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Worth Deserving Chapter 1833

As he looked at the back of Shen Fei and the others leaving, Ye Qingtian had mixed thoughts.

Especially when he heard Shen Fei’s words just now, Ye Qingtian’s heart was undoubtedly even more uncomfortable.

“The tree has fallen and the rats have scattered.”

“The great Jiangdong is finally scattered.”

Ye Qingtian shook his head and let out a sigh.

Just now, when he heard Shen Fei’s words, Ye Qingtian wanted to help them or not.

After all, they were Ye Fan’s friends and relatives, so it was all about atoning for the sins of the Yanxia Martial Way.

However, after thinking about it, Ye Qingtian finally dismissed the idea.

He, Ye Qingtian, might be able to help them for a while, but ultimately, he could not help them for a lifetime.

Those foundations of Ye Fan’s were too huge.

Unless he, Ye Qingtian, remained in Jiangdong, otherwise, once he left, Shen Fei and his people would not be able to hold on to it.

This kind of fleeting prosperity, it was better not to have it.

“I just didn’t expect that even Ye Fan’s wife and mother, were gone.”

“Perhaps, it was to escape this sad place.”

Ye Qingtian was filled with emotion.

He suddenly realized that in this Jiangdong land, it seemed that there were not even a few of Ye Fan’s relatives left.

“Brat, rest in peace.”

“One day, I will avenge you!”

“What the Chu Sect owes you, what they owe me Yanxia, the Sword Saints and the others don’t dare to collect, I’ll collect!”

Ye Qingtian stayed in front of Ye Fan’s grave for a day and a night.

At dawn, he rushed to Ye Fan and paid three obeisances.

After that, he took out from his arms, a dragon head mask and put it on his face.

From today onwards, there was one less God of War in Yanxia, but in the martial arts world, there was one more Dragon Headed Man.

The giant wheel of time rolled by.

Those events that once shook the world, gradually faded away amidst the wash of the long river of years.

Yanjing, Xue Family Manor.

“It’s been two years since the fall of the Dragon Lord.”

“Two years is already enough time for the world, to forget a person.”

“Nowadays, in Yanxia, I don’t know how many people are still left, who still remember the Dragon Lord.”

“Even I, that clear and thin figure in my mind, is gradually becoming blurred.”

At this time, it was already night.

The lanterns were coming on.

Xue Ranyang stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the lights of ten thousand homes.

Today was the last day of December.

Tomorrow, it would be the New Year in the Yang calendar.

On this day of resignation and welcoming the new year, people all over the world are welcoming the new year with joy and vigour.

Looking out of the window, the streets are full of traffic.

People are coming and going, meeting up to celebrate the New Year.

There were couples, friends and relatives, parents and children.

The world looks peaceful and quiet.

All laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing.

However, the more he watched the world, the sadder Xue Ren Yang’s heart became.

“This world only enjoys the quietness of the years with peace of mind, but how many of us really miss those who have carried the weight for you and others?”

Xue Ren Yang lamented at length.

Whenever there is a festival, Xue Ren Yang will always think of that sad and thin figure.

For all those who had personally experienced that cataclysmic event, the memories of that day were blood red.

“Grandpa, I just got the news.”

“Just a few hours ago, at a hotel in New York City, while members of the Chu Sect were meeting to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the Dragon Head killed the reception with a sword.”

“He killed thirty-eight strong members of the Chu Sect in a row!”

“Among them, including a Chu Sect Elder!”

“Three other elders were seriously injured!”

“As of just now, the Dragon Headed Man has launched ninety-six attacks on Chu Sect related forces since his first crime. Four hundred and thirty-two Chu Sect powerhouses have died at the hands of the Dragon Headed Man.”

“Now the Chu Sect has issued a worldwide hunt for this person.”

“The reward amount has been raised from one hundred billion to three hundred billion!”

At this moment, behind Xue Renyang, a young man reported the recent situation.

After hearing the news of the Dragon Head Man’s crime once again, Xue Ren Yang could not help but frown and asked in a deep voice “You say, this Dragon Head Man, who is it?”

