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Worth Deserving Chapter 1847


“What the f*ck did I just do?”

“f*cking Aoto Logistics!”

“I’ll f*ck your ancestors for eight generations!”

In the villa, Meng Chuan’s angry and harsh wails were heard.

And then, Meng Chuan ran to the washroom and vomited furiously.

Meng Chuan had never dreamed that he had almost f*cked a big man just now.

The key was that this big man was also ugly as hell.

Meng Chuan felt that this shadow, this life is afraid that can not be removed.



On the other hand, the second wave of people came to that small courtyard at the edge of town again.

“All be careful!”

“Don’t make a sound.”

“This time, we must get rid of that little beast without knowing it!”

“The young master is already in a hurry, let’s fight for our lives, we must not let the young master down again!”

The leader scaled the high wall and rushed to the men behind him and reminded them in a whisper.

However, just as he jumped off the wall, he turned his head only to find that his men were riding on the wall and didn’t even dare to move.

“You few, what are you dawdling about?”

“Why don’t you come down and follow me over there?”

“Remember, keep your voices down when you jump.”

“Make sure, God knows what!”

The leader glared and growled in a low voice.

“Boss, you look behind you.”

The man under his arm didn’t come down, he just panicked, his finger trembling and pointing ahead.

The man in the lead turned his head to look.

But it didn’t matter if he didn’t look, when he did, the man’s whole body immediately trembled, his legs went limp and he directly crouched on the ground.

“You you.”

The night sky was still drifting with snow.

Outside, the dim streetlights slowly expelled the darkness.

Under the eaves of the small courtyard, Ye Fan just sat there.

The little one in his arms was sleeping soundly.

And Ye Fan, just like that, looked at the few people in front of him with a smile.

However, at this moment, Ye Fan’s warm smile was a thousand times more terrifying in the eyes of these people.

A few minutes later.

The small courtyard was calm again.

But in the courtyard, there were already a few more bodies.

The snow that had fallen had stained their clothes white.

“Poopy, is it dawn yet?”

The little one in his arms seemed to be awake.

While rubbing his eyes, he murmured softly, as if he was talking in his sleep.

Ye Fan looked tenderly at the child in his arms and faintly whispered, as if he had travelled through the ages.

“When daddy is here, the sky will always be bright.”

This night, for this little one, was the deepest and most restful night of sleep in all these years.

There had never been a person’s embrace that made Little Fan feel so warm.

That full sense of security, even if the world were to end, the little one would not be afraid.

“Little Fan, Little Fan.”

In a haze, the little one seemed to be woken up by someone shouting.

When he opened his eyes, he saw an anxious Qiu Mu Orange.

“Little Fan, are you alright, you scared mommy?”

Qiu Mu Orange said and burst into tears.

It had been a while since she woke up, and she only felt a terrible headache.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying in her friend Yubing’s house.

She didn’t know how she had come to be here, she only remembered drinking a cup of tea before she pa*sed out.

When she woke up, Qiu Mu Orange saw Liu Yubing who had just returned from the police station.

It turned out that Liu Yubing had woken up long ago and found those people lying in the courtyard and immediately called the police.

The police took them away in no time.

Later, Liu Yubing told Qiu Mu Orange that someone had tried to kill her son last night.

Qiu Mu Orange was naturally scared, and only after seeing Xiao Xiao Fan wake up did she completely let go of her heart, but the tears in her eyes still flowed uncontrollably because of her worry.

“Mummy is not crying.”

“Little Fan is fine.”

The little one was very understanding and helped his mother wipe away her tears, and then smiled.

“Mummy, I think, I dreamt about poop.”


At that time, Qiu Mu Orange’s delicate body instantly trembled upon hearing this.

A flash of trepidation instantly magnified in her eyes.



At this time, it was still dawn.

In the far east, there was only a glimpse of fish-belly white.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Powerful qi surged in his dantian and true energy rushed under his veins.

Then, a fist burst out as if a river had broken its banks!


With a low boom, the boulder in front of him exploded.

It split in two!

If ordinary people were to see this, they would be amazed.

But the middle-aged man shook his head, and in his depression, he even punched the wall directly beside him.


“Still not working?”

