Worth Deserving Chapter 1851

“The next lot, the Huanghuali Cross Chair.”

“Starting bid, six million!”

With some introduction from the host, Ye Fan bid again.

But this time, Meng Chuan, who had been standing by with folded arms, finally made a bold bid.

He engaged in a fierce exchange with Ye Fan.

“Ten million!”

“I bid fifteen million!”

“Twenty million!” Ye Fan shouted his bid again.

Meng Chuan clenched his palm and directly raised his bid by ten million “Thirty million!”

The old men beside Meng Chuan were all anxious when they saw this.

“Young master, don’t forget the purpose of our trip.”

“The old master’s life depends on you.”

“Don’t miss the big picture for the sake of the small.”

The old man couldn’t stop advising, telling Meng Chuan to bid carefully so that he could save up his funds for the final battle.

In the end, Meng Chuan did not follow up after bidding thirty million.

Ye Fan took it with a high bid of thirty-one million.

“Ye Fan, you loser!”

For a six million item, Ye Fan took it for over three thousand play, Yue Yao, who had always upheld diligence and frugality, could not wait to bite Ye Fan to death.

It really wasn’t his own money, he didn’t feel any pain.

Next, another auction item was brought out.

It still had a starting price of around five million.

At first, there were several bidders, but in the end, it still diffused into a head-to-head battle between Ye Fan and Meng Chuan.

“I bid forty-five million!” Meng Chuan shouted sternly.

Ye Fan calmly raised his card “Fifty million!”

As he quoted, Ye Fan looked calm and even looked in Meng Chuan’s direction, that calm look seemed to be a provocation.

“Fifty million.”

“Young master, calm down!” Seeing that Meng Chuan was about to raise his bid again, the old man next to him once again pulled Meng Chuan back and advised in a bitter voice.

A few minutes later, a similar scene played out again.

“Young master, the greater good is important!” The old man hugged Meng Chuan, telling him never to be impulsive and not to run out of bullets in advance.

Just like this, after a few rounds of exchanges, all the lots were still in Ye Fan’s pocket, and Meng Chuan was defeated.

“This guy, who the hell is he?”

“Even the Meng family’s financial power has been defeated?”

“Could it be that it’s a wealthy young man from the Zhonghai side?”

There was a lot of chatter around, and Ye Fan’s fame had undoubtedly reached a peak in the auction house.

“A loser!”

“This is no way to live.”

Yue Yao, however, had her nose out of joint and blamed Ye Fan repeatedly.

But Ye Fan was not in a hurry, everything was still under control.

Although several lots in a row were taken by Ye Fan, the auction items at the beginning were not too precious, the starting price was only around a few million at the highest.

It was only when he was competing with Meng Chuan just now that he shouted out a high price of tens of millions.

Even if they were all added up, the total cost would only be around a hundred million or so.

It was still within Ye Fan’s range of affordability.

“Gentlemen, this next lot is a pair of jade bracelets.”

“Made from the most precious imperial green, crafted by a famous jade maker from Western Europe.”

“Starting bid, fifty million dollars!”

When they heard this price, some of the people in the room who had originally jumped at the chance to bid shook their heads.

This price was too high!

But Ye Fan suddenly stood up “Wife, I’ll buy this jade bracelet and give it to you today. On the wedding day, I will put it on you with my own hands!”

Ye Fan’s voice was loud and he looked at Yue Yao with deep emotion, his bold words moved countless people in the venue.

“My goodness!”

“Is this the love of a tycoon?”

“It’s so handsome!”

“I also want to marry him!”

The crowd was already abuzz, and many of the women even oozed admiring light towards Ye Fan.

However, Yue Yao was baffled.

She thought to herself, “What is Ye Fan talking nonsense again?

Who is your wife!

“Don’t talk, cooperate with me.” Ye Fan winked at Yue Yao.

Although Yue Yao was confused, she also played along with Ye Fan “Husband, thank you, Yao’er is so touched.”

It was the first time she had ever called someone her husband, and although it was fake, Yue Yao’s pretty face still turned red.

Luckily, she was wearing a mask and no one could see it.

