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Worth Deserving Chapter 1830

The War God’s voice was like muffled thunder.

A rolling torrent of sound that could not stop trembling in this heaven and earth.

Especially the last words, “You, who deserve to die.

With a few words, every word tapered to the heart.

But the Sword Saint and the Fist Emperor and the others were directly stunned there.

The old eyes were filled with disbelief.

They could hardly believe that these words were actually spoken by Ye Qingtian.

Thinking about it, a comrade who had fought side by side in the past, and now he was saying such words.

These few words were too heavy for the Sword Saint and the others.

The heavier they were, the heavier they were by a thousand pounds!

“You you”

“War God, how can you say that about us?”

“That Chu Tianfan’s death was not caused by us.”

“There is a reason for injustice, so if you are angry in your heart, why are you angry at us?”

“What’s more, that Chu Tianfan was arrogant, domineering and murderous.”

“He has repeatedly committed killings within Yanxia.”

“Our Martial God Hall could turn a blind eye and forgive him.”

“But, he killed so many people outside the rainforest back then.”

“Will the Martial Dao of the world nations be able to spare him?”

“Do you, in fact, want us, the Yanxia Martial Dao, to put our own country in danger just to shelter a devil?”

“Ye Qingtian, don’t forget that we are all the pillars of Yanxia’s nation, and we carry the survival of a nation’s martial dao on our shoulders.”

“In the world, one should not be spontaneous, one should take the greater good into account!”

Mo Kucheng, the Fist King, could not bear the humiliation and spat out the blood in his mouth, spitting out all his grievances.

However, as soon as he said this, Ye Qingtian incited him with another slap.

With a scream, the Fist King spat out blood and flew out again!

“Fist Emperor!”


Mo Wu Ya and the others were all terrified.

The Sword Saint and Tang Hao also looked at the War God with eyes full of disbelief.

“God of War, have you really gone mad?”

Tang Hao and the Sword Saint were about to die from anger.

Several of them, for so many years, had never suffered such humiliation in the face of external enemies.

But now, in front of their own comrades and compatriots, they had been humiliated in this way.

However, Ye Qingtian did not care about their words, his face was cold and he said morosely, “Mo Gucheng, this slap is because you have no eyes and deceive yourself.”

“If Ye Fan was really a murderous devil, do you think you guys would have made it out of Yunzhou alive back then?”

“As for that cataclysmic disaster in Jiangbei, others don’t know the cause, do you guys not know it either?”

“If it wasn’t for that group of martial artists from Jiangbei leaning on the old and trying to kill Ye Fan, would Ye Fan have fought back?”

“As for the killings outside the rainforest, you guys are even less qualified to blame Ye Fan!”

“It was our Martial God Hall that invited Ye Fan into the Rain Forest. Facing the siege, if Ye Fan didn’t fight back, would he have sat back and waited for death?”

“The people of the foreign tribe said Ye Fan was a devil, that was to make a name for himself as a teacher and to take the moral high ground.”

“But you fools, how dare you also follow the clouds and follow the foreigners in framing our Yanxia powerhouse?”

“And as for the so-called “greater good”!”

“That’s bullsh*t!”

“Do you really think that without Ye Fan, my Yanxia will be able to rest easy in the future?”

“Chu Yuan has reappeared in the world, and it’s a foregone conclusion that the Chu Sect will start fighting again.”

“If there is a Ye Fan in Yanxia, the Chu Clan can still be afraid of him for a few moments. In time, when Ye Fan enters the God Realm, he will be able to protect Yanxia for a hundred years!”

“But now, for the sake of your immediate interests, you have ruined the future.”

“Just wait, the day when the Chu Clan stomps on Yanxia will be the day when you fools will repent!”

Ye Qingtian was furious.

His angry words were like a river rushing through the four directions of heaven and earth.

At the end of his words, Ye did not stop any longer and left in anger.

Beyond Yan Mountain, the rivers of the sky roamed.

The white-clothed figure that had guarded Yan Xia for decades had, on this day, completely disappeared from the top of Yan Mountain.

“Old Ye, you can’t leave.”

“God of War!”

