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Worth Deserving Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850

Although Lu Zi Ming had hatred in his heart, he was by no means an unreasonable person.

In the past, he hated Ye Fan because he could not walk away from that hurdle in his heart.

Of course, he had not walked out of that hurdle now either.

However, Ye Fan’s horror had made Lu Zi Ming realise that there was no possibility of him succeeding in his revenge.

There was not even a single possibility!

Moreover, after learning that Ye Fan was that Mortal Starfire senior, the image of the cold-blooded and heartless devil in his mind before suddenly became flesh and blood.

Moreover, it was also tinted with a bit of “tragedy”.

He had put in so much effort for Yan Xia.

In the end, what he got in return was indifference and hostility.

Now, many martial artists in Yanxia still regarded Ye Fan as a devil.

Perhaps, just as Ye Fan had said, this earth had never known him.

Lu Zi Ming’s cooperation was a slight surprise to Ye Fan.

He had thought that perhaps he would have to go to some trouble to make him submit.

Now, it seemed that there was no need for such trouble.

“Back then, if that son of yours had been half as good as you, your Lu family would not have ended up in today’s situation.”

Ye Fan gave a light laugh.

And then he gave Lu Zi Ming a card and told him to credit all the money that the Lu family had now into it.

“I will use it tomorrow.”

“You move quickly, don’t miss my business.”

“Don’t worry, the money won’t be borrowed for nothing.”

“By the way, there is one more thing. Which family is the most powerful in the land north of the river now?”

“I’m not asking about the explicit power, but the family that really controls Jiangbei.”

Ye Fan suddenly asked.

The corners of Lu Zi Ming’s eyes jumped then “What are you you going to do?”

“Isn’t it enough that you have destroyed my Lu family?”

“My father was killed by you on the first day of his sealing, and the West Lake was all smashed by you.”

“Are you going to do it to us in Jiangbei again?”

Lu Zi Ming was all anxious.

As the saying goes, once bitten by a snake, you are afraid of a well rope for ten years.

Back then, the Lu family was the number one powerful family in Jiangbei, but it ended up being trampled down by Ye Fan as a whole.

And now that Ye Fan was asking again, Lu Zi Ming subconsciously thought that Ye Fan was going to kill again.

“Don’t worry about it, the current Jiangbei martial art makes no difference to me whether it exists or not.”

“I won’t waste time and energy doing such meaningless things.”

“I’m looking for them, I’m just asking them for a favour.”

“Seriously?” Lu Zi Ming was still skeptical.

Ye Fan laughed helplessly “Although I have killed many people, have you ever heard that I, Chu Tianfan, have killed someone for no reason?”

“The reason I destroyed your Lu family was because your son had provoked me.”

Ye Fan explained a few words.

In the end, Lu Zi Ming still named the leading power in Jiangbei today.

“It’s the Zhang family.”

“Zhang Jiuling, the old family head of the Zhang family, is the president of the Jiangbei Martial Arts a*sociation.”

“In terms of seniority, it doesn’t have to be worse than my father’s.”

“It’s just that my father came later and entered the clan first before becoming an ordained master, before pushing the Lu family to the top of Jiangbei.”

“But now, with the Lu family in ruins, the chair of the number one clan in northern Jiangxi has naturally returned to the Zhang family.”

“What about the Meng family? Aren’t they the richest?” Ye Fan asked again.

Lu Zi Ming snorted “You mean Meng Wanjun? A speculative businessman is just that, no match for a martial arts family that wields power.”

“In Jiangbei, making who poor and who rich is just a matter of a word from the Zhang family.”

“If someone else is given the resources, the connections, and the policies, he can be just as rich.”

“But becoming a patriarch is not just any person.”

How can Lu Zi Ming say that he was once a lordly figure in control of Jiangbei, there are many things that he naturally sees through.

Ye Fan nodded his head “Good then, make an appointment for me with that Zhang Jiuling. Tell him that I will pay a visit tomorrow night.”

“And what if they don’t welcome you?” Lu Zi Ming said.

“If they don’t welcome me, then I’ll kill them in. Tell him that there is no one I, Chu Tianfan, want to see that I cannot see.”

In this heaven and earth, Ye Fan’s faint words could not stop echoing.

Soon, that figure, disappeared into the hazy darkness ahead.

