fast that it was too late to dodge.

The wind of his fist blew out a huge crater a thousand metres deep in the sea below.

The sky was filled with waves, as if a rainstorm of destruction had fallen.

However, just when everyone thought that the man in black would surely die.

Who would have thought that, in the nick of time, the man in black would turn around quietly.

He stepped on heaven and earth,&bsp&nbspwielded his Qi like a dragon.

Facing Chu Yuan’s heavy fist,&bsp&bspthat black-clothed figure, in a split second, kicked out angrily.

“It’s useless.”

“The might of a God realm powerhouse, is it not something that ordinary people can resist?”

Seeing the other party’s kick out, Burning Sky could not help but shake his head and smiled with slight contempt.

He only felt that his opponent was a mantis blocking a chariot, a mayfly shaking a tree.

Originally, Burning Heaven was worried that if the other party had any hidden treasures, they might still cause some trouble to Chu Yuan.

But now, it seemed that he had been completely over-worried.

The other party had rushed in to try to take away Ye Fan’s corpse purely on the basis of a pa*sionate heart.

“In just that case, he’s dead!”

Burning Heaven rang out like this.

But who would have thought that the smile on Burning Heaven’s face had not yet dissipated.

The next moment, all that could be heard was a thunderous explosion, as if thousands of tons of nuclear bombs had exploded.

Where the two sides clashed, thousands of tonnes of seawater were evaporated into nothingness by the terrifying force that burst out in a flash.

Countless amounts of water vapour rose to the sky.

As far as the eye could see, a huge crater almost as deep as the seabed appeared in the sea ahead.


The sea, which was a thousand miles in circumference, began to surge wildly.

Wave after wave of waves rolled like a tsunami.

The giant ship that Li Er and the others were travelling on was pushed out thousands of metres directly by this monstrous wave.

This huge movement, which was close to destroying the heavens and the earth, undoubtedly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

However, what was even more appalling was yet to come.

Only to see that, after this boom, Chu Yuan’s fist power clashed with the legs and feet of that mysterious man in black.

After a moment of stalemate.

A figure, like a cannonball, was kicked to the bottom of the sea by the other party.


“This this”

“How is this possible?”

For a moment, the whole room exploded.

Everyone was dumbfounded and their eyes were wide with anger.

Burning Heaven’s eyes stared dead, and Tang Hao, the Fist Emperor and the others, were even more shocked beyond words.

The others around them were even more as if they had seen a ghost.

In their hearts, there were waves of shock that swept madly through them.


“The Chu Yuan Sect Master was actually defeated in the clash just now?”

“Could it be, yet another God Realm?”

The people present were near to going mad.

They could hardly accept this fact before their eyes.

Chu Yuan’s power was obvious to all, there was no doubt about it.

If just now Chu Yuan had been knocked back, it could be said that the other party had taken him by surprise to cover up his surprise, then this time, it was a real head-on encounter.

Chu Yuan was directly kicked to the bottom of the sea.

This undoubtedly proved that the other party’s strength was, most likely, even higher than Chu Yuan’s.

Chu Yuan was already a God Realm powerhouse, and this undoubtedly also meant that the other party’s strength was, at the very least, also at the God Realm.

“But, how is this this possible?”

The crowd simply found it hard to believe.

For so many years, God Realm powerhouses had always existed only in legends, in ancient records.

But now, in just a year or two, first, the Sun Country Moon God had reappeared, then the Chu Sect Chu Yuan had made a comeback, and just now, another mysterious man in black

Three God Realm powerhouses, appearing one after another?

This has to make people terrified, what has happened to this world?

Why did nerve powerhouses, once unheard of for a hundred years, now exist in near zap-push fashion?

The man in black did not linger after repelling Chu Yuan.

Turning around, he took Ye Fan’s corpse and left.

It soon disappeared at the end of the crowd’s sight.

All that was left behind was a crowd of astonished people.

“Did you guys see that?”

“One leg at a time, and he kicked away the Chu Yuan Sect Master?” Burning Heaven was in shock, still speaking out of breath.

“No, it wasn’t one kick.”

“It was thirteen kicks!”

Aaron frowned, and after a moment of silence, he instantly said in a deep voice.

“What? Thirteen kicks?” Burning Heaven and the other martial powerhouses from the rest of the nations looked over, their eyes full of astonishment.

Next to him, Carlo also nodded his head “It is indeed Thirteen Feet.”

“While Sect Master Chu Yuan was throwing a punch, the opposite side thirteen kicks in a row.”

“However, the man in black’s legs were so fast that the thirteen kicks were almost one in a row.”

“Moreover, one kick was even stronger than the other.”

“It was all in one go, especially the last kick, which was almost like a superposition of all the previous power, almost divine.”

“If you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to tell at all.”

“It’s terrifying!”

“This person, his comprehension of the martial arts dao, is too terrifying!”

The two of them, Aaron and Carlo, echoed the scene they had just seen, and only felt their sweat standing on end in fear.

If it was said that Chu Yuan’s might was only the might of the realm itself, relying entirely on the power of the God Realm to push across.

But the mysterious man in black who had appeared just now had relied on his comprehension of the martial dao and his skillful application of power generation techniques to achieve the suppression of Chu Yuan.

This was something that only a demonic person with an extremely high comprehension of the martial dao could do.

“In that case, that mysterious person, is even more terrifying than the God Realm?” Listening to the descriptions of the two Aaron’s people, Burning Heaven and the others were near to P*ssing themselves.

Originally, they thought that Ye Fan’s greatest reliance was just that Sun Country’s Moon God.

But now, the appearance of yet another mysterious powerhouse had undoubtedly scared the guts out of them once again.

They only felt that the power behind this Ye Fan was too seeping.

Two God Realms, no, perhaps one of them, might even surpa*s the God Realm.

With such a backer, if they were to take revenge for Ye Fan in a fit of anger in the future, they were afraid that even if all of them were present, they would not be able to stop him.

Thinking of this, many of them were already afraid.

Regretting participating in the Chu Sect’s siege of Ye Fan.

“No, you can’t say that.” Great Emperor Aaron shook his head, “I even feel that that person is not only not above the God Realm, but also, most likely, not touching the God Realm.”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to put out thirteen kicks.”

“With a single kick, he could have subdued Old Sect Master Chu Yuan.”

“That’s good then.” Burning Heaven and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

But Carlo followed up with another “But don’t you think that this is even more terrifying?”

“Without reaching the God realm, he can immediately overcome Chu Yuan.”

“If his realm goes even further, who else in this world can defeat him?”