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Worth Deserving Chapter 1848

In the humblest of tones, Lu Zi Ming requested to be able to see the mysterious man for a moment.

“Good, as you wish.”

In the darkness of the night, a voice rang out.

Immediately Lu Zi Ming looked up, he saw a slim figure, covered in a long robe and wearing a dragon head mask, appearing just like this in the darkness of the night before dawn.

When Lu Zi Ming looked over, he could not feel any true qi fluctuation from his body.

It felt as if the man in front of him was not a martial artist with profound strength, but an ordinary man with no power at all.

However, from his pupils, which were as deep as an abyss, Lu Zi Ming could conclude that the person in front of him was no ordinary person!

Plus, he could say such words and easily help Lu Ziming break through the bottleneck.

How could such a person be an ordinary person?

“As the saying goes, return to the basics.”

“When martial arts cultivation reaches a certain height, perhaps one will want to be like the person in front of him, with all the thousands of auras restrained within and shaped like a normal person.”

Lu Ziming thought in his heart, while his heart grew more and more excited, and the thought in his mind became almost more and more certain.

In the end, without even thinking about it, Lu Ziming knelt down to the person in front of him with a bang.

“Senior Mortal Dust Starfire, please accept my disciple’s obeisance!”

Lu Ziming knelt down and bowed, his entire being like the most devout believer, kneeling down before his faith with heartfelt reverence.

“Oh? How do you know?” The Dragon Headed Man was slightly startled and looked at the man before him with interest.

“The Thunder Guiding Technique was created by the Mortal Dust Starfire senior.”

“Under the universal sky, apart from Senior Fandust, who else could have such a deep comprehension of this technique?”

“What’s more, senior’s cultivation is so high that he has already reached the realm of returning to his true self.”

“All these signs indicate that senior must be the long-lost moderator on my Yanxia Martial Artists Forum, Mortal Dust Starfire!”

“My junior has been practicing senior’s martial arts for many years, and has been repeatedly nudged by senior, perhaps senior does not recognize me as a disciple, but in my heart, I, Lu Zi Ming, have long since taken senior as my master!”

Lu Zi Ming was so excited that he said it again and again.

His eyebrows burned as if he was looking at a fan of his idol.

The dragon head man smiled “I didn’t expect that you still had this kind of eyesight.”

“Senior is my mentor, my spiritual pillar and faith, and a guiding light for my junior’s martial path. There is no time when junior Lu Zi Ming does not want to see senior and say thank you in person.

“The heavens have eyes, my long-cherished wish has been fulfilled.”

“I, Lu Ziming, have nothing else to ask for at this time, except that Senior Mortal Starfire can pa*s on the remaining volumes of the Thunder Guiding Technique to me.”

“After I have fulfilled my obsession, I would like to follow senior around and be a cow and a horse to repay senior’s kindness in teaching me the art!”

Lu Zi Ming bowed repeatedly, his forehead hitting the ground with a rumble.

The Dragon Head had not expected that this Lu Ziming would be so persistent in his cultivation.

He couldn’t help but be curious as to what kind of persistence made a man who was already over half a hundred years old dissipate his cultivation and be willing to cultivate from scratch.

This kind of courage and vigour was not something that ordinary people could have.

When faced with the Dragon Head’s enquiry, Lu Zi Ming naturally would not hide anything.

“I am not going to hide it from senior, I, Lu Ziming, am living in this world for one reason, and that is revenge!”

“When Chu Tianfan, the scum of the martial arts in Yanxia, killed my father, slaughtered my entire clan, and even forced my son to die.”

“He destroyed the foundation of my Lui family and cut off the future of my Lui clan.”

“I’ve always wanted to kill that Chu Tianfan!”

“But unfortunately, before I could do it myself, that Chu Tianfan killed himself in fear of his crime.”

“Senior, I really hate it!”

“I hate myself for not being able to kill this evil thief!”

“I wish he was still alive so that I could have the chance to avenge my clan members with my own hands Chen.”

“However, although Chu Tianfan is dead, his Jiangdong base still exists, and his family and friends still remain.”

