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Worth Deserving Chapter 1823

“Onlookers only think that the Starfire Plan, is the Dragon Lord’s own Starfire.”

“Unbeknownst to them, this plan is even more of a starfire that the Dragon Lord has sown for the Yanxia Martial Dao.”

Elder Han’s low voice rang out slowly.

Even he was deeply unworthy of Ye Fan.

He had treated people with full of sincerity, and the result he received was so sad.

Of course, no one was wrong.

It was true that the Martial God Hall had no obligation to shelter Ye Fan, and the martial powerhouses of Yanxia had even less obligation to fight against the Chu Sect for Ye Fan.

As such, the star fire was extinguished over there.

To this point, the two did not want to do it.

So, Han Lao, who was also discouraged, simply cancelled his “Mortal Dust Starfire” account permanently.

The “fire” that had been burning in obscurity for ten years was finally extinguished today.

From now on, there will be no more Fire of the Earth.

Elder Han took one last look at the account, which had been dedicated to Ye Fan’s efforts and planning for many years.

On the account’s homepage, there was even a sentence that Ye Fan had once written down.

Fifty years later, may all my Yanxia martial artists be like dragons!



This martial artist forum had thousands of activities every day.

And as a moderator, and an existence that was regarded as a mentor by everyone on the forum, naturally, countless people would visit his homepage every day.

Jiangbei, Linzhou.

Lu Zi Ming had just turned on his computer and was about to log on to the Yanxia Martial Artists Forum to learn the second level of the “Thunder Guiding Technique”.

This Thunder Guiding Technique is one of the three major martial arts techniques announced by the moderator “Starfire of Mortal Dust”.

It was rated as the strongest attack technique by the God of War, Ye Qingtian.

As soon as it appeared, it was regarded as the supreme technique by all martial arts families in Yanxia, and their children and grandchildren were allowed to practise it from a young age.

Of course, apart from these martial arts giants, those ordinary martial artists even practised it as if they had been beaten by chicken blood.

Not only do they allow their own children and grandchildren to practise it, but some even waste years of their own cultivation and use it as a foundation to train from scratch.

In the martial arts world, once a martial art is chosen, it cannot be changed in the middle of the process.

Unless one scatters one’s cultivation and starts all over again.

“I really didn’t expect that Ye Fan to be Chu Tianfan.”

“No wonder he is so arrogant?”

“Daring to destroy my Lu family, even the Sword Sage and the rest of them don’t put it in their eyes.”

“It’s just a pity that he killed himself!”

“It was a bargain for you.”

While the computer was on, Lu Zi Ming was muttering to himself.

Back then, his family was trampled down by Ye Fan, and his only son was also forced to die by Ye Fan.

On the night his own son Lu Hua was shot, Lu Zi Ming returned to Linzhou, wasting his own cultivation and practising from scratch.

What he practiced was the “Thunder Guide Technique”, which was hailed by the God of War as the strongest attack technique.

“Master Vanduan is known by the God of War as the most mysterious and powerful martial artist in Yanxia.”

“In the past few years, I have been practising the techniques created by Moderator Vanduan, and the Moderator has also answered my questions and solved my problems.”

“In just a few years, my strength has long since skyrocketed.”

“Now, although I am not a Patriarch, looking at this powerful technique, I may not be able to beat a Patriarch!”

“Now, I only beg the Mortal Dust Moderator to announce the third level of the Guiding Technique as soon as possible.”

“As long as I practice the third level again, I will definitely enter the realm of martial arts patriarchs!”

However, when he thought of this, Lu Zi Ming sighed again.

Back then, he had practiced this technique to seek revenge on Ye Fan.

Now that Ye Fan was dead, Lu Zi Ming suddenly realized that what was the use of practicing this again?

“By the way, although that Ye Fan is dead, but what about his friends and family?”

“He ruined my Lu family’s future, I have to cut off his foundation too!”

“Yes, I still have to cultivate.”

“When I become a Patriarch and enter the seal, I will kill Jiangdong.”

“If Ye Fan dies, then let his friends and family in Jiangdong pay for this revenge!”

Lu Zi Ming was once again filled with motivation, his old eyes glowing with the light of hatred.

