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Worth Deserving Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814

“Who else can defeat him?”

Carlo’s words echoed uncontrollably between these rivers of heaven.

For a time, there was dead silence.

The vast expanse of heaven and earth was silent.

In the hearts of Burning Heaven and the others, there was only an unspeakable fear that swept through them in a frenzy.

It was.

Just as Carlo had said, without entering the God Realm, he could fight across the border and defeat Chu Yuan.

If one day, he entered the God Realm, then it would be as easy as chopping and slicing Chu Yuan again?

“Then who is that mysterious person?”

“Is it possible that he is a hidden master of Yanxia?”

The more the crowd thought about it, the more fearful they felt, and in the end, everyone’s eyes fell on the Sword Saint and Tang Hao and the others.

Obviously, this side was the closest to Yanxia.

The first thought that came to the crowd was that the other side was a strong person from Yanxia.

“Sword Saint, can it be possible that that person, is Old Ye?”

“He’s out of the gate?”

Tang Hao and the Fist King and the others were equally confused and looked at the Sword Saint.

But the Sword Saint shook his head and said “It’s not Old Ye.”

“If it’s Old Ye, with his nature, there’s no need for him to appear in this manner.”

“Moreover, I think that the other party should not be from Yanxia either.”

“It should, just simply have a relationship with Chu Tianfan.”

The Sword Saint frowned in deep thought as he secretly speculated.

Just like he had said, if it was Ye Qingtian who had come out of the gate, there was no need to dress up like this, let alone conceal his sound and appearance.

With that fiery nature of the God of War, he would just come straight over and kill him openly and honestly.

As for their Yanxia’s Hidden Senior, it was even more unlikely.

After all, since they were recluses, the world simply did not know the identity and face of the other party, so there was absolutely no reason to mask their faces.

And that person, who had just appeared masked, and whose figure and back were all concealed within his black robes.

It gave the Sword Saint the impression that he was deliberately hiding his identity, as if he was afraid that others would recognise him.

If we consider it from this perspective, this mysterious person, extremely all the people present, knew him.

“But, who could it be?”

The Sword Saint’s eyes narrowed as well.

At this moment, everyone was filled with doubts and speculated on the identity of the other party.


Suddenly, the tide rose in a storm.

A pillar of water had the appearance of a swimming dragon, rising into the sky.

Only to see that Chu Yuan, who had just been kicked into the bottom of the sea by that mysterious man with a series of thirteen kicks, had once again rushed out from beneath the surface of the sea.

“Old Sect Master!”

“Are you alright?”

The people of the Chu Sect were instantly terrified and full of worry as they stepped forward to ask.

At this moment, Chu Yuan was already soaked to the bone.

His entire body was like a chicken in soup, and he was in a very bad state.

The bean-sized seawater was falling down the corners of his clothes.

The old face, which was originally majestic and unbeatable, was full of gloom and anger.

“What could have happened to me?”

“Just a momentary gullibility.” Chu Yuan drank in a deep voice, before his morose gaze swept across the four directions of heaven and earth.

“Where is that man?”

“What about Chu Tianfan’s corpse?”

Chu Yuan asked in a cold voice.

The grim words carried an endless killing intent and moroseness.

In front of so many people, he was kicked down to the bottom of the sea with a few kicks.

For Chu Yuan, who had always cherished his feathers and face, this was undoubtedly unacceptable.

Now, he was so furious that he could not wait to find that person and tear him apart.

“Old Sect Master, that mysterious person, has escaped?” The man from the Chu Sect, spoke in fear.


“Why didn’t you guys stop him?”

“Ruining my big event!”

Chu Yuan was undoubtedly even angrier.

“Eldest Elder, you take the men back to the clan first.”

“What about you, Old Sect Master?” Tang Xian asked cautiously.

“I’ll go and slaughter him!”

Chu Yuan shouted in a low voice before his feet stomped on the heavens and the earth, his body as fast as a stream of light as he frantically pursued towards the distant sky.

No matter what, he had to get Chu Tianfan’s corpse back!

Although the possibility that Chu Tianfan would still come back alive was close to zero.

However, Chu Yuan could not allow any surprises.

This time, he had to kill everything.


With the sound of breaking air, Chu Yuan also then disappeared.

The remaining people of the Chu Clan all retreated as Chu Yuan had said, preparing to return to the clan.

“Grand Elder, these people, not to be killed?”

Burning Heaven still spared those remnants of Ye Fan, and encouraged the strong men of the Chu Sect to kill Li Er Chen Ao’s group, together, in order to eliminate future problems.

“If you want to kill them, you kill them.”

