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Worth Deserving Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849

“How are the considerations going?”

“As long as you lend me money, in return, I will help you rebuild the Lu family later. When the time comes, you can continue your revenge work as well. If you are capable of harming my relatives, you can do so at your leisure.”

“But what the consequences will be if you refuse, I dare not say.”

“However, you should know that I, Chu Tianfan, am a man of clear grudges and grievances.”

“Back then, your son Lu Hua tried to harm my entire family, and in response, I naturally also destroyed your entire Lu family.”

“But now, it seems that back then, the Lu family still had a leak.”

“This mistake, I think we should try to make up for it tonight.”

Ye Fan stood tall and smiled faintly.

Killing someone so cruel was as common as eating and drinking water in Ye Fan’s mouth.

Was this the majesty of the number one in the Heavenly Ranking?

In the calmest of tones, he spoke the most gut-wrenching words.

Treating life like gra*s, treating all beings like ants.

When a strong person stands on high and looks down on all beings, then all things are indeed as small as ants.

It took a long time for Lu Zi Ming to accept the fact that Ye Fan was still alive.

Faced with Ye Fan’s threat, Lu Ziming was not surprised.

If he had been in Ye Fan’s position, he would have done even more than Ye Fan.

After all, their Lv family and Ye Fan were already in a life-and-death feud.

The fact that Ye Fan had not killed him directly was already the greatest mercy this man could show.

However, Lu Zi Ming did not respond positively to Ye Fan’s words.

He raised his head and his gaze burned “I just want to know one thing.”

“How did you become so familiar with the technique created by Senior Mortal Dust Starfire?”

“What exactly is your relationship with him?”

“Or is Senior Vandust Starfire,&bsp&bsp your teaching mentor?

After learning that the person in front of him was Chu Tianfan, the biggest doubt in Lu Ziming’s heart was this.

He was incomparably anxious to know, this Chu Tianfan and his heart incomparable respect for the old senior, in fact, what is the relationship?

In the face of Lu Zi Ming’s enquiry, Ye Fan was shaking his head and smiling “If I say that I am the Mortal Dust Starfire, do you believe me?”


It was as if thunder struck down.

Lu Ziming’s eyes instantly widened.

“You are nonsense!”

“Senior Mortal Dust Starfire was already active in my Yanxia Martial Dao more than ten years ago.”

“He is the guiding light of my Yanxia Martial Dao, guiding the direction of the development of my Yanxia Martial Dao forward.”

“You, vertical son, are only in your twenties now.”

“A dozen years ago, you were just a youngster who had not yet entered the world.”

“A young boy who has yet to enter the world, how could you have the ability to instruct me in the martial arts of Yanxia? And how could you have created so many martial arts masterpieces?”

“You say that you are Old Elder Mortal Starfire, it is simply a travesty!”

Lu Zi Ming laughed back in anger.

He could tolerate Ye Fan insulting himself, but he could never tolerate Ye Fan insulting Old Elder Fandust Starfire.

Over the years, Elder Fanduan Starfire had almost become his faith in Lu Ziming’s heart, and was the only light in his heart.

Back then, when the Lu family was in trouble, Lu Ziming had relied on those martial arts treasures left behind by Elder Fandust Starfire to make it to where he was now!

Now Ye Fan was so arrogant as to say that he was the Mortal Dust Starfire himself, which to Lu Zi Ming was undoubtedly a huge desecration of his faith.

Naturally, Lu Ziming was furious!

But Ye Fan laughed “A well frog cannot speak of the sea, a summer insect cannot speak of ice.”

“After so many years, Lu Ziming, you still look at me with that restricted gaze.”

“You say that a teenager cannot possibly be a “mortal star fire”?”

“Then let me ask you, before me, did you ever believe that in your twenties you could kill the Seal, step on the Chu Sect, and become number one on the Heavenly Ranking?”

Ye Fan’s voice suddenly rose high, while a majestic and domineering might swept out of his body.

Lu Ziming at that moment was instantly shaken.

In a trance, he had the illusion that it was as if what stood before him was not a person, but a mountain.

It stood on the clouds, defying all beings.

“In fact, it’s not just you, it includes the Yanxia Martial Way, and even everyone on this earth.”

