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Worth Deserving Chapter 1831

The snowy plains are endless.

It is a place where life is forbidden, where there is no life at all.

But who would have thought that there would be a wooden hut hidden away in the snowy plain?

The firelight swayed, slowly dispersing the coldness of the place.

By the firelight, there is a middle-aged man, sighing in anguish.

In front of him, however, was a thin figure lying there.

His face was pale, his breath shrivelled, and he could barely feel any life.

“This b*****d boy, he’s a disgrace to the old man.”

“Mudd, whatever is said must be done to heal you.”

“This feud must be recovered.”

“Otherwise, the name of the ancestors, none of it will survive.”

The man shook his head and sighed, and then secretly made up his mind that no matter what, he had to get this guy back.

Just think of it as a way to get back on the field!

“But, the injuries are a bit heavy.”

“I’m only afraid that it’s, well, going to take a lot of work.”

The man had a headache at the thought of spending the next considerable period of time on this kid.

Originally, he had thought that with this kid’s cultivation and the Dragon God protecting his body, even the heaviest injuries would probably be difficult to hurt him.

But this time, the severity of the injuries this kid had sustained was far beyond his expectations.

Even when he was fished out at the beginning, his heart veins had been severed, and he could not feel any vitality at all.

The man had almost given up then!

“Luckily, this kid has a good life.”

“There was even this Blue Spirit Jade on his body.”

“Otherwise, I’m afraid that even if the gods came down to earth this time, I guess I wouldn’t be able to get it back.”

“Silly boy, just be glad.”

“I just don’t know, who gave this jade to this little beast?”

The man looked at the jade pendant that was blossoming with an ethereal light, but he could not help but fall into revealing contemplation.

He remembered that this piece of jade was from the three families of the Chu Sect, and the Tang Family had pa*sed down the precious jade.

That said, this blue spirit jade Chu family ancestor Chu Yunyang had an extremely deep origin.

There were two pieces in total.

One of the pieces, was worn by Chu Yunyang close to his body.

The other piece, was given as a token to a woman from the Tang family back then.

“Could it be that the jade pendant on this kid was given to him by that girl from the Tang family?”

“That’s not right either, this kid has basically no contact with the Tang family. For good reason, why would the heirloom jade, be given to this brat?”

“Could it be.”

“Could it be?”

Thinking of this, the man’s body trembled, and an old face then turned green.

“This is bad.”

“It’s messed up, all messed up”

“This generation is all messed up.”

The man cursed, so angry that he wanted to smack the brat in front of him.

This little brat was better than blue when it came to messing around with women.

If it were any other woman, he would have messed with her.

But that girl from the Tang family, you won’t let her go either!

How can we talk about seniority in the future?

How can we talk about each other?

“This brat, you’re just going to kill me!”

The man was so angry that his face turned red.

However, even though he was angry, he could not ignore him.

“Hey, let’s do it.”

“Who’s got to deal with this sh*t?”

“It’s just not a good idea!”

The man sighed, his words full of helplessness.

After resting for a while, the man continued to use his power to heal this b*****d.

For a while, in the wooden house, golden light lingered and dragon shadows tumbled.

However, even though the man tried his best to heal his wounds.

But in the end, he was too badly injured.

After a day, the other man’s breath could barely feel any recovery.

“Mudd, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything for a year or two.”

Outside the wooden hut.

The sky is cold and snow is falling all over the place.

The drifting snow in the Arctic lands is almost endless.

It seems that it will never end.

In this land, which is nothing but ice and snow, time is as if it has stood still.

A day, a month

The same old story.

The pa*sage of time leaves no trace here at all.

However, while the ice field was silent, the Yanxia divine State, ten thousand miles away, was by no means calm.

The withdrawal of the War God from the Martial God Hall had caused the entire Yanxia Martial Dao to tremble.

Many people even went to the War God’s former residence and knelt down to make a petition.

Please ask Ye Qingtian to return!

But Ye Qingtian’s mind was already made up.

He was already disillusioned with the Martial God Hall, so naturally he would not return.

