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Worth Deserving Chapter 1832


“This uncle, which one are you?”

“Could it be, is it my Brother Fan’s father?”

While Ye Qingtian was touching the scene and looking back on the past, there were two more figures, quietly appearing at the bottom of Cloud Top Mountain.

At this moment, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, who were carrying flowers and strong wine, had just walked up the Cloud Top Mountain when they saw Ye Qingtian, who was sitting in front of Ye Fan’s grave with red eyes and drinking a sultry wine.

However, these two obviously did not think the man in front of them.

However, seeing how sad he was, coupled with his age, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie then both secretly guessed that this man was Ye Fan’s biological father.

At that time, Ye Qingtian’s old face twitched “I’m not, don’t talk nonsense, bad generation!”

At the beginning, Ye Qingtian still only treated Ye Fan as a junior descendant.

However, as Ye Fan became more and more famous in the martial arts world and showed more and more abilities, Ye Qingtian had long since stopped looking at Ye Fan as a junior, and instead put Ye Fan on an equal footing with himself.

Or rather, a forgotten friend!

And now these two silly boys, to say that they were Ye Fan his

father, which really made Ye Qingtian cry and laugh a little.

“Ah, isn’t it?”

“Then I’m sorry, we’ve mistaken.”

The two of them, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, were slightly embarra*sed.

In fact, having known Ye Fan for so long, the two of them had indeed never met Ye Fan’s father.

They only knew that Ye Fan had a mother, who was in Jingzhou.

And now seeing a middle-aged man so sentimental in front of Ye Fan’s grave made them mistakenly think that the person in front of them was Ye Fan’s mysterious father.

After a short conversation, Shen Fei and the others realised that those who had come today were all Ye Fan’s friends.

“Brother Fan, it’s been a year, brother I’ve come to see you.”

Shen Fei and Han Shaojie both sat down on the ground as well.

They placed the flowers in front of Ye Fan’s grave, and then these two opened the wine and poured four gla*ses.

Apart from the two of them, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie, they also poured a cup for Ye Qingtian, and the last one, of course, was poured directly on Ye Fan’s grave.


“Brother Fan, ah, when you were around, it didn’t feel like anything.”

“And now, once you are gone, only then do we realise how important you are to this Jiangdong.”

Shen Fei sighed, and as he spoke, tears fell down indisputably.

With his eyes red, he lifted his gla*s of wine and drank it all in one go.

“Brother Fan, you don’t know that although it’s only been a year, the whole of Jiangdong has all changed.”

“Everything is different.”

“The Mufan Group, which you founded, is on the verge of collapse.”

“Only a few of your uncles are left, barely holding on.”

“Auntie and Miss Qiu, too, are gone, having left Jiangdong.”

“And it looks like they won’t be coming to the anniversary of your death this year either.”

“Brother Fan, you’re good at everything, you’ve done right by your brothers, your men and the world.”

“But seriously, the only thing you are sorry for is your loved ones.”

“Miss Qiu and Auntie Ye hate you and are angry with you, and you brought it on yourself.”

“Why do you think, back then, you couldn’t think straight and went against such a powerful force?”

“A good family, a good Jiangdong, a good career, and now it’s all scattered”

“Since his return that year, Master Lei San has been bored at home all day, drinking away his sorrows.”

“Second Master Li has been away for years and has not returned to Jiangdong for months on end.”

“Master Ao has also retired into seclusion.”

“Wang Jiexi has fallen seriously ill and is bedridden.”

“The patriarchs who followed you to reign over Jiangdong back then no longer care about Jiangdong affairs.”

“Now the great power of Jiangdong has long since fallen to others.”

“Before, our Shen family, relying on the shade of Shaojie’s father, could barely hold on under the pressure of the new king.”

“But a few months ago, Shaojie’s father and Uncle He Lanshan He were all transferred away.”

“Nowadays, I guess not many of the powerful people in Jiangdong remember Mr. Chu from back then, right?”

As the saying goes, once a son of God, once a minister.

The impact of Ye Fan’s fall on the power landscape of Jiangdong was undoubtedly a sea change.

On previous occasions, when something happened to Ye Fan, the reason why Jiangdong’s basic base was still stable was entirely because Qiu Mu Orange was there, Ye Xi Mei was there, and Ye Fan’s closest relatives were all in Jiangdong.