At this moment, he had already boarded the forum.

Finding the conversation section, he clicked on the dialog box with the moderator of Mortal Dust Starfire.

“Senior, I have basically practiced the second level of the Thunder Conduction Technique, but I still have some doubts, so please enlighten me.”

After editing the message, Lu Zi Ming then clicked send.


“What happened? The message failed to be sent?”

Lu Zi Ming froze, thinking it was a network problem, but after trying a few more times, it still failed.

Puzzled, Lu Ziming clicked into the Mortal Starfire homepage.

But he found a blank page.

All that remained was a small line saying “This user has been logged out.”


The account was cancelled?

At that moment, Lu Ziming went crazy.

He immediately posted a question on the forum.

Soon, the news of the cancellation of the account of Vandust Starfire spread throughout the forum, and in the end, the entire martial artists of Yanxia Martial Path were all alarmed.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Why did Teacher Starfire cancel his account?”

“What should we do?”

“Who will still be instructing us in cultivation in the future?”

“What about those supreme martial arts techniques?”

“The Thunder Guiding Technique is only at the second level?”

“The Mountain River Sword Technique I practiced has only reached the fourth stance.”

“It’s over!”

“The future of our Yanxia martial art is over.”

The permanent cancellation of the Mortal Dust Starfire account was like a thunderbolt that ruthlessly struck into the entire Yanxia Martial Path.

Those thousands of martial artists in Yanxia were near to going crazy with anxiety.

When Ye Fan fell, they were just sighing and lamenting.

After all, it was not like these martial artists were familiar with Ye Fan, and moreover, all along, Ye Fan’s reputation in the Yanxia Martial Dao was not very good.

The Jiangbei Martial Dao hated him, and the Martial God Temple saw him as a major problem.

To many people, the fall of such a man might have been a cause for joy.

But the cancellation of the Mortal Dust Starfire account would have a completely different impact.

After all, it is a matter of personal interest.

In particular, martial artists like Lu Ziming, who had scrapped their cultivation and started from scratch, and those martial arts giants who had allowed their children and grandchildren to train from a young age, were most anxious.

After all, if the “Starfire of Mortal Dust” was gone, then those powerful martial arts and techniques would be completely extinct and there would be no more follow-up.

How could Lu Ziming and the others cultivate after that?

This time, the Yanxia Martial Dao was completely panicked.

Even the several Hall Masters of the Martial God Hall were very shaken.

“What on earth is wrong with this Mortal Starfire senior?”

“Why did he suddenly cancel his account?”

“He operated his account for ten years and just doesn’t want it anymore?”

“His Fist Code, it’s only been updated by a third!”

“I’m still thinking of continuing to follow the practice?”

“Besides, he hasn’t even finished updating all those martial arts techniques.”

“After that, will it just keep on not being updated?”

After Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng learned about this, he was also anxious.

The impact of this matter was so great that it was literally a matter of martial arts national luck.

One had to know that before this, the Sword Saint and the others had even placed their trust in this senior for the future rise of Yanxia’s martial dao in the next few decades.

But now, the other party’s sudden write-off had undoubtedly dashed the wishes of the Sword Saint and the others.


“Unleash all our forces to find this Senior Mortal Starfire!”

After discussing the matter, the Martial God Hall’s pillar kingdoms immediately gave orders to search for this “Mortal Dust Starfire” reclusive powerhouse with all their might.

While the martial arts world of Yanxia was in an uproar over this matter, the news of Ye Fan’s fall had already spread throughout the martial arts world.

Martial artists from all countries of the world sighed and lamented.

“I never thought that someone so dazzling would end up in such a way?”

“No man is good for a thousand days, no flower is red for a hundred days.”

Many people, with mixed feelings.

But most of them were just emotional, after all, they were not relatives, so naturally, they would not feel sad because of people who were not related to them.

Not even many martial artists within Yanxia, apart from Jiangdong, felt sad, let alone those outside the country.

Anyway, to these outsiders, without Chu Tianfan, there would be Liu Tianfan and Wang Tianfan in the future.

There are talents coming out of the rivers and mountains from generation to generation, each leading the way for hundreds of years.