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Worth Deserving Chapter 1834

North of the river, Linzhou.

It is the end of the school day, and the streets are full of visitors coming and going.

In front of a kindergarten, a gathering of parents, all to pick up their children from school.

The surrounding area is full of people, with the flow of people and traffic intertwined, &bsp&bsp jammed together.

For this scene, the people around have almost all gotten used to it.

After all, this scene is repeated every day at the end of the school day.

Especially when it rains and snows, it is even more clogged, and the whole road is just like a boiling pot of boiling water.

“Mum, where am I?”

“Dad, why are you picking up today?”

At the school gates, children who had found their parents were like little sparrows in June, darting into their parents’ arms.

Gradually, as time pa*sed, the road became clear and a large number of children were picked up.

In the end, only one little boy remained, standing alone at the school gate, looking at the end of the road and silently watching into the distance.

“Little Fan, why is your mother always late?”

“I can’t get through on the phone either.”

“Really, the teacher has been waiting here for over an hour, and it’s getting dark.”

“The teacher still has to hurry home to make dinner?”

Beside the little boy, there was a female teacher who was getting a little impatient.

She grumbled as she kept punching a number on her mobile phone.

“Teacher, I’m sorry, mum is a bit busy at work.” The little boy was very understanding as he bent down to apologise to the teacher.

“What about your dad?”

“Your mum is busy, is your dad busy too?”

“Tell me your dad’s phone number and I’ll call your dad!”

The kindergarten teacher asked to the little boy in front of her.

It had been so long that the kindergarten teacher realized that it seemed that it was always the little boy’s mother who came to school and she had never met the boy’s father.

When she heard this, the little boy’s mood suddenly dropped and his eyes, which had been burning brightly, became much dimmer.

“Mum said that Little Fan doesn’t have a dad.”

As the little boy said these words, no one noticed that not far away, under a big tree, there was a thin figure that quietly trembled.

“Little Fan!”

At this time, an anxious voice of a woman suddenly came from ahead.

And then, only a woman with delicate features was seen rushing over on an old electric bike.

“I’m sorry, teacher.”

“I’m really sorry to trouble you again for waiting so long.”

“I promise, I won’t be late again.”

The woman apologised repeatedly, her eyes full of embarra*sment.

“Don’t promise, I’ve heard you say that dozens of times.”

“If you really want to be good to the child, you’d better find him a father.”

“It’s really not easy for you to be a woman and bring up a child by yourself.”

The teacher sighed, before driving off.

Here, only the mother and daughter were left.

“Mum, are you tired from working today?”

“No, I’m not tired. Mum even gave out a bonus, come on, Little Fan, mum will take you to eat something delicious.”

“Mum, I’m not eating, it’s all too expensive, let’s go home, Mum has worked all day and definitely needs a rest.”

Mother and son spoke and soon disappeared into the roiling stream of people ahead of them.

Long after the two had left, the figure that had been hiding in the distance came out.

He stood at the spot where the mother and daughter had just stood, looking into the distance, lost in thought for a long time.

“It’s been half a month.”

“Are you just going to, like, keep looking at it?”

“Keep not identifying with them?”

While the man was lost in thought, a delicate silhouette behind him, however, quietly appeared.

If Elder Han and the others were here, they would have recognized at a glance that the woman in front of them was Yue Yao, who was once worshipped by the Dragon God Temple as the Medicine Fairy.

The slim man in front of him was no other than Ye Fan, who had been away from the Extreme North for more than a month.

After returning to China, Ye Fan made a secret trip back to Jiangdong.

He was still not completely healed from his injuries, and it was naturally not convenient to spread the news that he was still alive.

Therefore, after returning to Jiangdong, Ye Fan did not disturb anyone.

He just went back to Genting Mountain and visited the Ye family’s old residence.

After returning home, Ye Fan’s first thought was to find the person he wanted to see most.

But unfortunately, the place in Jiangdong had long since been empty.

In his desperation, Ye Fan contacted Han Lao to help him find his wife.

In the end, Ye Fan found the slim and slender silhouette in the city of Lingyin in Jiangbei.

As for Yueyao, it was Han Lao who informed him to come over.

What she was after was naturally to help Ye Fan completely heal that injury.

At this moment, when faced with Yue Yao’s enquiry, Ye Fan was shaking his head.

“It is not necessary.”

“Isn’t her life now, already well?”

“I am a person who is already dead, why should I bother them?”

“What’s more, she doesn’t want to see me again, I’m afraid.”

“One look here is enough.”

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, his words filled with guilt as well as self-deprecation.

Qiu Mu Orange had given up her privileged life in Jiangdong, all the career and wealth that Ye Fan had left her, and finally chose to go far down to Jiangbei, to come to Linzhou to join her distant relatives and start from scratch.

Even when Qiu Mu Orange left Jiangdong, she did not take a single penny of the hundred billion a*sets in the Mufan Group.

She just left in such a straightforward manner!

Perhaps others, did not understand Qiu Mu Orange’s actions.

But Ye Fan understood!

She did so only to cut off all entanglements with Jiang Dong and the past and start afresh.

She was running away, she was giving up, she was cutting off, she was making a complete and utter understanding with her past.

Some people, of course, will think that Qiu Mu Orange is desperate.

Soon after her husband pa*sed away, she left Jiangdong without looking back.

But Ye Fan knew that Qiu Mu Orange was not heartless, but had broken her heart.

From the time Ye Fan set foot on the top of Jiangdong, to the time he finally killed himself at the gates of the country.

Between the several years, Ye Fan had lost count of how many times things had happened to him.

Every time the news came that Ye Fan was in a desperate situation, to the two women, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Xi Mei, it was harder than killing them.

The torment of despair, the pain of grief, how can words express it?

Therefore, ever since Ye Fan’s accident in the rainforest, Ye Ximei and Qiu Mu Orange advised Ye Fan to stop tossing and turning and to live his life in peace.

They didn’t want to go through that kind of torment and pain anymore.

But Ye Fan, after all, did not listen to their words.

Against the advice of his relatives and the worries of his loved ones, he went into danger again, single-handedly and alone to the Chu Gate, and finally fell under the Gate of Nations.

That day, when Li Er and the others brought the coffin containing Ye Fan’s body, apart from the pain and suffering, Qiu Mu Orange’s heart died with her.

She was sad, she was disappointed, she was angry.


Why couldn’t that b*****d, Ye Fan, treasure his own life?

Why was that guy always so selfish, repeatedly torturing those closest to him?

Disheartened, Qiu Mu Orange finally chose to leave that sad place in Jiangdong.

It was because he understood Qiu Mu Orange’s state of mind that Ye Fan, no longer had the face to identify with them.

“So, you really intend to, just stay a living dead man?”

“Disown your wife and children, disown your mother, disown the deceased people you once so?” Yue Yao was puzzled.

If he wasn’t dead, why didn’t he recognise the people he was once closest to.

“I don’t know.”

“But even if I really want to acknowledge them, I have to wait until I’ve done everything, and if I’m still alive, then I’ll acknowledge them.”

“The pain of parting from life and death, having experienced it once, is enough.”

“Why would I need to, again, make them go through it next time?”

Ye Fan was filled with guilt, knowing full well how much damage he had caused them.

It had been two years, and the hurt in their hearts had probably been healed.

Why would Ye Fan bother to disturb their peace of mind?

If something happened to him again in the future, it would be a new injury to them.

Ye Fan was already a man who had died once, and there were some good things that he no longer dared to hope for.

At least, until his mission was completed, he would not wish for more!

Love, family, now he no longer deserved to have it.