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Worth Deserving Chapter 1859

There was only one topic of discussion that night.

If Ye Fan returned to his country, would Yanxia shelter him or would he be denied access to the country.

Zhang Jiuling remembered that in the final vote, the majority of people chose to prevent Ye Fan from returning to Yanxia.

As the saying goes, the wall fell down and people pushed.

At the beginning, once Ye Fan went up to Chu Mun Mountain, he forced the Chu family to bow down.

At that time, when he returned to Yanxia, the martial artists of Yanxia were eager to welcome him in the road.

On the day of Ye Fan’s grandfather’s birthday, several pillar states of the Martial God Hall even personally apologised and wanted to ease relations with Ye Fan.

However, after Ye Fan’s second trip to the Chu Sect, the situation had been completely different.

That time, Ye Fan had defeated the Chu Sect Mountain.

It could be said that he fled back to Yanxia in a mess.

The Chu Sect went all out to hunt him down, and, the rest of the world’s martial arts were also involved.

Surrounding Ye Fan!

As the saying goes. A defeated soldier is like a mountain.

A defeated general would choose to save himself, and most people in the martial arts of Yanxia would choose to save their own lives.

However, that night, Zhang Jiuling had firmly chosen to protect Ye Fan.

Even after the final vote was taken, Zhang Jiuling still argued his case and demanded that the Martial Hall must not lose its moral righteousness.

Although Jiang Bei had an extremely deep entanglement with Ye Fan.

But one size does not fit all.

No matter how deep the conflict between Ye Fan and Jiang Bei was, it was only an internal conflict of the Yanxia Martial Dao.

But now was different.

Ye Fan was facing a combined force of extra-territorial forces to surround and kill him.

If the Yanxia Martial Way retreated, wouldn’t that chill the hearts of all the martial artists outside?

A country that did not even dare to shelter its own people.

In future, when faced with foreign enemies, how many people will dare to rush forward? How many will dare to fight for their country?

There are decisions that can be made not only in terms of immediate gains and losses, but also in terms of the future and the influence they will have on the hearts and minds of the people.

Anyway, if Zhang Jiuling had been in Ye Fan’s position, he would have hoped that his family and country would take refuge in him.

But unfortunately, the voices of Zhang Jiuling and a few others were eventually drowned out in the flood of the majority.

In the end, the Yanxia Martial Way decided to keep Ye Fan out of the country and not allow him to bring trouble into Yanxia.

After receiving the news that Ye Fan had killed himself with his sword, Zhang Jiuling, who was far away in Jiangbei, was the one who fell very ill.

After that, he submitted his resignation to the Martial Arts God’s Hall and stepped down as the president of the Jiangbei Martial Arts a*sociation.

He was determined to quit the cold world of martial arts.

Perhaps, at that time, Zhang Jiuling, like the God of War, had become disillusioned with the martial arts of Yanxia.

This was simply not the martial arts world he wanted to guard?

This kind of cold, warm and unfeeling martial arts world, it was better not to have it.

Zhang Jiuling had thought that he would spend the rest of his life in this courtyard in front of him.

But he never expected that the man who was forced to die back then would come back.

Perhaps it was heaven’s will.

It was the heavens that sent Ye Fan back to shatter this cold and heartless martial arts world.

Let this dead Yanxia martial dao be reborn in nirvana!

At this moment, a thousand emotions swept through Zhang Jiuling’s heart.

The expression on his old face was even more indefinable, whether he was elated or sad.

However, as he said these words, Zhang Jiuling slowly closed his eyes.

Like a person in sleep stepping into darkness, he calmly stepped into death.

“Grandpa, I won’t let you die!”

“Whoever wants to kill you, my granddaughter will kill them!”

Seeing the way her grandfather was bent on death, Zhang Zixi’s eyes then turned red.

With her wooden sword in hand, she blocked in front of her grandfather, and with one pair of eyes, she stared viciously at Ye Fan.

No one paid any attention to him.

Ye Fan’s gaze only stopped on Zhang Jiuling.

Perhaps, also remembering the old incident back then, Ye Fan’s expression also became cold and ice-cold.

“Why do you need to bring up old matters back then?”

“There is no need to talk about atonement either.”

“You don’t owe me.”

“You do not owe me either.”

“I don’t blame you and I have no reason to blame you for turning me away from the country.”

“If you want to blame, you should only blame me, Chu Tianfan, for not choosing to return to my country!”

