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Worth Deserving Chapter 1862

Zhang Zixi had almost forgotten how she had returned to the family.

When she returned home, Zhang Jiuling was gathering all the senior members of the family and holding a family meeting.

In front of all the clan elders of the family, Zhang Zixi did not hide anything and confessed what she had done before.

After all, she couldn’t hide it at all.

In order to force Ye Fan to leave Jiangbei, she had transferred hundreds of a*sa*sins in the Zhang family.

With such a degree of personnel mobilization, the Zhang family’s senior management naturally noticed it long ago.

“What did you say?”

“You led people to besiege Mr. Chu?”

Zhang Jiuling had still been puzzled, wondering what had happened to cause his granddaughter to be in such a mess.

However, when he learned that Zhang Zixi had actually led people to besiege Ye Fan, Zhang Jiuling’s entire body was undoubtedly frightened out of his mind and he only felt his scalp tingle.


Zhang Jiuling, who was greatly shocked, directly slapped Zhang Zixi’s face fiercely.

The corners of Zhang Zixi’s mouth contained blood, and he was then swept away.


“You really have the guts, huh?”

“What kind of person do you dare to mess with?”

“I think you really don’t want to die!”

Zhang Jiuling was simply furious.

Who was Ye Fan?

That was a murderous embryo who even dared to f*ck with the Chu Sect!

He didn’t even put the Sword Saint in his sights.

Back then, when the whole world was besieging Ye Fan, they all chose to surround and kill him even when he was heavily injured and weak.

In his prime, Ye Fan would not have dared to mess with the whole world.

Such a ruthless character, who could not even be avoided by others?

How dare his own granddaughter recognize the folly and bring people to surround and kill him.



“What have I taught you in my twenty years?”

“I taught you to cultivate your body, I taught you to think twice!”

“But what about you?”

“How dare you be so impulsive and foolish!”

“I think you have learnt from the dogs in the past twenty years of your training!”

Zhang Jiuling was furious.

After a slap, he even raised his hand to hit him again.

But Zhang Zixi was a weak woman after all, and Zhang Jiuling eventually withdrew his hand.

However, if it had been his grandson who had done that, Zhang Jiuling would have had to break his legs today!

Zhang Jiuling was so furious that he undoubtedly frightened the entire Zhang family.

“Third uncle, what are you doing?”

“Zixi is your most beloved granddaughter.”

“Even if she has caused a big trouble, you can’t hit her so hard, Third Uncle.”

The Zhang family members came forward to dissuade them.

Some pulled the old man back, while others went to help Zhang Zixi.

Zhang family member Zhang Zijiang was also frightened.

In the Zhang family, who did not know that the descendant the old man liked the most was this granddaughter.

Even though he had previously retired and ignored mundane matters, he still did not forget to teach this granddaughter martial arts.

Amongst the Zhang family, everyone had already vaguely regarded Zhang Zixi as the future ruler of the Zhang family.

But who would have thought that today the old man would be so furious that he even moved his hand.

“Zixi, you girl, what exactly have you done?”

“How dare you make your grandfather so furious!”

“Did you really just mess with a gangster from Jiangdong?”

“What else are you hiding?”

Zhang Zijiang anxiously pressed his daughter to hurry up and tell her the truth.

“Dad, I’ve told you everything.”

“I really told you everything.”

“It’s really that Jiangdong man who wants to get his hands on Jiangbei, so I just like to go over there and warn him.”

Zhang Zixi’s face was full of tears as she spoke sadly.

But all of the Zhang family did not understand anymore.

“If that’s the case, Third Uncle, you’ve been a bit heavy-handed.”

“Isn’t he just a Jiangdong man?”

“Even if he’s a man in Jiangdong, he’s a man in Jiangdong, but when it comes to Jiangbei, he’s water without a source and wood without a root.”

“Master, our Zhang family has been rooted in Jiangbei for a hundred years, and if we look at the whole country, we can be considered one of the most powerful families.”

“Even if Zixi has messed with him, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Jiangbei is one of the top three provinces in Yanxia, and its economic strength and martial power are all above that of Jiangdong.”

