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Worth Deserving Chapter 1860

After stopping his granddaughter, Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming both respectfully stepped forward and clasped their hands together to send Ye Fan away.

After Ye Fan left, Zhang Jiuling breathed a long sigh of relief.

I don’t know why, but although the contact with Ye Fan was only a few minutes, to Zhang Jiuling, it was as long as a century.

Now that Ye Fan had left, it gave Zhang Jiuling a feeling of life after the robbery.


“Back then, the Sword Saints really made an unwise decision.”

Looking back, Zhang Jiuling was the one who let out a long sigh.

Back then, when Ye Fan was in danger, it was definitely an excellent opportunity to ease relations with Ye Fan, both for the Martial God Hall and for the Yanxia Martial Dao.

If he had helped him at the beginning, the Yanxia Martial Way would have received a tremendous boost.

But now, not only was this help missing, but there was even the possibility of having an additional enemy.

Although Ye Fan had just said that he had cleared his grudge with the Yanxia Martial Way and had no more involvement.

However, Zhang Jiuling could still hear that this man’s tone still had a grudge against the Martial God Hall and what he had done to the Yanxia Martial Path.

“With his natural ability, given time, it is by no means a delusion to surpa*s Chu Yuan.”

“If we in Yanxia lose him, how is that different from losing a God Realm powerhouse?”

Zhang Jiuling only felt sorry for him.

Lu Zi Ming nodded similarly “Yes, not only the Martial God Hall, but our entire Yanxia Martial Dao owes him too much.”

“I used to think that Chu Tianfan was a bloodthirsty devil who was only motivated by his own personal pleasure and had no regard for the righteousness of his family and country. &bsp&bsp”

“But it was not until last night, after I learned his true identity, that I realized how much responsibility this man was carrying, and how many people’s misunderstandings and grievances he had silently borne.”

“This kind of pressure, if it were you or me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to bear it.”

“Only a demonic wonder like him, who is rare in the world, would be able to endure all this malice from all over the place.”

Lu Zi Ming lamented.

But Zhang Jiuling was a little confused by what he heard “Master Lu, what did you mean by those words just now?”

“True identity?”

“What other true identity?”

“Isn’t this Chu Tianfan’s true identity, the Mr. Chu of the Jiangdong land?”

Zhang Jiuling asked in confusion.

Lu Zi Ming shook his head “The so-called Jiangdong Mr. Chu is just the most insignificant of all his identities, right?”

“If you knew his true identity, you would probably admire him even more.”

Lu Zi Ming smiled bitterly.

He felt that this secret, in today’s Yanxia, was probably only known to him.

People like the Sword Saint and the Fist Emperor would probably not think, to their deaths, that the Mortal Dust Starfire, whom they held up as the guide of Yanxia’s martial dao, was Ye Fan, whom they had seen die back then.

“Speak up!”

Zhang Jiuling became even more curious.

He pulled Lu Zi Ming and headed inside to talk more about it.

Outside the door, Zhang Zixi was full of disbelief “Mr. Jiangdong Chu?”

“It’s just a gang leader, do they need to be so frightened, grandpa?”

“Uncle Lu even said he was a demonic genius, in my opinion, he’s just an arrogant kid, what’s the big deal.”

It was the first time that Zhang Zixi, who was regarded as a genius rarely found in the Zhang family for a hundred years, was treated with such coldness and disregard.

Throughout, Ye Fan and the others, surprisingly, did not even pay attention to a single word she said.

Even her own grandfather, who had not even noticed her, had only reprimanded her a few times just now.

This was undoubtedly hard to accept for Zhang Zixi, who had always been adored by the stars.

“Humph, I have to see, what is this so-called Jiangdong Mr. Chu capable of?”

After his own grandfather returned to his room with Lu Zi Ming, Zhang Zixi, however, left the place.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was also ready to return to his rented house.

Now that the three-leaf spirit herb had arrived, it could be said that the purpose of this trip to Jiangbei had been achieved.

