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Worth Deserving Chapter 1861

“This this.”

Zhang Zixi and the others were all aghast, and everyone was taken aback.

It was too ruthless!

Before this, who would have thought that this seemingly harmless man in front of him would kill someone in public at the drop of a hat.

This sudden power and ruthlessness frightened the crowd into taking a few steps back.

“Brother Little Fan, what’s wrong?”

“Are you hurt?”

Sugar’s eyes were covered by Ye Fan, and she only heard a muffled sound, but did not see Ye Fan’s tactics.

“It’s alright, sugar.”

“It was just someone setting off a firework.”

Ye Fan said comfortingly.

There was not the slightest fluctuation of emotion in that faint laughter.

It was as if, what had just died under him was not a human life, but just a mole.

Zhang Zixi immediately clenched his palm, “It seems that you are determined to get your hands on me in Jiangbei?”

Zhang Zixi’s complexion had already turned cold.

Although, she had expected from the beginning that it would take more than a few words to make Ye Fan leave Jiangbei.

However, she had not guessed that this Ye Fan would be so ruthless and merciless, directly killing him as soon as he came up.

Since he had already seen blood, it was undoubtedly a sign that it would be difficult to avoid this conflict tonight.

Faced with Zhang Zixi’s words, Ye Fan smiled back “I did not strike just now because I coveted your power in Jiangbei.”

“It’s just that I simply don’t like the feeling of having my life threatened.”

“Just now, even if it’s a little lesson for you.”

“In future, remember that before you lay a hand on someone, you should first weigh whether you have that ability.”

“Otherwise, it will just harm others and yourself.”

Ye Fan turned back, glanced at Zhang Zixi, and gave him a slow smile.

And then, he pulled Sugar back.

“Come on, Sugar, let’s go home for dinner.”

Ye Fan paid no more attention to them.

That bland attitude was like an elephant looking down on ants, Chu Yun, not putting them in his eyes at all.

Again this disregard!

Again this kind of arrogance in the eyes of no one!

What Zhang Zixi could not stand the most was this kind of disregard.

It was not looking down on people at all, but rather not seeing him at all.

Sometimes, what was more infuriating than contempt was this kind of ignorance.

This was undoubtedly unbearable for Zhang Zixi, who had always been high-minded and arrogant.

“Stop right there!”

“If you move one more step, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Zhang Zixi shouted sternly.

But Ye Fan did not pay attention.

“You brought this on yourself!”

Zhang Zixi’s eyebrows were instantly icy cold, followed by a command.


In the next moment, countless tongues of fire erupted.

Hundreds and thousands of bullets, like a tidal wave, swept out across the sky.

From afar, it looked like a blood-coloured web from hell, with bullets that were faster than the speed of sound bringing up scorching waves of air.

Deafening sounds were heard throughout the neighbourhood.

Just like that, amidst the cold gazes of Zhang Zixi and the others, Ye Fan and Sugar, the two of them were instantly engulfed by the fierce line of fire.

“Coveting my Jiangbei land, you have chosen the wrong place after all.”

“My Zhang family has sat in Jiangbei for hundreds of years.”

“Back then, even if the Lu family had produced a Lu Songliang, they were not able to move my Zhang family from the land of Jiangbei.”

“Do you really think that someone from any place can swallow this precious land of Jiangbei?”

Looking ahead at the place covered by the line of fire, Zhang Zixi laughed coldly.

This was not the first person to presume to get their hands on Jiangbei.

Of course, Zhang Zixi also believed that this was not the last one.

But it didn’t matter, she would kill one if one came!

No matter who the other party was.

Even if he was a Martial Arts Grandmaster, there was no way he would be able to gain any advantage over their Zhang family members.

“Go over there later, collect his body and send it back to Jiangdong.”

“It’s also good to let those people understand that there are some places that are not for them to get involved in.”

At this point the gunfire was still going off.

The specially-made bullets poured out like they didn’t want money.

However, Zhang Zixi was no longer prepared to watch any longer.

The ending was already predetermined.

These bullets were all highly penetrating bullets that their Zhang family had developed specifically to deal with martial artists.

Even if the opponent was a Martial Arts Grandmaster and had a protective body astral energy.

Even if they were lucky enough to be able to block ten, a hundred rounds.

But what about a thousand, ten thousand rounds?

Therefore, in Zhang Zixi’s opinion, Ye Fan’s life was already over the moment she decided to make her move.

The ending was no longer in doubt, so why should Zhang Zixi wait any longer.

Although the colour of the blood was bright, she didn’t like it.

By the time Zhang Zixi walked to the car and was ready to leave in it.

The sound of gunfire ended with it.

The world, at last, had fallen silent.

“Without the people in the way, this world is, indeed, much clearer.”

Zhang Zixi sat back in the car, picked up a gla*s of red wine from his side, and drank it down in one go.

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Having eradicated a scourge for his grandfather and cleared a hidden danger for Jiangbei, Zhang Zixi was undoubtedly in a good mood.

At this moment, with a smile on his lips, he greeted the driver and left.

However, that driver did not answer.

“Elder Li?”

Zhang Zixi asked again.

The driver remained speechless.


Zhang Zixi frowned at once and raised his head to look at the driver’s seat.

Only to see there, an old man, trembling all over, staring with dead eyes, his finger trembling and pointing ahead.

The horrified and frightened face was as if he had seen the devil.

Zhang Zixi was startled by this appearance of the driver.

At that moment, she almost subconsciously followed the driver’s gaze and looked forward.


As if five thunderstorms had struck her, all the calmness and composure on Zhang Zixi’s pretty face had vanished in an instant.

Only to see that in front of her, that thin figure was still standing.

No, it should be said that he was walking.

He was holding Sugar, two figures, one large and one small, walking hand in hand, clinging to each other.

The dim light slowly spilled down, shining on the two of them, but pulling out a long, long shadow on the ground.

If one were to look at this image alone, it would only make one feel extremely warm.

It was like the sunlight on a winter day, quiet and warm.

However, what terrified Zhang Zixi and the others was that behind the two men, one large and one small, there were golden bullets in a dense pattern.

Thousands of bullets were suspended in the void behind them.

If not for the fact that Zhang Zixi could still hear her own breathing and feel her pulse and heart beating, she probably would have thought that time and space had stood still at all times.

“But but.”

“How is this this possible?”

“For why did it stop?”

“Why would a bullet that was fast enough to surpa*s the speed of sound stop behind them?”

Zhang Zixi was as mad, her pretty face pale as she looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief.

She simply could not accept that this scene, which almost only existed in fiction, could be staged in front of her eyes.

Thousands of bullets, suspended in the void, did not move.

And the two people who should have been shot into a sieve were, instead, walking alone in the light.

This visually stunning scene undoubtedly scared everyone in the room.

And just as the crowd was in fear, Ye Fan, who was strolling ahead, suddenly waved his sleeve.


The tens of millions of bullets that had been suspended in the air flew out as if they were alive, amidst the horrified gazes of Zhang Zixi and the others.

In an instant, it was as if a golden rain had fallen on the heaven and earth.

In the midst of this overwhelming rain, there were screams and blood erupting.

The pitch-black night turned blood red!

Just like this, in just a few breaths, even Zhang Zixi, and those Zhang family a*sa*sins, hundreds of them, all retreated and were heavily shot, the intense pain made them kneel on the ground, the sound of misery couldn’t stop coming out.

“Go back and tell Zhang Jiuling that I will exchange the lives of these people for his promise to protect my beloved wife.”

“If my Mu Orange is harmed in the slightest in the future, I will return to Jiangbei one day and take back all the capital, with interest!”