“Just like the Martial God Temple back then, they only knew that I would bring them calamity, that I would draw revenge from the Chu Sect, that I would implicate the entire Yanxia.”

“But they do not know that I, Chu Tianfan, can keep Yanxia free of worries for a hundred years, that I can lead the Yanxia martial dao to flourish, that I can make Yanxia martial artists stand proudly in the forest of the world’s nations.”

“I, Chu Tianfan, can spread star fire everywhere, I can make my Yanxia martial dao beacon to start a prairie, to revive the prosperity of the past.”

“All these, you do not know.”

“Foolish people only believe in what they want to believe, and only accept what they want to accept.”

Ye Fan was still speaking, but within that cold laughter, there were all sorts of mixed emotions surging.

At the end, Ye Fan even let out a whisper.

“I know this earth, but this earth, never knows me.”

Under the dawn, Ye Fan stood with his arms folded.

The magnificent voice and domineering words had the sound of thunder raging and rolling through.

Under Ye Fan’s might, clouds surged in all directions, and all the mountains, rocks and gra*s crumbled.

Behind him, the windows of the villa also shattered into a thousand pieces in an instant.

After saying this, Ye Fan looked towards Lu Ziming, and his ghostly words rang out once again.

“Your account name, called “West Lake orphan&bsp&bsp”.”

“It was I who told you that to cultivate the Thunder Guide Technique, you have to dissipate your cultivation.”

“I was also the one who told you that the first level of the Thunder Conduction Technique requires quenching the bones and quenching the tendons and quenching the skin.”

“Or I told you that when you practice the Thunder Guiding Technique to its peak, the power of your fists and feet is comparable to the power of thunder!”

“Now, do you believe that?”

Ye Fan had a proud heart and eyes full of ice cold.

A monstrous voice had the sound of thunder exploding.

Every word he said was like a cannonball that exploded in Lu Ziming’s mind.

As far as the eye could see, Lu Ziming’s expression changed from anger, to horror, to devotion and respect.

In the end, all of Lu Ziming’s inner defences were shattered by Ye Fan.

With a bang, his knees fell to the ground, and his whole body was like a puddle of mud as he knelt before Ye Fan.

He believed, gave in, and gave up.

At this moment, Lu Ziming was undoubtedly completely convinced of the fact that Ye Fan was the Mortal Starfire.

Although, it was really unbelievable.

But, just like Ye Fan said, this man in front of him, killing the number one of the Heavenly Ranking in his twenties, was not mind-boggling?

In fact, Lu Zi Ming should have thought of it long ago.

Anything that was unimaginable by common sense was actually perfectly normal for this man in front of him.

However, Lu Ziming, who knew this truth, only felt a million ironies.

In the martial arts of Yanxia, apart from Jiangdong, almost all the martial artists in the major provinces and cities regarded Ye Fan as a devil and an evil thief. Back then, outside the national borders, Ye Fan was the enemy of the whole world, and the Martial God Temple watched him commit suicide to thank for his crime.

But such a man had quietly made such a great contribution to the martial arts of Yanxia.

He improved martial arts techniques and pa*sed down martial arts masterpieces, and with his own efforts, he promoted the rapid and prosperous development of the martial arts of Yanxia.

On the internet, the entire Yanxia Martial Dao regarded him as a benefactor and as a believer.

But in reality, everyone considers him to be a murderous devil.

It was amazing how the different identities of the world converged perfectly in one.

Moreover, what made Lu Zi Ming even more ironic was that he had practised martial arts in order to kill Ye Fan.

But in the end, it was Ye Fan who taught him those powerful martial arts.

One could imagine how devastated Lu Ziming was at this moment?

After a long silence, the disheartened Lu Ziming smiled sadly.

“Chu Tianfan, you’ve won.”

“I, Lu Zi Ming, simply cannot defeat you.”

“I originally thought that with the guidance of Elder Mortal Starfire, I would one day surpa*s you, but in the end, I am nothing but a joke after all, played by you.”

“Tell me, what do you want from me, I will do it all.”

“I don’t need anything from you in return, I owe you this.”

“Consider it a repayment, the gift of teaching.”