The War God, who had left Yanshan that day, then went to Jiangdong and was paid homage to Ye Fan.

With the War God holding Ye Fan in such high regard, it was only natural that within the Yanxia Martial Dao community, a new round of discussion about Ye Fan was aroused.

Some felt that the Martial God Hall had done wrong and that the Yanxia Martial Dao had wronged Ye Fan.

It was a wise move for the War God to withdraw from the Martial Hall.

It was right to let the Sword Saints and the others be taught a lesson.

Otherwise, who else would dare to kill enemies outside in the future, the strongest people of Yanxia? And who would dare to venture out?

“He who holds the salary for all must not be made to freeze and die in the wind and snow.”

“Mr. Chu went up to the Chu Sect for himself, for his family, but also for the nation!”

“It was Mr. Chu, who fought for my Yanxia martial arts, and struck a hefty blow.”

“In one fell swoop, he broke the monopoly of foreign powerhouses on the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings for nearly a hundred years!”

“Now when we go abroad to attend martial arts training sessions, the first thing people from foreign countries say when they see me is, “A true dragon has emerged from Yanxia, huh?”

“Number one on the Heavenly Ranking, almost smashed the Chu Sect with his own strength!”

“In today’s world, throughout the ages, only Mr. Chu alone can do that!”

“Just ask me, who in Yanxia would not feel dignified when they hear this outside?”

There were not many similar voices on the martial artist forum.

Yet, every word was deafening!

Of course, those who were so vocal about Ye Fan were mostly martial artists from Jiangdong.

Apart from that, there were more voices of criticism towards Ye Fan.

“The War God has gone a little too far!”

“Putting aside the righteousness of his family and country for the sake of one person?”

“That Chu Tianfan, he doesn’t deserve it!”

“Although he is from Yanxia, he has never considered himself a Yanxia man.”

“He killed his compatriots on the West Lake, and defied the Martial Gods in the land of Jiangdong!”

“He has no king’s law, no bottom line, no family.”

“The existence of such a man is indeed a scourge to the whole world!”

“I’m talking nonsense!”


Above the forum, similar scolding battles were incessant.

Until one day, a post suddenly appeared.

The title was, Chu Tianfan is still alive in the world!

Truly, the moment this post appeared, all the curses on the internet disappeared.

Obviously, they were all goaded and scared.

Afraid that that Ye Fan was really alive, and seeing someone bad-mouthing him, they would come back along the net to kill him.

But later on, it was learned that that post was just someone rubbing the heat on a random post.


“Can you keep this joke to yourself in the future?”

“It’ll kill people!”

“Chu Tianfan is already dead.”

“How could he possibly live?”

“That’s right, is it funny to make such jokes?”

“You guys want him to live that badly?”

“Another West Lake tragedy?”

The Martial Artists’ Forum, the noise was endless.

Time, in the midst of all this commotion, gradually pa*sed by.

In the blink of an eye, a year had pa*sed.

Under the Genting Mountain, a figure in white quietly appeared.

The old place was revisited and the old man had pa*sed away.

But Ye Qingtian was full of melancholy.

Carrying two pots of wine, he walked up the Cloud Top Mountain.

Compared to the last time he came here, Cloud Top Mountain was much colder and lonelier today.

The doors and windows were locked and the courtyard was overgrown with weeds.

The courtyard was overgrown with weeds, a scene of complete decay.

When the prosperity is gone, only the fading remains.

The only thing left of the formerly prosperous Cloud Top Mountain that was still neat and tidy was the low grave.

“It’s been a year, I came to see you.”

“You say you, why are you so stupid.”

“Why cut yourself off from the world?”

“You brat, you didn’t even wait for me to leave the mountain.”

“This God of War is still thinking of having a few more moves with you.”

“To this day, I still remember when you were just showing your skills.”

“You, fellow, were simply too dazzling back then!”

“It’s a pity that it was all for naught after all.”

“Heaven is jealous of talent.”

Ye Qingtian’s old eyes were red as he sat down against the low grave, pouring in sip after sip of wine.