Ye Fan’s face was expressionless, and his ice-cold words made it impossible to hear any emotion embedded in them.

“No, it is us, Yanxia, who owe you.”

“Back then, it was indeed my Yanxia Martial Way that did wrong.”

On the side, Lu Zi Ming, who had been silent, suddenly interjected.

Those words were also filled with guilt and remorse.

The previous Lu Ziming, too, did feel that Yanxia did not owe Ye Fan anything.

They had no obligation to help Ye Fan, nor did they have an obligation to fight against the Chu Sect and the world in order to shelter a murderous nightmare.

But it was not until last night, when he found out that Ye Fan was the “Starfire of Mortal Dust”, that Lu Ziming realised that he was wrong, and so was the Martial God Temple, and everyone in the martial arts of Yanxia was wrong.

Ye Fan had treated Yanxia with pa*sion, but the Yanxia Martial Dao had failed him when he needed it most.

“That’s enough!”

Ye Fan suddenly became angry.

A low shout brought a hunting gale sweeping across this dark night.

The terrifying majesty caused Lu Zi Ming and Zhang Jiuling’s faces to turn pale, their hearts terrified.

“I don’t want to hear any more of this nonsense!”

“I no longer have anything to do with the Yanxia Martial Dao.”

“Also, Zhang Jiuling, I am not here today to kill you, nor to slaughter your Jiangbei Martial Dao.”

“I only ask you to help me protect one person.”

“After I’m gone, but if she is harmed in the slightest, the end of the Lu family will be the end of your Zhang family!”

Ye Fan had run out of patience and turned his words around, stepping straight into the main topic.

And then, Ye Fan told Zhang Jiuling the information about Qiu Mu Orange.

“Of course, you can also choose not to take refuge.”

“Then I will step on your Zhang family right now.”

Icy words echoed in this place with an endless moroseness.

Without any tone of negotiation at all, Ye Fan spoke to Zhang Jiuling as if he was giving a direct order.

If you don’t obey, then you will die!

“How dare you!”

“How dare you threaten my grandfather?”

“Threaten my Zhang family?”

“In all these years, you are the first!”

Ye Fan’s tone of voice, however, angered Zhang Zixi.

Her willow brows furrowed as she angrily shouted at Ye Fan.

However, as soon as Zhang Zixi’s words fell, Zhang Jiuling was the one who immediately drank.

“Shut up, Zixi, you must not be rude to Mr. Chu!”

After lecturing his granddaughter, Zhang Jiuling immediately cupped his fist and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chu. I will risk my life to protect Miss Qiu’s well-being.”

“What the Lu family did back then was stupid and nasty, I, Zhang Jiuling, will definitely not do it again.”

“You,” Lu Zi Ming’s eyes twitched hard at the corners.

He thought to himself, “Zhang Jiuling, this old thing, is deliberately exposing his scars, right?

Of course, Lu Zi Ming knew what Zhang Jiuling was talking about.

Back then, his son Lu Hua was ordered to go to Jiangdong to shelter Ye Fan’s family and friends, but he ended up having mischievous intentions. What should have been a protective umbrella for Ye Fan’s relatives turned out to be a life claimant for Ye Fan’s family.

In the end, Ye Fan was angered and his entire family was buried with him.

In all seriousness, it was indeed their Lu family that was at fault for this matter in the first place.

“Grandpa, what are you doing?”

Zhang Zixi, who was originally filled with anger, was filled with confusion when he saw his grandfather looking so humble and respectful.

“Grandpa, he treated you with such disrespect and even threatened our Zhang family’s life, how can you still”

“Grandpa, I know that you have washed your hands in a golden pot and have withdrawn from the martial arts world, not wanting to be involved in killing anymore.”

“But grandfather, you still have your granddaughter, me.”

“The things you don’t want to do, granddaughter does for you.”

“The people you don’t want to kill, granddaughter kills them for you!”

“Such an arrogant little child who doesn’t know what he’s doing and speaks wildly like this, granddaughter I must teach him a lesson!”

Zhang Zixi spoke in a stern voice.

The words were filled with anger and disbelief.

She couldn’t figure out, her grandfather was such a proud person, someone who valued face so much, and now, when someone broke into the Zhang family at night and spoke rudely, it was just as well that he wasn’t angry and furious, but he was even treating him so respectfully?

“Shut up!”

“You girl, what do you know?”

“Don’t back off yet!”

“How can you offend the majesty of Mr. Chu?” Zhang Jiuling was shocked and hurriedly scolded.