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Worth Deserving Chapter 1852

“Letting go of me?”

“Are you serious?”

“This is an imperial green, it’s not available after this village.”

“I advise you to think carefully, this is a symbol of love, if you give it to me, will your wife agree?”

Meng Chuan forced down the anger and eagerness in his heart, pretending to be calm as he spoke to Ye Fan about the pros and cons.

At the same time, he cursed himself in his heart for not saying those words just now.

This idiot in front of him had a bad head, so he might have really taken those words he had just said seriously and really let this imperial green jade go to himself.

“I’ve thought it over.”

“I am always willing to help people.”

“My wife is also very kind, so she is willing to give this imperial green, a symbol of love, to Young Master Meng.”

“May Young Master Meng get what he wants and hold a beautiful woman.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly.

Yue Yao next to him was also amused and said in line with Ye Fan “Yes, Young Master Meng, my husband and I are both extremely good-hearted people, we don’t do things that take away the love of others.”

Hearing these words, Young Master Meng was undoubtedly so angry that he nearly vomited blood three times.

This was three hundred million.

This time, they had only brought a total of five hundred million, and this time, they had spent more than half of it.

In a moment, how else could they compete for that elixir?

“D*mn it! D*mn it! D*mn it!”

Meng Chuan’s heart was burning with anxiety, and he was close to going mad at this point.

However, the moderator had not yet dropped the hammer, and as long as he could persuade this thug in front of him to continue competing, then it was still too late.

Thinking of this, Meng Chuan changed his previous hostility and severity and suddenly became friendly towards Ye Fan.

“Brother, you are right, a gentleman does not take away what is good for others.”

“You two, husband and wife, are so benevolent and friendly, this friend is well worth dealing with.”

“Since we are friends, I, Meng Chuan, should show my sincerity as well.”

“This imperial green, I already have one at home.”

“If you increase the price a little more symbolically, I promise not to steal it from you.”

“This one, I’ll let you have it.”

“No need to thank me, I, Meng Chuan, have always been very righteous to my brothers.”

Meng Chuan waved his hand and put on a grand and generous look.

Meng Chuan knew very well that at times like this, the more anxious he acted, the less the other party was afraid that he would fall for it.


“We’ve all said we’re brothers, I can’t brother things either can I.”

“We are also very righteous.”

Ye Fan laughed, then waved his hand and gestured at the host, indicating that he was giving up on the bidding.

When the host saw this, he immediately dropped his gavel “It looks like the fierce bidding is over.”

“The final winner of the jade bracelet is our Young Master Meng.”

“Let’s give a big round of applause and congratulate Young Master Meng!”

There was thunderous applause.

But Meng Chuan’s face was white and his body swayed, nearly sprawling on the ground.

“Haha, getting what you want, Young Master Meng, why are you not happy?” Ye Fan looked at Meng Chuan.

“Son of a b*tch, you’re f*cking playing with me?”

“From the very beginning, you’ve been setting me up!”

“You beast, I’ll f*cking kill you!”

Meng Chuan was completely furious.

Originally, he had thought of trapping Ye Fan, but who would have thought that he would end up digging a hole and burying himself.

At this moment, Meng Chuan was extremely remorseful.

He hated himself for finally shouting that mouthful.

How much better it would have been to let Ye Fan buy it for 200 million!

Now, the lot they really wanted had not yet appeared, and as a result, more than half of the money had already been spent.

In his anger, Meng Chuan raised up and was about to kick Ye Fan.

But soon, he was stopped by the auction security.

“This gentleman, please also keep quiet.”

“Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll have to ask the gentleman to leave the venue!”

Several security guards spoke from the side.

Meng Chuan clenched his palms and clenched his teeth, but eventually sat back down in his seat.

“Young master, we’ve all been tricked.”

“That guy, the previous crazy sweep was all padding.”

“Just to give us the impression of being a wrongdoer.”

“So as to set us up here.”

“These two, it looks like they’re coming for us.”

As things had developed to this point, everything was undoubtedly clear.

Meng Chuan and the others, all of them could see that this Ye Fan was by no means a good fighter.

He was ruthless and venomous!

“b*****d, in all my years, this is the first time this young master has been pitted so badly?”

“However, I won’t let him go.”

“I don’t care who he is, where he comes from, and who his background is, but when it comes to my mu of land, I will never let him walk out of Lin An standing!”

Meng Chuan was completely enraged, his eyes were red, his palms were clenched tightly, and killing intent raged in his eyes.

Meng Chuan had already decided that when the auction was over, he would definitely return the humiliation he had suffered in this matter.

“Not far away, seeing Meng Chuan’s blue and white face, Yue Yao only felt amused and laughed out loud.

It turned out that she had misunderstood Ye Fan.

This guy, who had done that before, was actually doing it all to pit Meng Chuan along.

“Having avenged your wife, you should be relieved now, right?”

Yue Yao thought that Ye Fan was taking out his anger for Qiu Mu Orange by acting like this, and had some envy for that woman in her heart.

However, Ye Fan laughed lightly “Silly girl, do you really think that I pitted this young master of the Meng family all out of spite?”

“Before I came here, I got a message that the old man of the Meng family is dying and is on his way out. So I reckon that this Meng family’s young master’s biggest aim in attending the auction this time should also be that elixir.”

“Now he has already spent three hundred million.”

“It means that when we bid later, we will be able to pay three hundred million less.”

“Won’t that be money saved?”

Ye Fan said smugly.

Yue Yao smiled, then it dawned on her, and while admiring her heart, she couldn’t help but pour “But Ye Fan, you’re really deep in your ways”

“I think I’ll have to be careful of you in the future, otherwise I’ll be set up by you one day too.”

Ye Fan glanced at Yue Yao and shook his head with slight disgust “You don’t have money again.”

Yue Yao said in defiance “Coco you want to covet my body?”

Ye Fan smiled, twisted his head and carefully looked at Yue Yao from top to bottom, finally his eyes lingered on Yue Yao’s chest for a few seconds and shook his head seriously “It’s too small, no way no how.”

“You!” At first, Yue Yao did not know what Ye Fan was talking about, but after noticing Ye Fan’s gaze, Yue Yao was instantly furious.

She straightened her body and haughtily hummed “You’re nonsense, where am I small?”

Ye Fan turned his head away and didn’t answer her question, he just sighed “In the future, I’ll buy you more papayas.”

“Ye Fan! You’re P*ssing me off, I’m going to bite you to death!”

While the two of them were laughing and joking, time could not stop pa*sing.

Finally, when a lot was brought up, Ye Fan seemed to feel something, and his expression immediately became serious “Yao’er, what we’ve been waiting for, it’s here!”

Ye Fan was not the only one, at this moment, the eyes of many people in the whole room became hot.

Obviously, those who had received the news beforehand were by no means a minority.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have kept you all waiting.”

“Next, what we are going to auction is a miraculous herb.”

“This herb has a mysterious origin.”

“Some say that it was planted by immortals.”

“Others say that it was naturally created by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth.”

“Of course, let’s not discuss its origins for the moment, let’s just talk about his efficacy.”

“This herb, which previously had three leaves, is therefore known as the three-leaf spirit herb.”

“Back then, when someone’s life was in danger, he picked one of the leaves in the middle of the period, and after taking it, he was miraculously healed and restored.”

“It may not be true that the flesh of the dead is white, but there is no doubt that this three-leaf elixir has the miraculous effect of curing serious illnesses and prolonging life.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone in your family is seriously ill or dying, you must seize this opportunity.”

“You can earn money again, but you only live once.”