“Without the guidance of Senior Mortal Starfire, I can’t practice this Thunder Guiding Technique at all!”

“If I can’t practise the power of thunder, how can I, Lu Zi Ming, still avenge my son? How can I destroy Jiangdong?”

The more Lu Zi Ming thought about it, the more anxious he became.

Unhappiness, anger, powerlessness

With his eyes red, Lu Ziming slammed his fist on the ground with such force that blood spilled down from his palm.

It had been so long since the account belonging to Mortal Starfire had lit up on the forum.

Although it was hard for Lu Zi Ming to accept, he had to admit that Mortal Dust Starfire had really left the Yanxia Martial Path.

From now on, the Thunder Guiding Technique was destined to become the unfinished song of the martial arts world!

Lu Zi Ming had practiced for so many years, but he never thought that it would end up like this.

Naturally, he was unwilling to do so!

“Why, why did Elder Fan Chen leave in such a hurry?”

“Even if, just guide me one more time and let me break through the shackles of the second level of the Thunder Guiding Technique!”

Lu Zi Ming’s palms were clenched tightly, his fingertips were sunk deep into the flesh and blood because of the depression in his heart.

He hated it!

He was really unwilling to do so!

Back then, in the battle at West Lake, the Lu clan was tragically wiped out.

His own only son was forced to die by Ye Fan.

Back then, Lu Zi Ming was close to being disheartened.

Several times, he wanted to follow his relatives.

But he was not willing to do so!

He wanted to take revenge!

It was because of this thought that he stubbornly held on and returned to Jiangbei to gather his old men.

“If ten years is not enough, then twenty, fifty, a hundred years!

As long as my Lu family’s fire continues, Chu Tianfan, my Lu family will eventually kill you!”

Revenge, almost became the only meaning of Lu Zi Ming’s life in this world.

Later, when the news of Ye Fan’s fall came, Lu Zi Ming was still sad and grieved for a long time.

As the saying goes, a rabbit dies and a fox grieves.

If Ye Fan was dead, who else could he seek revenge from?

That night, Lu Ziming suddenly felt that he had lost the meaning of living.

However, later on, Lu Zi Ming thought of Ye Fan’s friends and family and Jiangdong.

One should always have a purpose in life.

Lu Ziming’s purpose was Ye Fan’s Jiangdong.

That was why he had been cultivating day and night.

But now, the disappearance of Senior Fanduan had dealt Lu Ziming a fatal blow once again.

His path to revenge was suddenly cut off.

However, just when Lu Zi Ming felt that the road ahead was hopeless, a voice, however, quietly recalled from the darkness of the night.

“The thunder guiding technique is all about the guidance of Qi!”

“The key is to be quick!”

“Stimulate the true qi in your body and make the most majestic burst in the shortest possible time.”

“The so-called thunder power is actually to make your qi explode, as fast as thunder!”

“And the way to do that is to contract the tendons and veins and narrow the space for luck!”

Lu Zi Ming did not know where this voice came from.

But right now, he couldn’t think about that either.

For in hearing these words of the Sun family girl, Lu Zi Ming only felt a hidden doubt within his heart, as if he had lifted the clouds and seen the blue sky, and it was clear.


“As long as I contract my tendons and veins and compress the space where true qi runs in my body, I can speed up the speed of my luck!”

“A powerful burst of internal force in a short time can be achieved!”

“Just like the water of a river, the narrower the place where the water comes out, the greater the speed of that water flow!”


“Why didn’t I think of that?”

As the saying goes, a thousand days of doubt leads to an epiphany.

The bottleneck of the second level of the Thunder Guide Technique, Lu Zi Ming had finally found a way to break it, and was immediately overjoyed.


“Many thanks to senior for pointing it out!”

“My junior, Lu Zi Ming, the head of the Lu family, and my father, Qing Yun Seal, Lu Songliang!”

“I wonder if I can have the honour of meeting senior!”

Overjoyed, Lu Zi Ming looked around and immediately clasped his fist and bowed.

His words were respectful and his attitude was humble.

Even the Qing Yun seal was brought out.

Although he had died on the day he was given the seal, he was still a sealed Sovereign after all, so it always carried some weight when he said it.