“This idiot!”

“Guess he’s a stupid, rich thug!”

Not far away, Meng Chuan, seeing this scene, was not only not angry, but also laughed.

At auctions, what was most taboo was always this kind of premature revealing of one’s intentions.

Such idiots often end up becoming ingrates and spending a lot of money in vain.

“Elder Qian, wait for a good show later.”

“Isn’t he rich, this bracelet, I’ll let him buy it for 200 million.” Meng Chuan smiled fiercely, his eyes full of smugness and cunning.

“Young master, it’s better to be cautious. What if, on purpose, he is giving us a drill?” The old man warned.

Meng Chuan shook his head “Don’t worry about it, acting or not, I will not be able to tell?”

“Looking at his several previous bids, he is obviously a thug, probably his first time attending an auction and doesn’t know the ways and means here.”

“Today, this young master will teach him a lesson!”

Meng Chuan laughed coldly.

And then, the bid was instantly placed “100 million!”


“One hundred million?”

“Young Master Meng is so bold!”

“A direct bid of 100 million?”

“It seems that not only is that mysterious gentleman interested in this pair of jade bracelets, but young master Meng is also very interested.”

“I heard that Young Master Meng has been courting a beautiful young lady recently, so I guess he also wants to auction off this pair of imperial green and give it to his beloved.”

“I just wonder, who will be the one who laughs at the end of this war of kings and kings?”

The host, with a few words, once again brought the atmosphere to a high. The tide.

Ye Fan also immediately responded to the battle, bidding 150 million dollars.

“One hundred and sixty million dollars!”

“One hundred and eighty million dollars!”

Both sides went back and forth, the price rose rapidly, and the host was simply delighted.

Finally, Meng Chuan’s bid came in, two hundred million!

“How about it, friend, do you want to call?”

“It’s not that I’m taking away from others, the main thing is this imperial green jadeite, I want it too.”

Meng Chuan looked at Ye Fan and said in an imposing manner.

Ye Fan was pretending to be angry “Why don’t you dare?”

“This young master has plenty of money!”

“Not to mention two hundred million, I dare to go along with three hundred million!”

As the words fell, Ye Fan directly added fifty million.

“My God, two hundred and fifty million!”

“Is there any higher?”

“It seems that the king tonight belongs to this mysterious Mr. Dragon Head?”

“Quickly? The lighting man hit it, give this gentleman a close up!”

The host’s excited screams resounded throughout the room.

Meng Chuan smiled smugly at this point “Sure enough, he’s an idiot, he fell for it so easily.”

“Well young master, two hundred and fifty million dollars is enough to buy him a lesson.”

“Let’s concentrate on waiting for the intended auction item to appear.”

The old man next to him laughed similarly, secretly admiring his young master’s cleverness.

“There’s no rush, this guy seems to have quite a lot of money left, I’ll provoke him a bit more!”

Before, Meng Chuan intended to raise it to 200 million and forget it, but now, he was no longer satisfied.

So, Meng Chuan raised his cards again and bid, three hundred million!

“This friend, what good fortune.”

“But jade has a price, love is priceless.”

“In order to make the one I love happy, I am willing to bid three hundred million.”

“I also ask my friend to give me face and let me have this imperial green, the symbol of love!”

It had to be said that Meng Chuan was really cunning.

Especially the line that emerald has a price and love is priceless, wasn’t it just to stimulate Ye Fan to buy this emerald bracelet for his wife at any cost?


“This foolish man, bid as much as you like.”

“Although this jadeite is precious, it’s only worth about 100 million at best.”

“This time, I’ll make you pay 200 million!”

Meng Chuan laughed coldly in his heart.

However, Meng Chuan’s smugness did not last long as Ye Fan, who had been so bold before, suddenly grinned at him “Alright Young Master Meng, I’ll give you this face.”

“Three hundred million, jadeite jade bracelet, I’ll let you have it!”


At that moment, it was as if thunder struck down.

Meng Chuan’s entire body was directly dumbfounded!

All the smugness instantly dispersed.

A pair of eyes that were close to staring at blood.

“What the hell did you you say?”