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Worth Deserving Chapter 1815

Chapter 1815

There was always a final goodbye to Mr. Chu, a final goodbye.

If we could not say goodbye to Ye Fan while he was alive, then we should say goodbye to his family after he had fallen.

In this way, it would also be a way to pay a final tribute to Ye Fan.

“Alright then.”

“In that case, let’s all go to the Dragon Lord’s hometown first.”

Xue Ren Yang sighed and briefly pointed out a direction for the crowd.

This boat full of people had gathered together because of Ye Fan.

And now, Ye Fan was no longer there.

In fact, Xue Renyang knew very well that perhaps soon, this so-called Dragon God Hall would be scattered in all directions.

Then, the next trip to Jiangdong would be regarded as a final farewell for the people of the Dragon God Temple.

Next, with the boat full of sorrow, Xue Ranyang and the others slowly docked.

At the nearest ferry port to Jiangdong Province, they slowly disembarked.

At this point, the boat was full of people, the number of which was by no means a minority.

Together with the martial arts powerhouses, as well as the men Li Er and Lei Lao San had brought from Jiangdong, and those brought by Qian Chi Jing, it added up to several thousand people.

After disembarking, they all headed towards the land of Jiangdong in great numbers.

The gathering of such a large number of people naturally attracted the attention of the local authorities.

Before they could get very far, someone from the relevant authorities came over to check their documents.

“Who are you people?”

“What kind of event do you want to hold?”

“Have you applied to the relevant authorities?”

“Let me see the approval document?”

“Also, you guys, you don’t seem to be from Yanxia, do you?”

“Take out your pa*sports, stand over there and be checked!”

The local staff was vocal and stern, asking Li Er and the others to provide the relevant approval and proof documents.

After all, with so many people gathered, it was procedurally necessary to make an application.

However, in the face of the staff’s inspection, no one answered, let alone paid any attention.

Li Er and the others, as if they had not heard them, continued their journey towards the land of Jiangdong.


“Are you deaf?”

“Who is your organiser?”

“Tell him to come out and see me!”

“Otherwise, don’t blame us, for dispatching you in the name of illegal a*sembly!”

At this time, it was still nearly a thousand kilometres from Jiangdong Province.

In this foreign province, naturally no one knew Li Er and the others.

Everything was done in accordance with the regulations.

It looked as if the staff were about to use coercive means to disperse the people who had travelled all the way north.

But at this moment, one person’s gaze fell over.

Then, a second, a third

In the end, the gazes of thousands of martial artists in the crowd all fell over.

A martial artist is as powerful as a dragon.

The power of one person might be small.

However, when a thousand martial artists unleash their majesty at the same time.

The coldness, the murderous intent, to these ordinary people who had no power at all, was undoubtedly like a ten thousand-foot mountain pressing down on them.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The dozens of staff in the room all showed pain in a matter of moments.

In the end, it was even more difficult to bear the pressure, and all of them were pressed into kneeling on the ground again.

“We are sending the Dragon Master home, how dare you, you mice, interfere?”

“Death to you!”

An endless amount of killing energy was released from these Dragon God Hall martial artists.

Most of these martial artists were people from outside the domain.

Li Er and Chen Ao, who were mindful of their compatriots’ friendship, might still show some mercy to these staff.

But these foreign martial artists would not.

They even, in fact, harboured hatred for Yanxia.

After all, the Dragon Master had been forced to kill himself, and the Martial Gods had turned a deaf ear to it.

Such a heartless and unrighteous gesture naturally made it difficult for these Dragon God Hall powerhouses to feel good about themselves.

Now, the people of the Dragon God Hall were ready to send the Dragon Lord’s soul home.

But on the way to the funeral, these ungrateful b*****ds dared to interfere.

When the Dragon Lord was alive, he was used to these people.

But now that the Dragon Lord is gone, why should they be spoiled anymore? They were so angry.

In a fit of rage, dozens of Xiantian martial artists formed their hands into claws, and with a black tiger’s heart out, they were ready to directly destroy these ungrateful things.


“Spare your life.”

“Brother, spare your life”

“We’re wrong, I we’re really wrong.”