“My Chu Sect, only kills those who deserve to be killed.”

Tang Xian indifferently replied, and then led his men away without looking back.

Without the Chu Sect to rely on, Burning Heaven naturally did not dare to act rudely in front of the powerful people of the Martial God Hall.

Therefore, he could only cupped his fist at the Sword Saints with a smile on his face and said, “Since the culprit has been executed, I guess there is no more business for my country’s martial arts.”

“Gentlemen, we will leave first, farewell!”

The Indian Heavenly King Burning Heaven clasped his fist, and then also returned with the strong men of his country.

As for Ye Fan’s corpse, it was slightly regrettable that it had been taken away.

But it was harmless.

As long as Ye Fan was dead, as for whether the corpse was buried in the east of the Yanxia River or hung on the Chu Men Mountain, Burning Heaven didn’t care much.

“Sword Saint, we’re leaving too.”

“See you later!”

With the departure of the Chu Sect’s strongmen, the strongmen of the surrounding countries, too, all dispersed.

After all, the main characters had all left, so naturally, there was no point for them, the supporting characters, to be here.

As for the identity of the mysterious man, this matter could only be explored later.

All the powerful people in the four directions dispersed.

The originally noisy sea surface soon returned to calm.

The Sword Saint Tang Hao and the others looked towards the distance, their expressions grave, no one knew what they were thinking.

Finally, it was the Fist King who shouted, “Let’s go too.”


The Sword Saint nodded his head.

Immediately afterwards, all the martial artists of Yanxia also immediately retreated back to the Yanxia Continent.

As for Li Er and the others, the Martial God Hall had arranged for a few people to escort them back to Yanxia.

However, with Ye Fan dead, the ship full of star fires would have no meaning to shine.

Next, where should the people of the Dragon God Temple, go?

This was a huge question.

“Miss Qian Chi, what are your plans?”

“To come back to Yanxia with us too?”

Ahead of us was the ancient land of Yanxia.

The fiery red sunrise, a symbol of hope, illuminated the land of God.

However, it could not shine through the grief and gloom that filled the ship.

At this moment, the crowd is still in the depths of endless sorrow.

The thousands of men and horses on board the ship all had their heads bowed.

Everyone was like a frosted aubergine, and the flame that had been burning in their hearts for ten years had undoubtedly been extinguished with Ye Fan’s sword-wielding suicide.

Confusion, despair, sadness

Similar emotions enveloped all those on board.

No one looked up, all heads hung low.

Without Ye Fan, even if they lifted their heads, they simply did not know where the road lay.

It was in the midst of this very low atmosphere that Xue Ren Yang, the Dragon Yang King, walked out, and he first walked towards Qian Chi Jing and asked in a low voice.

Now, the Dragon Lord has killed himself and the whereabouts of the five Dragon Gods are unknown.

Han Lao was still guarding Jiangdong alone.

As for the Four Dragon Kings, one king had fallen under the Chu Mun Mountain, one king had fallen at the hands of Chu Yuan, and there was another king, struck by thunder, whose life or death was unknown.

It can be said that of the four Dragon Kings, only Xue Ranyang remains in charge today.

Originally, Xue Ren Yang wanted Xu Lei to preside over the next goings-on and tasks of the Dragon God Hall Hall crowd.

After all, in Xue Ren Yang’s eyes, Xu Lei was Ye Fan’s woman. In the Dragon God Hall congregation, although she did not have a title, she was a transcendent existence.

Helping Ye Fan to hold down one side and preside over the general situation in Yanjing.

Even, in the eyes of many people, the queen of the Dragon God Temple was Xu Lei.

In this situation now, it was undoubtedly best for Xu Lei to preside over the big picture.

However, the current Xu Lei did not have the heart to care about this.

When Ye Fan fell in front of her, this woman’s heart died with her.

From just now until now, Xu Lei had been guarding the place where Ye Fan had fallen, not speaking, not saying a word, not listening to everyone’s voice.

She looked lost in thought, as if she had lost her mind.

In desperation, Xue Renyang had to stand up and help deal with the question of where the Dragon God Hall Hall crowd was going.

Just like Chi Chi Jing, a man of the Sun Country. Now this ship, which was travelling towards Yanxia, if Chien Chi Jing wanted to return to her country, Xue Ren Yang could also make arrangements earlier.

“Grandpa Xue, I want to follow you and go to Jiangdong to see Mr. Chu’s relatives.”

“After you pay your respects, then take Grandpa Iwai’s corpse back to your country.”

Chi Chi Jing’s pretty face was tinged with tears as she spoke in a low voice.