“Third uncle, you are indeed overreacting,” advised Zhang Xu, a senior clan elder of the Zhang family.

The other Zhang family members also felt that the old man had overreacted.

“Alright, Zixi, don’t cry.”

“Your grandfather probably misunderstood you too, so don’t be sad.”

“You tell fourth uncle where that Jiangdong gang leader is now, fourth uncle will bring someone over, break his legs and bring him back to take it out on you!”

“Zixi is the princess of our Zhang family, how can she be insulted by an outsider?”

The Zhang family members consoled Zhang Zixi one after another.

“Shut up!”

“You bunch of b*****ds, what do you know?”

“Do you all really think that that Mr. Chu, is just a gangster leader from Jiangdong?”

“He is a martial artist!”

“A martial artist with power in his hands!”

At that moment, the old man was even more enraged and once again shouted.

“Isn’t that what a martial artist is?”

“Aren’t you a third uncle too?”

“And Zixi, doesn’t it seem like he’s even close to touching the realm of Dao Zong Shi?”

“Besides, old master, you are also the president of the Martial Arts a*sociation.”

“If you give the order, all those powerful people in Jiangbei will come to help the fight.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Zhang Xu and the others said in a breezy manner.

“By the way, I have a social engagement later, a billion dollar order, the profit can be thirty percent.”

“It’s almost the end of the year, I’ll do another single for our Zhang family industry.”

“Old master, I will go over first.”

At this moment, someone among the Zhang family answered a phone call and was ready to leave.

“I also have a bureau I have to go to.”

“The leader of the city construction department posed, so it would be rude not to go. We’re counting on this leader to get the infrastructure projects for next year.”

Another person got up to say goodbye.

Zhang Jiuling, who heard this, finally couldn’t hold back.

With a slap, he smashed the long table in front of him!

“Anyone who dares to leave this door without my permission will not have to return to the Zhang family in the future!”

Zhang Jiuling let out a furious shout, and the hall was instantly silent.

Everyone was so frightened that they trembled, not daring to make any more movements.

“Look at you all now, all of you are eating fat and wearing greasy clothes.”

“Cruise ships, private jets, detached villas, extravagance!”

“Let me ask you unworthy sons and grandsons, do you remember what our Zhang family’s ancestors started with?”

“It was martial arts!”


“A bunch of b*****ds who have forgotten their roots.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that a Zixi came out from the next generation, when I die, my Zhang family’s foundation of several generations would probably be finished!”

Zhang Jiuling trembled with anger.

“All these years, I have kept you all away from the martial arts and from the strife and warfare, my intention was to protect my Zhang family from repeating the mistakes of the Lu family.”

“But now it seems that I was wrong.”

“Your days have been peaceful, but they have gone too far.”

“One by one, all they know is to crave for pleasure and luxury, and they have lost even the most basic sense of reverence and crisis for the martial dao.”

“Since this is the case, there is no need for me to carry the weight for you all.”

“Don’t you all want to know why I am afraid of that Mr. Chu?”

“I’ll tell you now!”

Zhang Jiuling had grown up mixing in the martial arts world and had seen many fights and killings between martial artists.

Therefore, decades ago, after he had taken charge of the Zhang Family, he had made an effort to keep the Zhang Family clear of the martial arts world.

Apart from himself, no one in the Zhang family was allowed to have any dealings with martial artists, let alone follow any news from the martial arts world.

Only the descendants were allowed to engage in politics and business, and just be an ordinary family.

The original intention was to keep the Zhang family away from martial arts strife, but to his surprise, his Zhang family descendants were now gradually blinded by ignorance.

Since this was the case, Zhang Jiuling decided that today he would tear away this cover and let them have a good look at the cruelty and darkness of this world.

“Do you still remember the West Lake tragedy a few years ago?”

“Yes, I do.” Zhang Xu returned, “It seems that the Lu family head celebrated his birthday on the West Lake, but due to the accidental collapse of the venue built, many people fell into the lake and drowned. And there was also a serious trampling accident.”

“Master Lu was killed in this accident.”

“Also killed in the accident were a number of senior members of the Lui family.”

“After this accident, the Lu family was severely injured and fell into a second-rate position.”