These staff members were scared sh*tless.

One by one, they fell to the ground, snotting.

They were only on routine business, and the reason for their strong words was just to scare off these illegal party-goers.

But they never expected that this group of people seemed to have great skills.

With just a few glances, they could not even stand up because they had been hit so hard.

At this point, the staff were already feeling remorseful.

If they had known that this group of people were not to be messed with, they would not have come over to check their cards.

Wasn’t that asking for death?

Just when these people thought that they would not be able to escape, Li Er, Chen Ao and the others were rushing to stop them.

“Gentlemen, just punish them slightly, there is no need to kill them all.”

“They are, after all, all fellow countrymen of Mr. Chu’s homeland.”

“If Mr. Chu knew in heaven, he would not want to see his compatriots die because of him.”

Li Er repeatedly discouraged.


“The Dragon Lord has been loyal and righteous all his life, protecting his compatriots in his homeland.”

“But what about them, have they ever treated the Dragon Lord as a fellow countryman?”

“When all the nations closed in on him, the Dragon Lord killed himself outside the gates of his country, and the Yanxia Martial Way, to see him die without saving him!”

“Mr Li, do you think this was done by a fellow countryman?”

The eyes of the Dragon God Hall people were red, as if they were once again seeing the Ye Fan who had been forced to kill himself and die with ten thousand swords through his heart.

Anger, mourning, powerlessness

All sorts of emotions caused the Dragon God Hall people to be near fuming.


“The Yanxia Martial Dao is indeed chilling.”

“However, they are all worldly people, and it is only routine business, there is no need to implicate them.”

“Let’s leave them alive.”

Li Er sighed, he was also chilled by what the Martial God Hall had done.

However, these unrelated people were innocent after all.

After blocking the killing by the strongest of the Martial God Temple, Li Er looked at the group of staff who were already scared sh*tless at his feet.

“You say that you guys, too, are asking for trouble.”

“This road is so wide, let’s each go our own way and have to come over here to pick a fight.”

“If not for Mr. Chu’s residual power, all of you, I’m afraid you would all have to meet the King of Hell today.”

Although Li Er was not a martial artist, he was well aware of the explosive nature of martial artists.

Especially these extra-territorial powerhouses, each of them was a ruthless character who licked blood from the mouth of a sword.

At a time like this, this group of people coming over to seek displeasure was naturally coming to seek death.

“Brother, I we can’t help it.”

“This is our job, we can’t help but investigate.”

After coming back from the dead, this group of people were still in shock. At this moment, the middle-aged man, Wang He, who was leading the group, was complaining bitterly to Li Er about his helplessness.

“Yes, it is your job to check the evidence. Then killing people is also their job.”

“How about this, you guys check your evidence and they kill their people, what do you think?” Li Er said back.

“This I,” Wang He cried, thinking to himself what kind of people he had met today.

“Come on, don’t cry. Be glad you’re a compatriot with Mr. Chu, you won’t die today.”

“However, death can be spared, but a living sin is hard to escape.”

“You take these dozens of your brothers with you and go on your way with us.”

“On the road? Where to?” Wang He froze.

“Back to Jiangdong, to report the death of Mr. Chu.”

“Mr. Chu? I we don’t know each other.” Wang He said in fear.

“Whether we knew each other or not is not important.”

“What is important is that Mr. Chu has been a benefactor to my Yanxia.”

“As Yanxia people, you also deserve to go and pay your respects.”

Li Er spoke slowly.

After that, the vast procession once again marched towards Jiangdong.

Wang He and the others, too, were forced into the procession like ducks being herded onto a shelf.

“Hey,? Help, we’ve been kidnapped by a group of people.”

“They want to kidnap us and take us to Jiangdong.”

“To take us as a sacrifice.”

Wang He and the others, who were inexplicably caught up in this, reported directly to the police midway through their hearts in fear.

“How many people are there on the other side?” The operator asked.

Wang He replied, “About, what, three thousand people?”

“What what?”

“Three thousand three hundred people?”

Three thousand sons and daughters entering Jiangdong?

Oh my God!

The receptionist was dumbfounded.

It only seemed to me that he had come across a shocking and monstrous case.