After he had finished receiving Yue Yao’s treatment, it was also time to leave.

He could no longer be around Qiu Mu Orange, their mother and son, to secretly protect them after all.

Therefore, before leaving, Ye Fan had to find a way to give some shade to their mother and son.

All as a last bit of warmth from him, as a husband, to his formerly married wife.

“Brother Little Fan, what took you so long to come back.”

“Sister Yao Yao has been back for a long time.”

“Tell me honestly, where did you run off to?”

Not long after, Ye Fan had returned to the alleyway where he lived.

Sugar wanted to be at the entrance of the alley, as usual, waiting for Ye Fan to come home.

This little girl was especially dependent on Ye Fan.

Ye Fan walked over and took Sugar in his arms, stroking her little head and smiling dotingly “You little girl, how many times has little brother Fan told you to just wait for me at home in the future.”

“It’s late at night, running out alone, be careful of being caught by night owls.”

Ye Fan pinched Sugar’s cute, round, pretty face and scared her.

“Hmph, you pinched my face again.”

“It’s all pinched big by you!” The little girl was instantly discontented.

“Right, let’s go home quickly, or the meat will all be finished by Sister Yao Yao.” Between words, Sugar seemed to remember something and hurriedly and anxiously urged Ye Fan to go home.

However, Ye Fan smiled “There is no hurry. Before that, Little Brother Fan should take care of a few followers first.”

As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, he saw a large number of men suddenly surging out of the thick darkness like a tidal wave.

These men were in the shape of a half-moon and surrounded Ye Fan and Sugar.

Immediately afterwards, there was a sound of bullets being loaded, and the blackened hole then seemed like the eyes of a demon, locking Ye Fan in a deadly position.

“Little Brother Fan.”

Sugar was already terrified, the coldness that came over her face made her face extremely pale.

“Sugar is not afraid, Little Brother Fan is here.”

The corners of Ye Fan’s mouth smiled as he gently comforted.

The breezy look of his face gave Sugar a sense of security inexplicably.

That feeling was like the end of the world, this man in front of him, would not even have any panic, right?

As they were talking, the crowd quickly dispersed.

A woman dressed in a black trench coat came out.

This woman had a beautiful face and a few moments of heroism between her eyebrows.

As soon as she appeared, a pair of cold eyes fell on Ye Fan.

“Mr Jiangdong Chu, right?”

Cold words rang out, Ye Fan was interested “Know me, who are you?”

“You!” Zhang Zixi was simply going to die from Ye Fan’s words.

He had gone to the Zhang family today, but he hadn’t seen himself, had he?

Sometimes, the most infuriating thing was this kind of ignorance!

“Who I am, you don’t need to know.”

“You came here today to tell you that this is Jiangbei, not Jiangdong, and it’s not a place where you can just spill your guts.”

“My grandfather already had a desire to return to the world, which is why he has repeatedly compromised with you and let you do as you please.”

“But my grandfather spoils you, but I don’t!”

“You have until dawn to leave Jiangbei.”

“Otherwise, I will let you, the so-called Mr. Jiangdong Chu, be buried at the bottom of West Lake.”

Zhang Zixi’s eyes were full of ice coldness, and his morose words were full of threats.

At the same time, as if to match Zhang Zixi’s words, the hundreds of firearms trembled, as if countless tongues of fire were about to erupt from them.

When Ye Fan smiled, he laughed “Drive me away?”

“With just these?”

“How dare you!”

“How dare you speak to Miss like that?”

“Don’t you want to live?”

Hearing Ye Fan’s laughter, a lean man beside Zhang Zixi immediately became furious and scolded in a stern voice.

But as soon as his curses fell, Ye Fan’s eyebrows chilled, followed by a strong wind forming from under his palm.


Ye Fan casually waved his hand.

Under the night, the lean man’s body quietly exploded like a firework.

Scalding blood stained the land red.


Ye Fan’s faint words rang out immediately afterwards.

Deadly silence!

The entire field was deadly silent.

The vast expanse of heaven and earth was silent at this moment!