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Worth Deserving Chapter 1816

Hot summer, Annam Province.


“Notify the security department of a city in the province.”

“Immediately deploy your men and gather at the northern border of Annan Province.”

“Remember, always be heavily armed.”

“There are many people on the other side of the border, and they are all good fighters, and according to intelligence, there is a high probability that the thugs have weapons in their hands.”

“Pa*s the order to all units to be safe during the operation!”

“Make sure to catch all these illegal elements before they enter the Jiangdong provincial border!”

In the office of an office building in the capital city of Annan Province.

A middle-aged man was sitting with his brow furrowed, trying to convey his latest orders to his subordinates.

His name was Ma Guoping and he was the highest ranking officer in the An Nan Province security department.

Just moments ago, he had received a report that a large group of people of unknown origin had forced their way in from the port of Annam.

They had travelled north along the pa*sageway and looked set to flee into Jiangdong territory.

And the group was arrogant as hell.

Everywhere they pa*sed, anyone who got in their way was forcibly brought into the group.

They wore mourning clothes, onyx mourning clothes, stepped on the stars of the Big Dipper and carried redwood coffins.

In this way, this group of people made their way north.

Up to now, no less than a hundred public officials from Annan had been forcibly brought into the procession.

Among them was this Ma Guoping’s younger brother, Ma Guoan.

“This is outrageous!”

“How can a lawful society have such a fanatic who bypa*ses the law of the land?”

“Such arrogant fanatics will never be allowed to exist in our Annan Province?”

“Today, no matter what, we will kill this gang of bandits!”

After learning all this, Ma Guoping was furious.

Of course, Ma Guoping was not a man of impulsive will.

He had already received information that the other side was outnumbered by 3,000.

Such numbers were already a serious threat to the social stability of Annan Province.

After realising the seriousness of the matter, Ma Guoping immediately mobilised all the resources he could and drew off manpower from all over the province.

At the same time, he also contacted the Annan Military Region in the hope that it could dispatch personnel to support him if necessary.

In this way, an invisible net has been woven against Li Er and the others.

Of course, Li Er and the others were unaware of all that Ma Guoping had secretly set up.

Of course, even if they did, they probably wouldn’t care.

After all, in addition to the 1,000 to 2,000 secular people in their group, there were also over 1,000 strong martial artists.

It should be noted that there were only about two to three thousand martial artists in the whole of China.

Therefore, the power that Li Er and the others now had at their disposal was sufficient to counteract half of Yan Xia.

Under such circumstances, even if the entire Annan Province gathered all its strength, it would not be able to help them at all, but would just be asking for trouble.

Ma Guoping knew nothing about the power of Li Er’s group.

He was even imagining what a great feat it would be if he eliminated this group of bandits.

At least, this year’s national outstanding model honor, is sure to get!




“Jiangdong, how is it going?”

“There’s no mess, right?”

Two days had pa*sed since Ye Fan had killed himself.

The sorrow and boredom in the hearts of the Sword Saints and others who had returned to Yanxia did not dissipate, but rather that smear of worry grew with each pa*sing day.

After all, although Ye Fan had died.

But most of the power of the Dragon God Temple was still there.

As the saying goes, a hundred foot worm does not die rigidly.

If this group of people from the Dragon God Temple were to make a move, it would be enough for the Yanxia Martial Way to suffer.

What Sword Saint is most worried about now is that those martial artists from the Dragon God Temple will cause some kind of chaos in the land of Jiangdong.

Tang Hao shook his head, “I’ve just asked our spies in Jiangdong, and it seems that the Dragon God Temple group has not yet entered Jiangdong.”

“What? They haven’t arrived yet?” The Sword Saint’s brows immediately frowned.

The movement of this group of people was undoubtedly of great concern to the Martial God Hall’s side.

Earlier, his men had reported that Li Er and the others had travelled to Jiangdong, preparing to report to Ye Fan’s relatives’ funeral.

But unexpectedly, it had been two days, and this group of people hadn’t arrived in Jiangdong yet.

“No, Tang Hao, check immediately where they have arrived.”

