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Worth Deserving Chapter 1824

It had been several days since Ye Fan fell.

The sea where Ye Fan had extinguished himself had long since regained its calm.

The monstrous waves of the sea were tumbling uncontrollably.

The traces of the previous battle had long since washed away without a trace.

It was as if no one had ever come before.

The sun still rises every day and the birds still chirp incessantly.

Ye Fan lived and died, and it seemed to have no effect on this world at all.

Anyway, it seemed that this martial world was much calmer than before.

The martial artists of all the countries resumed their usual lives once again, some drunkenly cultivating, some obsessed with power, some singing night and day, dedicating themselves night and day to the heritage and continuation of the human community.

As for the Chu Sect, they began their post-war reconstruction work.

Chu Yuan, who had gone after the mysterious man, returned after several days of searching, but to no avail.

Although he had regrets, Chu Yuan did not worry too much.

Anyway, in front of so many people, ten thousand swords pierced his heart.

In such a situation, unless the gods descended to earth, there was no way that he would be able to survive.

Therefore, after searching for a long time in vain, Chu Yuan also gave up his search and focused his energy and time on recovering from his own injuries.

“Chu Tianfan is dead, who else can stand in the way of my Chu Sect’s ambitions?”

On the mountain of the Chu Sect, there was a loud laugh.

The ambition that had been suppressed for a long time within Chu Yuan was like a blazing fire, burning brightly.

His eyes turned to Yanxia.

In the past few days, the entire Yanxia martial path had become a mess, and almost everyone was searching for the “mortal star fire” that longed for all Yanxia martial artists to become like dragons.

However, there was no result at all.

Of course, apart from this matter, the Sword Saint and the others did not forget to pay attention to the people of the Dragon God Temple who were still left in the land of Jiangdong.

“These people are strong and numerous.”

“It is an extremely terrifying force.”

“Now that Chu Tianfan has fallen, the Dragon God Hall people are left without a leader.”

“Uncle Sword Saint, at times like this, we can completely draw them in and incorporate them into my Martial God Hall.”

“With the addition of this group of power, at that time, the overall power of our Yanxia Martial Dao will rise to another level.”

“Perhaps, it will be possible to have the ability to compete with the Chu Sect!”

When it came to the Dragon God Hall powerhouse, Little Fist Emperor Mo Wu Ya suggested.

When the Sword Saint and the others heard this, they were instantly enlightened.

“What a good idea!”

“And now my Yanxia Martial Dao is at a time when we need people.”

“Chu Tianfan has fallen, and Senior Fanduan, who we had such high hopes for, has disappeared into obscurity.”

“If this group of people were to join us at this stormy time, our Yanxia Martial Dao’s strength would definitely increase greatly!”

When he said that he would do it, he did it.

The Sword Saint immediately decided that Tang Hao and Mo Wu Ya would both come forward and travel to Jiangdong to make contact with the Dragon God Temple people.

“Tang Hao, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“As long as they are willing to join my Martial God Hall and be taken in by my Yanxia Martial Way, we can grant them any request!”

“It’s that the position of my Martial God Hall’s Hall Master can also be allocated a spot to them.”

“Remember, make sure to show all sincerity.”

Before leaving, the Sword Saint specifically instructed.


Tang Hao immediately agreed, and then he led the gift to Jiangdong to meet the Dragon God Temple people.

At this time, after deliberating, the Dragon God Temple finally decided to disband for the time being.

Originally, the people wanted to elect Han Lao to take over as the Dragon God Hall Master.

However, Elder Han refused.

Han Lao was not being modest, but he knew that he did not have the ability to do so.

How could he hold the sword of the Dragon God Temple when he had no power to hold it?

In the past, Han Lao was the chief administrator of the Dragon God Temple, and he pa*sed on his orders.

All the people of the Dragon God Temple obeyed him.

However, Han Lao knew very well that it was not her that these people obeyed, but Ye Fan.

It was with Ye Fan’s powerful backing that Elder Han was able to suppress this group of dragons and tigers.

Now that Ye Fan had fallen, it would be impossible for him, a man who did not know martial arts, to hold this group of people in check.

Perhaps now, with Ye Fan’s residual power, his words still have some prestige.

