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Worth Deserving Chapter 1853

“That’s it!”

“Ye Fan, no matter what, you have to buy it.”

“Whether or not you can return to the top and regain your former majesty can all depend on the body of this three-leaf spirit gra*s.”

Yue Yao instantly became nervous.

For the sake of this spiritual herb, they had come to Jiangbei and lived in seclusion in the land of Lin’an for more than half a month.

So, no matter what, they had to take this spirit herb today.

“This herb, can it really cure the old ailment in my body?”

Ye Fan had not been able to fully recover from this injury that he had treated for two years in the Extreme North.

Therefore, hearing that this small strain of gra*s in front of him could completely cure him, Ye Fan naturally had some doubts.

“Just listen to me!”

“I may not be as good as you in fighting and brawling, but in terms of medical skills, your entire Dragon God Hall combined is inferior to me.”

“Although my teacher cultivates the Heavenly Master Thunder Technique, he is a close friend of the Valley Master of the Miaojiang Pill King Valley.”

“During the years when my teacher’s life was finally in danger, I followed him and hid in the Pill King Valley.”

“During this period, I read all the medical books and tomes in the Pill King’s Pavilion, just so I could save my teacher.”

“At that time, my teacher’s injuries were similar to yours.”

“At that time, I happened to come across the record of the Three Leaf Spiritual Herb, so I had searched hard for this spiritual medicine.”

“Only, he wasn’t as lucky as you, and had the help of a precious person to renew your life for two years.”

“Before I could find it, my teacher died with hatred.”

“Ye Fan, I have to admit, you’re a lucky guy, what my teacher couldn’t wait for, you got to wait for.”

Remembering the past, Yue Yao’s tone could not help but be a little heavy, and that smile was tinged with bitterness.

However, Ye Fan felt that something was wrong “Yao’er, that’s not right, I remember that back then, Burning Heaven said that your teacher died under his sword thirty years ago.”

“How come now you’re saying that your teacher died in the Pill King Valley?”

Ye Fan suddenly felt that the timeline was a bit misplaced.

Moreover, since this nee-san in front of him was calling that old Heavenly Master as her master, that meant that she should have been under her teacher thirty years ago.

Wouldn’t that mean that this girl was older than herself?

Yue Yao shook her head “Fifty years ago, my teacher went out to meet someone for a battle, and when she returned home, she found that her family had been killed and her untold art had been stolen.”

“After that, my teacher has been investigating the matter, who was responsible for it?”

“At that time, Burning Heaven was still an unheard of disciple under my teacher.”

“It wasn’t until thirty years ago that Burning Heaven’s deeds were revealed and the master and disciple eventually fought with swords.”

“In that battle, my teacher was defeated, and his breath was cut off as he was struck several times.”

“But at the last moment, a mysterious person appeared and took away the body of my teacher.”

“That man was the head of the Pill King Valley.”

“After that, my teacher lingered on, having his life renewed by the Valley Master for many years.”

“It was also during that time that I met my teacher.”

Yue Yao spoke in a low voice.

Ye Fan then nodded his head “Then that’s right, I told you, you should be younger than me.”

Yue Yao smiled and immediately glared “Is this the time to care about such?”

“Cut the crap, if you don’t want to follow in my teacher’s footsteps, take this three-leaf spirit gra*s!”

Yue Yao’s eyebrows were firm.

The Three-Leaf Spirit Gra*s, he was determined to get it!

Even if the worst happened and this Spiritual Gra*s ended up in someone else’s hands, then Yue Yao would have to take it for Ye Fan even if she had to rob it then.

Consider it as the last bit of work that one would do for this bad guy after leaving.

For so many years, Ye Fan had always thanked Yue Yao for helping her silently.

But Yue Yao, how could she not thank Ye Fan for his years of shelter and companionship?

Yueyao had been an orphan since she was young and was taken in by her teacher when she was desperate.

But within a few years, her teacher had also left.

She was the only one left in the world.

During that time, Yueyao was withdrawn and silent, and she wanted to take revenge on her teacher.