“Grandpa, could it be Mr. Chu? Mr. Chu is the Dragon God Hall Master, and this person happens to be wearing a dragon head mask, doesn’t this mean, the head of the Dragon God?”

“Moreover, this person’s strength is also extremely strong like Mr. Chu.”

“A voice has now appeared in the martial arts world saying that the Dragon God Hall Master has reappeared in the world. That Dragon Head person who slaughtered the strongest members of the Chu Sect is the Chu Tianfan who killed himself back then!”

The youth could not stop talking, his gaze fiery.

There was a look of anticipation and excitement in his eyes.

However, Xue Ranyang shook his head “That Dragon Head person will definitely not be the Dragon Lord.”

“With the nature of the Dragon Lord, if he were to seek revenge on the Chu Sect, he would never wear a mask and cover his face.”

“If, indeed, the Dragon Lord really had something to hide his identity, there is no need for him to choose this kind of dragon head mask that is easily reminiscent of him.”

“Obviously, there is only one purpose for this Dragon-Headed Man to use this mask to act against the Chu Sect.”

“That is, to avenge the Dragon Lord!”

“Of course, there may be another purpose,” Xue Ranyang said in a deep voice as his eyes twinkled.

“What purpose?” The young man asked, puzzled.

“To disrupt the Chu Sect and delay the ambitious plans of Chu Yuan and the Chu Sect!” Xue Ren Yang raised his head and looked through the huge floor-to-ceiling window in the direction of the ancient and distant Chu Sect.

“Haven’t you guys noticed that this year, most of the Chu Sect’s energy has been spent almost exclusively on tangling with the Dragon Head.”

“For such a long time, the Chu Sect has barely done anything.”

“In fact, according to the current comparison of power in the world’s martial arts. The Chu Sect already has the ability to unify the global martial dao.”

“In that case, we in Yanxia, too, have this Dragon Head Man to thank for that?” The young man was suddenly dumbfounded.

Previously, he had only thought that the Dragon Headed Man was avenging the Chu Sect for forcing Ye Fan to die back then.

However, it had not occurred to him that the appearance of this Dragon Headed Man had a positive meaning for the global martial arts.

However, when Xue Ren Yang said this, he let out a long sigh “Yes, we should be grateful.”

“But it will only postpone that day.”

“As long as the Dragon Head does not enter the God Realm, the rolling momentum of Chu Sect’s global unification will remain unstoppable.”

“Back then, even when the Dragon Lord drew the world’s star fire, he was unable to completely destroy the Chu Sect, and even ended up with a dead body.”

“And how can we talk about this mere one person’s body?”

At that point, Xue Ranyang’s eyes were already full of despair and worry, completely unable to see any future.

To them, the future of this Yanxia Martial Dao had long been completely buried with Ye Fan’s fall.

“What about Miss Xu?”

“Has there been any news recently?”

After a short period of silence, Xue Ren Yang asked again about Xu Lei’s whereabouts.

That year when Ye Fan died, in Xue Ren Yang’s eyes, perhaps the one who was hurt the most, was Xu Lei.

To this day, Xue Ren Yang still remembers that after she returned to China, Xu Lei seemed to have lost half of her life, her eyes almost dried up with tears, and she was determined to die.

In the end, it was Xue Ren Yang who said that Ye Fan had not died, but had been saved, and that sooner or later, the Dragon Master would return.

It was these words that gave Xu Lei hope once again, as if she had been brought back from the dead.

So, for the past two years, Xu Lei, like Li Er, had been away all year round, going around looking for any news of that man.

Xue Ren Yang had not seen Xu Lei for a long time.

“I haven’t heard from Miss Xu either, I only know that she made a trip back to Yunzhou a few months ago, perhaps to visit Mr. Chu’s grave.”

“Ai is also a poor person.” Xue Ranyang smiled and felt a pang of discomfort in his heart.

“Don’t think about it, let’s go. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, let’s have a family dinner tonight.”

Xue Ren Yang called out to his family and left the place.

While the whole world was celebrating New Year’s Day.

No one knew that in the far north, a slim figure, hidden for nearly a thousand days, had emerged from the snow and ice.

“At last, the sight of green, eh?”