“In short, as long as I don’t slaughter all of Jiangdong, I swear I will not be a man!”

“I beg you, senior, to help me!”

Lu Zi Ming’s eyes were red, and his heart, which had a thousand holes in it, trembled as he talked about the past.

To this day, Lu Zi Ming still remembered the day when the news of Ye Fan’s death came.

At that time, Lu Ziming was crying and laughing.

He was laughing because the demon was finally dead and his clan’s enemy was finally dead.

He cried because he had not been able to kill him and avenge the death of his own clan.

But the surviving members of the Lu clan actually clapped their hands in joy.

They laughed uproariously and called out that Chu Tianfan had died a good death, a good death!

While Lu Zi Ming was reminiscing about the past, he didn’t notice that the Dragon Headed Man in front of him had a look of dismay appearing in his pupils.

Then, the dragon head slowly took off his mask and looked at him with an odd expression, “You want to kill me?”

“No, what I want to kill is Chu Tianfan, that evil thief from Jiangdong, not you Fan” Lu Ziming hurriedly raised his head to explain.

However, before he could finish his sentence, as soon as he looked up, a man’s clear face slowly came into focus in his pupils.


At that moment, Lu Zi Ming only felt five thunderstorms.

Ten million thunderbolts ran through and down.

Lu Zi Ming’s entire body was directly dumbfounded.

A wave of unspeakable terror, like a river rushing down, swept down and wrapped around Lu Zi Ming’s entire heart in an instant!

“Chu Chu Chu.”

Lu Ziming pointed ahead, trembling all over, his mouth seemingly tied in knots as he just kept repeating one word over and over again.

And in front of him.

The slim figure, standing like that.

The night was dark and gloomy.

The cold wind, wrapped in complete coldness, swept past.

It blew the tresses of the man in front of him.

Outside, the streetlights were still on.

The dim yellow light swayed and fell on his body, but cast a shadow on the ground.

“Master of the Lu family, long time no see.”

Ye Fan stood with his arms folded, towering over him, and his faint laugh was full of teasing.

However, Lu Zi Ming was completely scared, his head was buzzing, his eyes were staring dead, and his brain was blank.

Imagine, a man who had been dead for two years, a man he had just screamed to kill, a man who had destroyed his entire clan, suddenly standing in front of him like this.

How does it feel?

The so-called soul is scattered, it is just like that!

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not killing you.”

“You you return your soul don’t don’t look for me.”

Lu Zi Ming was almost in tears, two lines of old tears falling down.

Although he had shouted every day before that he wanted to kill Ye Fan.

However, when this man actually appeared in front of him, all of Lu Ziming’s grand ambitions were undoubtedly replaced by fear.

This was Chu Tianfan!

The Dragon God Hall Master who was number one on the Heavenly Rankings!

The great devil who had swept across Jiangbei and crushed the West Lake with a single man, killing hundreds of martial artists.

It was even the supreme ruthless man who single-handedly challenged the Chu Sect’s hard-anal Chu Yuan ah.

Was said Lu Zi Ming, today replaced by anyone, it is estimated that will be directly scared P*ss.

“They, I naturally go back to find.”

“But before that, have to find you first, borrow some money.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll burn it to you tomorrow, you you go now.” Lu Zi Ming didn’t even think about it, he agreed straight away.

It turned out that this Chu Tianfan was short of money to spend down there.

However, you should find your family to burn it to you if you are short of money, what is the matter with running so far from Jiangbei and still soul looking for me?

But now is not the time to dwell on this, Lu Ziming just thought about this unjust soul hurrying away and ending this nightmare as soon as possible.

Ye Fan’s face darkened then.

He thought to himself that this old thing was also a paper tiger who was strong on the outside and strong on the inside.

A moment ago, he was still screaming with bravado that he wanted to kill himself, but then he really showed up and he was in this state?

“I mean, borrow real money to spend.”

“No, you dead man what’s the use of you needing real money? Don’t you use plutonium?” Lu Zi Ming was crying.