“Ye Qingtian, come back to me”

Tang Hao’s anxiety filled his heart and his old eyes turned red as he got up and was about to go after him.

But how could he possibly catch up.

The sky was roiling ahead, and the War God was long gone.

“Sword Saint, we can’t be without the War God.”

“We have to get the War God back.”

“Sword Saint, say something.”

“What are we going to do from now on?”

Tang Hao was so anxious that he almost burst into tears.

However, at this moment, the Sword Saint was spread out on the ground, and he leaned against the boulder, just sitting there like that.

He did not speak for a long time.

However, those old eyes were filled with misery and uncertainty.

At this moment, the words of the War God were still echoing in the Sword Saint’s mind.

I don’t know why, but when he heard Ye Qingtian say just now that he had personally killed the future of Yanxia’s martial dao and ruined its overall situation, the Sword Saint’s heart felt like a knife twisting.

At that moment, it was as if the Sword Saint’s entire strength had been drained away in an instant.

He only felt that the cause he had worked for all his life, all his achievements in the first half of his life, had no meaning.

For so many years, the Sword Saint had sat at the Martial God Hall and exhausted himself.

From the first day he entered Yanshan, the Sword Saint thought that one day, their Yanxia Martial Dao would return to its former peak.

Like a hundred years ago, they would once again dominate the world’s martial arts and regain their glory.

This was his obsession.

However, he had worked hard all his life and now the God of War was saying that he had ruined Yanxia.

One could imagine what kind of shock the Sword Saint was experiencing in his heart at this moment?

“Tang Tang Hao, did I I really, really ruin the future of our Yanxia martial dao?”

The sword saint suddenly raised his head, a pair of eyes, just like that, looking straight at Tang Hao.

At this moment&bsp&bsphe was, like a child who longed to be recognized by others.

In his eyes, there was expectation written all over.

Tang Hao was silent.

Finally, Tang Hao let out a long sigh “Sword Saint, the War God is right about one thing.”

“The Chu Sect, sooner or later, will make their move.”

“We’ve avoided today, but we can’t avoid tomorrow.”

“Perhaps, that day, we should really, let go and fight.”

Many days had pa*sed since Ye Fan had fallen.

However, the sight of that day did not become dull with the pa*sage of time, rather, it became more and more profound.

Every night, when Tang Hao closed his eyes, he would see that scene of that man’s fall.

It was like a video tape, playing over and over again.

In fact, even if the God of War didn’t say anything, Tang Hao had already regretted it long ago.

They shouldn’t have been indifferent.

They should have fought those people!

They should have sheltered Ye Fan!

Putting up a fight, there might have been a chance.

But now, there was no chance at all.

When Chu Yuan recovered from his injuries, when the Chu Sect regrouped, when Chu Yuan led a strong invasion of Yan Xia.

Without the God of War, having destroyed Ye Fan, who else could stop them?

Just as the God of War had said, in front of the mighty Chu Sect, there was no future for the martial dao of Yanxia.

This sigh from Tang Hao had undoubtedly become the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The last glimmer of hope in the Sword Saint’s eyes instantly dimmed.

And then, his body trembled, and crimson blood was then spat out all over the ground.

He collapsed to the ground with a bang!

“Sword Saint!”

“Uncle Xiao!”

“Quickly, carry it in!”

“Quickly save the man!”



The news of the War God’s withdrawal from the Martial God Hall was like a great ocean storm that quickly spread throughout the entire Martial Dao world.

In an instant, the whole world trembled!

The Yanxia Martial Dao was even more mournful!

The house had leaked and it had rained.

With all these blows, the Yanxia Martial Dao was plunged into an unprecedented underestimation.

Jiangbei, Annan, Western Border

The martial arts circles of the provinces were all in a state of depression.

It was like, sunset!

And while the whole world was lamenting the fact that the martial arts of Yanxia were about to fall into ruin.

In the far north, in the snowy mountains.

The sky and the earth were all white.

Birds fly off a thousand mountains and people disappear!

However, in this barren land, where people are rarely seen, there is an eerie firelight in a wooden house under the snow and ice.