Plus, Li Er and Lei Lao San, the patriarchs who had followed Ye Fan across Jiangdong, were also there!

The former could set the hearts of the people, and the latter could calm the chaos!

But now, Ye Fan had fallen and his wife and mother had both left Jiangdong.

Now that Ye Fan had fallen, his wife and mother had left Jiangdong, and Ye Fan had no children, there was no one to pa*s on the throne of Jiangdong if he wanted to.

Of course, if Li Er and the others were still concentrating on their affairs, even without Ye Fan’s widow to stabilise people’s hearts, they would still have been able to hold down the foundation of Jiangdong with the help of these Jiangdong patriarchs.

However, back then, Ye Fan’s suicide caused too much of a shock to Li Er, Chen Ao and the others.

Relying on Mr. Chu, he committed suicide in front of himself in order to shelter his men.

It was undoubtedly a torment for those who survived that cataclysmic event back then as well.

After the funeral a year ago, Li Er Lei Lao San and the others, then couldn’t sleep night after night.

When they closed their eyes, all they could see were the bodies of those who had been pierced by arrows and the crimson blood all over the ground.

When they opened their eyes, they saw tears flowing incessantly.

In this state of mind, they could not manage at all.

Lei Lao San relied on wine to numb himself, while Li Er, with his last bit of hope, was running all over the world, just to find the last trace of Ye Fan.

To see a man alive, to see a corpse dead.

No matter what, Li Er was determined to find the corpse of Ye Fan, who had been taken away by the mysterious man that day.

However, it was because of Li Er’s indifference to the affairs of Jiangdong that the current situation in Jiangdong fell into the hands of others.

All the forces that were trusted by Ye Fan back then, without exception, all suffered suppression.

For example, the Shen Group, held by Shen Fei’s father’s family, has come to the same end as Mu Fan’s group.

Shen Fei’s father had even suffered ostracism in the Jiangdong business community.

Previously, relying on the powerful figures like Han Dongmin and He Lanshan, Shen Fei’s friends and relatives who belonged to Ye Fan were able to live in style and prosperity.

But now, Ye Fan’s last deceased friends in Jiangdong have also been transferred from above.

He Lanshan and Han Dongmin, and even Lu Tianhe, who were supported by Ye Fan back then, have undoubtedly been transferred out of Jiangdong with Ye Fan’s fall, and have gone to some second-tier department to spend their lives.

Thus, the ironclad Jiangdong that Ye Fan had built with his own hands collapsed within a short span of one year.

No way!

Over the years, Ye Fan’s influence in Jiangdong had become too great

For Yanjing’s side, it had long since become a tailspin.

And now, since Ye Fan was no longer there, they naturally tried to diminish his influence as much as possible.

The clear and bright ecology of the Jiangdong land of old was restored.

As for these developments, Shen Fei and the others had actually expected them.

But when these things actually happened, these friends and relatives of Ye Fan still felt how inflammatory this state of affairs was?

Shen Fei could not stop talking, and when he was sad, he even drank several gla*ses of wine.

Han Shaojie also accompanied Shen Fei and drank non-stop.

Ye Qingtian just watched in silence, with mixed emotions in his heart.


“Brother Fan, brother, I can’t get along in Jiangdong now.”

“Shaojie and I have decided that after today, we will go to Jiangnan to make a break for it.”

“Even Chu Wenfei can make a living, Shaojie and I don’t believe that with our skills, we can’t make a living.”

“It’s just that, after we’re gone, on weekdays, I’m afraid there will be no one left to visit your grave, Brother Fan.”

Shen Fei wiped his tears, picked up the wine jug and drank it clean in one straight sip.

“Uncle, we won’t stay long.”

“Tomorrow we will be leaving Jiangdong, and there are still some old friends to visit.”

“In the future, if you have time, please come here more often to keep Brother Fan company.”

Shen Fei waved goodbye at Ye Qingtian, while bidding him to come here more often to sweep his grave in the future when he had time.

“This D*mned Yanxia Martial Way!”

“If those b*****ds from the Martial Hall hadn’t retreated back then, how could my brother Fan have killed himself?”

“And why did we have to leave our homes?”

At the bottom of Genting Mountain, came the sound of Shen Fei cursing and swearing.

After that, a black car, which was carrying them, went far away.