“But don’t make a mess.”

The Sword Saint’s heart grew even more worried.

Over a thousand Martial Dao powerhouses, ah, although the number was not comparable to their entire territory of Yanxia, but these people, each of them was a Martial Dao elite that Ye Fan had collected.

It could be said that if it came to actual combat, their Yanxia Martial Dao two thousand strong men might not really be able to beat this group of people.

Now, with so many Dragon God Hall powerhouses entering Yanxia, one could imagine what a huge hidden danger it would be for the Sword Saint.

After receiving the Sword Saint’s orders, Tang Hao immediately contacted all parties to inquire about Li Er and his men’s whereabouts.

“Sword Saint, I’ve advised you before that this group of Dragon God Temple remnants can’t be released into Yanxia.”

“The hidden danger is too great.”

“In case they get on top of it and blame Chu Tianfan’s death on our Yanxia Martial Dao for not saving him from death, then the consequences would be unthinkable ah.”

“It would even cause the end of our Yanxia Martial Way!”

“Now it’s good, leading the wolf into the house, you know the headache now, right?”

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng said anxiously at once when he learnt that the Dragon God Temple’s people had not entered Jiangdong as promised.

The Sword Saint sighed “Easy to say, stopping them from entering Yanxia, how can it be that easy.”

“Besides, Chu Tianfan was their Dragon God Hall Master, and now that he has fallen, it makes sense for them to come to pay their respects and send them off.”

“For us to stand in the way would not be humanitarian, not to mention that it would inevitably spark the anger of the people of the Dragon God Hall and stir up more conflicts.”

“In this kind of situation, it’s not good for us in the Martial God Hall to stop it, nor can we.”

All these consequences had naturally been considered by the Sword Saint.

But he had no choice; morally, he had no reason at all to stop the Dragon God Temple people from entering Yanxia to report their mourning.

If he forced himself to stop them, it would inevitably lead to chaos.

So, the Sword Saint also let them enter Jiangdong.

Now, the Sword Saint could only pray that this group of people did not do anything wrong in Yanxia.

Otherwise, the destruction caused by thousands of martial powerhouses with such terrifying power would be enormous.

“Sword Saint, Fist King, something’s happened!”

While the two of them were talking, Tang Hao, who had just gone out a short while ago, instantly ran back in a frenzy.

“Quickly, what is it?”

“Could it be, it’s really the Dragon God Temple’s people, killing madness in Yanxia?”

As the saying goes, what is feared is what comes.

As they heard Tang Hao’s words, the faces of both the Sword Saint and the Fist Emperor then went white.

“No, they haven’t made a move yet.”

“It’s just that, on the side of An Nan Province, they’re going to make a move against them.”

“I have just received information that the Annan Province security department and the Annan Military Region have launched a joint operation.”

“At the border of An Nan Province and Jiang Dong Province, 5,000 troops are a*sembled, ready to wipe out that group of people from the Dragon God Temple!”


As soon as Tang Hao’s words fell, the Sword Saint smashed the long table in front of him with one palm.

“This bunch of b*****ds, they simply don’t know how to live and die!”

“A bunch of rabble-rousers, and they dare to surround and kill martial powerhouses?”

“They’re trying to die!”

The Sword Saint was trembling with anger at this point.

What he was worried about before was the Dragon God Temple’s people retaliating against Yanxia for going around killing people, but who would have thought that instead of the Dragon God Temple’s people making a move, it was their Yanxia’s secular forces that were ready to make a move against the Dragon God Temple’s strongmen.

In today’s world, if highly sophisticated weapons of ma*s destruction are not used, then martial artists are completely overwhelmed by mundane forces.

Let alone 5,000 against 1,000.

Even if 50,000 people were deployed from the Annan Sound side, they would not be able to retain those 1,000 martial artists. Instead, they would even make their own lives miserable.

“Quickly, contact the top bra*s of Yanxia Central immediately.”

“Tell them to find out which idiot gave this order as soon as possible!”

“While the disaster is still fresh, hurry up and get the Annan Province side to stop this death-seeking act!”

“Is he killing these 5,000 people?”