When time goes by and Ye Fan’s residual power is gone, then Han Lao, the Dragon God Hall Master, will exist in name only and will be reduced to a mere decoration.

What’s more, Elder Han had no desire to take charge of the Dragon God Hall.

For so many years, he had stayed at the Dragon God Hall solely because he wanted to repay Ye Fan.

If Ye Fan was gone, what was the point of him holding the Dragon God Hall?

Later, the crowd tried to nominate someone else to be the Dragon God Hall Master.

But the result was predictable, anyone left in the position of Dragon God Hall Master would have difficulty in convincing the public.

After several days of discussion, the crowd finally realised that Ye Fan was the only one in the Dragon God Hall who could hold the fort.

In desperation, the Dragon God Hall had to disband for the time being.

First, in secret, let’s look for Ye Fan’s corpse.

But just as Xue Ranyang and the others were about to leave Jiangdong and return to their respective residences, in the land of Jiangdong, Tang Hao and the others paid a sudden visit.

To Xue Ranyang and the others, they proposed the idea of taking them in.

“As long as you join the Martial God Hall, I can guarantee that in the future, once my Yanxia Martial Way is strong enough, I will take revenge for your Dragon Lord!”

“And, as a sign of good faith, the Martial God Hall’s Hall Master’s slot can also be divided among you.”

“For the rest, feel free to ask for anything else.”

“For our part, the Martial God Hall has one purpose, and that is to invite you to join us and work together for a great cause.”

“For this purpose, for all the rest, we can talk about all aspects.”

Tang Hao said with full sincerity.

However, the Dragon God Hall’s strongman didn’t even look at them, turned his head and walked away.

“Gentlemen, stay put.”

“Conditions, we can talk again.”

Tang Hao’s face was full of anxiety.

At this time, Xue Ranyang walked over and advised Tang Hao “Hall Master Tang, don’t waste your efforts.”

“The Martial God Hall, it can’t subdue them.”

“These people have only one Hall Master in their hearts, and that is Ye Fan.”

“It’s better for you guys to leave as soon as possible.”

“In their hearts, they don’t have any good feelings towards your Martial God Hall.”

In the end, Tang Hao returned to Yan Mountain with no success, and returned again with his head in the dust.

But after arriving at Yan Mountain, Tang Hao suddenly found that the formerly prosperous and majestic mountain was now riddled with sores.

As far as the eye could see, there were broken walls and gullies.

“This this.”

“What’s going on here?”

“Could it be that, that man, has come to kill again?”

Both Tang Hao and Mo Wu Ya were dumbfounded.

It had only been a few days since they left, and their home had been stolen?

The moment they saw the scene in front of them, the two of them coincidentally resounded with the slim figure of a man.

In their impression anyway, that guy was the only one who dared to make trouble on Yanshan.

“No, Chu Tianfan, hadn’t he already fallen?”

“Could it be that he has come back to life?”


“Wu Ya, go up and take a look.”

Tang Hao quickly realised the seriousness of the matter and immediately rushed up to Yan Mountain.


The cold wind was bitterly cold, and rocks were flying about.

Before the great hall on Yan Mountain, there was a delicate figure, standing with a sword.

She was bathed in divine radiance, like a temporary ninth heavenly mystic.

She stood proudly in the void, a terrifying majesty that enveloped the four directions of heaven and earth.

In front of her, the Fist Emperor and the Sword Saint both had blood on the corners of their mouths and their old faces were pale as they leaned against the stone pillars before the great hall, just barely standing.

“Sword Saint, Fist Emperor, are you all right?”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Did an earthquake happen?”

At the bottom of the mountain, came Tang Hao’s puzzled shouts.

However, the two of them, Tang Hao and Mo Wu Ya, had just revealed themselves.


Then, all that could be heard was a sword cry that cut through the long whistle.

Then, a seven-foot long sword leapt into the void, violently cutting through Mo Wu Ya’s blocked clothes and thrusting into the earth with a bang.

Mo Wu Ya was directly scared and P*ssed himself at that moment, crouching on the ground with a flutter.

His face was white and he was gasping for air!

The sword, plunged just an inch from his block.

But if it advanced even the slightest bit, their Fist Emperor Mo’s family would probably be extinct.