But long after he had left, Lu Ziming could not calm his mood for a long time.

Finally, Lu Zi Ming sighed bitterly “Ai, sins!”

“How did my Lu family come across such unreasonable people!”

Not far away, Yue Yao had been waiting somewhere.

Seeing Ye Fan return, Yue Yao laughed “I thought you would have some way to get money, but it turns out that you went to rob.”

Ye Fan was immediately displeased “How can this be a robbery, I’m borrowing.”

“Besides, it was that Lu Zi Ming who gave it to me willingly.”

“What’s more, that old thing learns my martial arts and practices my kung fu, is it too much for me to charge him some tuition?”

Ye Fan held his chest out proudly and raised his head as he walked forward with big strides.

“Let’s go, attend the auction.”

“Yao’er, we’re rich, feel free to auction whatever you see later.”

“No need to save for me.”

“It’s not my money anyway.”

It was different when people were rich, their words were much harder.

Looking at Ye Fan’s villainous look, Yue Yao behind him was snorting out a laugh like a flowery branch trembling.

Lin’an Guild Hall.

The auction continued.

Ye Fan was wearing a dragon head mask, while Yue Yao was wearing a rabbit head mask, and those rabbit ears were extremely cute.

“Young master, look over there!”

After Ye Fan had taken his seat, several gazes looked over not far away.

It was the broad son of the Meng family, Meng Chuan.

“Rather, you still have the guts to come!”

Meng Chuan was in a very unhappy mood and still had a shadow in his heart.

At this moment, seeing Ye Fan and the others who had refuted his face yesterday, he was naturally even more upset.

His eyebrows were gloomy, and no one knew exactly what was plotting in his heart.

Soon, the auction began.

The first lot was an ancient porcelain.

The starting bid, eight hundred thousand.

Ye Fan took it for five million!

Yue Yao “What did you buy it for?”

Ye Fan “It can be used as a urinal!”

Then, it was a lady’s corset with diamonds.

Ye Fan took it for three million.

Yueyao “You’re a man, you’re buying women’s underwear?”

Ye Fan “For you to wear.”

Yue Yao’s eyes were full of disgust “I don’t want it!”

After that, Ye Fan auctioned off the third and fourth lots one after another.

For a while, the large venue became a one-man show for Ye Fan.

The host, “Starting bid, six million!”

Ye Fan raised his card, “Seven million!”

There was a scramble, “Seven and a half million!”

Ye Fan “Ten million!”

The crowd was convinced.

The moderator “Starting bid, five million!”

Ye Fan raised his bid “Ten million!”

The crowd was convinced again.

The moderator “The next lot is a landscape painting by Qi Baishi, the contemporary master of Chinese painting, an absolute treasure”

Ye Fan “Twenty million!”

Holy sh*t!

What the hell!

The starting price hadn’t even been mentioned, and you’re already shouting for more?

Is this a bidder?

He’s probably just here to buy the goods!

He’s too good, isn’t he?

After a few rounds, the whole venue had gone crazy.

Everyone looked in Ye Fan’s direction with unbelievable faces.

“This guy, who the hell is he?”

“The son of the richest family in Jiangbei isn’t as generous as him, is he?”

“This isn’t spending money at all, this is throwing money!”

“I don’t know if he’s married yet, I have a daughter, I’d like to be introduced!”

“That brother looks so young, later when the auction is over, go and ask him for a weibo!”

Ye Fan’s highlight performance soon became the most attention-grabbing focus of the whole audience.

The light from his body overpowered even Meng Chuan!

“b*****d boy, how dare you be so arrogant on my turf?”

“I’ll see if you can still laugh later!”

“Listen up, let’s rob whatever he buys later.”

“We have to kill his spirit!”

Meng Chuan had been P*ssed off.

How could he allow that there was someone more bullying than him in this Jiangbei land.

“Ye Fan, don’t shoot indiscriminately.” While Meng Chuan’s heart was sulking, Yue Yao was fiercely glaring at Ye Fan, full of anger.

According to the way he was spending it, even if Lu Zi Ming gave him more money, he would have to lose it all.

“Don’t worry, Yao’er, I have it in my heart.”

“Just wait and see the good show!” Ye Fan smiled wryly, no one knew exactly what was brewing in this guy’s heart.