So she taught herself the poison technique and tried to use poison to kill Burning Heaven.

As a result, he ended up underestimating the power of the Sealed Sovereign after all.

Not only did he fail to kill Burning Heaven, but he also ended up with the name of Poison Master himself.

As a result, during that time, martial practitioners from all countries went crazy to hunt her down.

Yueyao was unfortunate that people close to her had left him one after another.

But she also felt lucky that every time she reached the end of her life and despair, another light always appeared.

Before, it was his teacher.

Then, it was Ye Fan.

Ye Fan not only saved her, but also promised to help her take revenge.

Of course, what touched Yue Yao the most was the care and attention Ye Fan had given her over the years.

Over the years, although she had not spent much time with Ye Fan.

This fellow, however, was the one who would go to the land of the Western Frontier to see her once a year.

And he also gave Yue Yao a call every now and then. Of course, almost every time, it was Ye Fan himself chatting and bullsh*tting there, while Yue Yao was full of disgust, hating to hang up the phone to this annoying guy right away.

During the New Year holidays, Ye Fan would even send Yue Yao some food by courier, and when it was windy and raining, this guy would not forget to call Yue Yao to remind her.

During those years, Yueyao was so annoyed with Ye Fan!

She thought, “This guy is a real nag, why does he talk so much?

Can we really rely on this kind of person for revenge?

But gradually, Yueyao suddenly found herself looking forward to Ye Fan’s phone calls, and was happy every time she received a gift from Ye Fan.

During the years when she lived alone in the land of the Western Frontier, Ye Fan’s phone calls or gifts were almost the only thing she thought about.

It turned out that there was still someone in this world who thought about her.

That feeling of being cared for, of having someone to hold on to, was really quite good.

Later, when news of Ye Fan’s death came, the people of the Dragon God Temple only worried about Ye Fan’s family members, but who knew that Yue Yao’s eyes were swollen with tears that night.

She didn’t even attend Ye Fan’s funeral and left Jiangdong the next day.

She did not believe that Ye Fan would die.

She could not accept that Ye Fan would die either.

During those years, Yueyao was also frantically searching for Ye Fan.

She didn’t want to go through that pain of losing the most important person in her heart again, she didn’t want to be alone in this world anymore.

She had already lost her parents and her teacher, she could not lose Ye Fan again.

But fortunately, this time the heavens seemed to have heard her heart’s birth.

Ye Fan really didn’t die.

“This guy, he’s so lucky.”

Yue Yao silently glanced at Ye Fan and whispered.

And while Ye Fan and the others were focusing on this three-leaf spirit gra*s, Meng Chuan and the others not far away, their pairs of expressions also instantly became solemn.

“Young master, that’s him!”

“Whether or not the old master can pull through this time, he’s counting on this.”

“As long as you take him down today and renew the old master’s life.”

“That’s a great feat!”

“The old master will definitely be impressed with you, and when the time comes, send you to the Meng family seat, who else within the family will dare to say a word against it?”

“As for that illegitimate son of your father’s, he will no longer be able to compete with you!”

After seeing the three-leaf spirit gra*s, that old man’s gaze also became fiery.

As Ye Fan had expected, they had come to this auction for this herb.

Although Meng Chuan was the eldest son of the Meng Family, due to his actions over the years, there were many voices in the family that did not approve of Meng Chuan taking over the position of the head of the Meng Family.

In particular, Meng Chuan has an illegitimate brother who, despite his humble origins, is far more capable than Meng Chuan and has gained a lot of support in the family over the years.

He is a great threat to Meng Chuan’s position.

Even Meng Chuan’s father has begun to sway between them.

In such a situation, Meng Chuan could only go for the support of the old man.

But now the old man is seriously ill, and once he dies, Meng Chuan will not have any significant supporters in the family.

It was a matter of his future, so Meng Chuan was naturally concerned.

“Have you contacted Bingbing?”

“Tell her that even if she has to borrow money, she has to get me a few hundred million dollars in a hurry!” Meng Chuan yelled in a low voice.