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Worth Deserving Chapter 1863

“Yes father, why are you suddenly saying this?”

“Isn’t it true that the accident of the Lu family has been concluded long ago, could it be that the West Lake tragedy back then was still related to this man from Jiangdong?”

Zhang family member Zhang Zijiang also interjected from the side.

Back then, the matter of the Lu family had made a big fuss.

After all, too many people had died.

Moreover, the great family that originally reigned over a province had collapsed overnight because of this incident.

The team of the Linzhou City government was even jerked around from top to bottom as a result.

As you know, if more than ten people die, it is a major safety accident.

But this time, hundreds of people died in one fell swoop.

Media from all walks of life came to follow the story, and overseas media were also paying attention.

To be honest, Zhang Zijiang also suspected at the time that this was an accident and that someone had deliberately set up the Lu family.

But later, the province came to investigate and the final conclusion was that it was an accident.

Not only that, after the province closed the case, the Yanjing side also sent an inspection team to investigate.

The final result was that the case was still closed as an accident.

Moreover, the head of the Lu family, Lu Zi Ming, also seemed to approve of this conclusion and did not repeat the incident after returning to Jiangbei.

Now that so many years have pa*sed, almost everyone has accepted that the incident that year was just an accident.

But unexpectedly, his own father had brought it up again.

“An accident?”

“You guys really think it was just an accident?”

“Others don’t know, but don’t you guys know that there are many strong martial artists among the Lu family.”

“Especially that Lu family’s head, Lu Songliang, is even stronger than me.”

“Your father and I were able to resist the bullets hard and not die.”

“What kind of accident do you think could kill a martial arts master? Let hundreds of people in Jiangbei die? And even bring down a magnificent power that has been rooted in Jiangbei for decades?”

Zhang Jiuling’s face was gloomy, and his cold voice could not stop echoing.

In the middle of the hall, Zhang Xu and the others’ faces gradually turned white.

For the first time in so many years, a sense of trepidation had appeared in them.

“Is it difficult to say that it was man-made?”

“That’s not right.”

“The investigation team from the province and Yanjing, both said it was,” Zhang Xu shook his head, still feeling incredulous.

If someone really did it, then why did the state deliberately conceal it and not tell the people the truth and bring the murderer to justice?

Was it because they were afraid of causing panic among the people?

Or did they simply not dare to offend the “murderer”?

“That’s enough.”

“Stop being so naive.”

“You are not three years old and you should understand that the world you see is only what the powers that be want you to see.”

“Someone has covered the darkness for you, do you think that there is no darkness in this world?”

“The reason why you find many things bizarre and unbelievable is not really to blame for the thing itself, but for your own eyes being too small and seeing too little.”

“The summer insects cannot see the ice and snow, so they find it unbelievable. And in the eyes of the great, you are such ridiculous summer bugs.”

“Yes, I can tell you all right now.”

“The destruction of the Lu family was not an accident at all.”

“It was the work of this man from Jiangdong whom you speak of.”

“It was he who flew snow into the north of the river.”

“It was he who slaughtered Jiangbei at West Lake.”

“It was he, too, who destroyed the Lu family alone!”

Deadly silence!

Deadly silence!

As Zhang Jiuling spoke these words, the large hall of the Zhang family was silent.

Only the bitterly cold wind outside, like the low roar of the devil, blew in through the open window.

Zhang Xu and the others were all frozen, their eyes wide with disbelief as they looked at the old man.

Zhang Zixi was even more terrified “One person?”

“Destroyed the Lu family?”

“How is this possible?”

“Grandpa, didn’t you say that Lu Songliang was even stronger than you.”

“That Jiangdong Mr. Chu, who is a martial arts master, would at most fight you to a draw.”

“How could he have slaughtered the Lu family by himself?”

“Moreover, when Uncle Lu came that day, I couldn’t see any hatred towards Mr. Chu at all.”

Zhang Zixi could not stop shaking her head, unwilling to accept this fact at all.

All these years, she had been following the old man behind closed doors to cultivate.

There were few things outside that she learned about.

Of course, Zhang Xu and Zhang Zijiang and the others did not know either.

Elder Zhang had always intended to keep the clan’s children away from the martial dao world, so many things that were well known in the martial dao world were actually not known to them at all.

“A martial arts patriarch?” Elder Zhang suddenly smiled, that smile was treated with a bit of powerlessness and sarcasm, “If Mr. Chu was merely a Martial Dao Grandmaster, why would your grandfather and I have to fear him?”

“I wouldn’t even need anyone’s help, I alone could defeat him.”

“But alas, he is not.”

Zhang Zixi then shuddered “Could it be that he he is also a Pillar State?”

“Is he one of the six pillar states above Yan Mountain?”

“Yes, only the Six Pillar Kingdoms could make grandpa so terrified.”

“Only the Six Pillar Kingdoms can trample down the Lu family alone, and Lu Ziming can only dare to speak out in anger.”

“Only the Sixth Pillar State could have slaughtered all the people in the land of the West Lake and still be free from legal punishment.”

At this moment, everything was explained.

Only at this moment did Zhang Zixi understand what a terrifying existence the Ye Fan she had previously surrounded was.

No wonder, he alone was fearless in the face of so many people.

Nor could it be that just by standing there, he made himself and the others fear him like a tiger!

So, he was a Yanshan Pillar State.

However, Zhang Zixi still found it hard to imagine that he looked so young and was a Pillar State powerhouse.

She was twenty-six years old, and her strength was only one step away from being a Martial Arts Patriarch.

Previously, Zhang Zixi had felt that she was the pride of the heavens and her martial arts talent was unmatched.

But now, compared to Ye Fan’s achievements, this point of her own accomplishments was completely dulled in the slightest.

Zhang Zixi finally panicked a little, and was filled with frustration while being terrified.

He had grown up listening to the legends of the Six Pillar Kingdom.

In Zhang Zixi’s mind, the strongest were the six pillar states on top of Yan Mountain.

Her greatest dream was to reach the top of Yan Mountain before she turned sixty, to stand at the pinnacle of martial dao and become one of the Pillar States of Yan Xia.

But her dream of being sixty, that Mr. Chu, it seemed, had already been achieved at the age of thirty.

Thinking of this, Zhang Zixi felt powerless, and all his high-mindedness was shattered to pieces.

The rest of the Zhang family were also stunned.

They too had not expected that the other party was a Pillar State powerhouse.

However, in the face of the panic that filled the hall, Elder Zhang still shook his head “It seems that you have left the martial world for too long after all.”

“Simply do not know how terrifying this man who has descended upon Jiangbei at this time is?”

“Perhaps in your world, the most terrifying thing is the pillar powerhouse of Yanxia.”

“But unfortunately, you all guessed wrong.”

“He is not a Pillar Kingdom strongman, but Chu Tianfan who far surpa*ses Pillar Kingdom strongmen!”

“Number one on the Heavenly Ranking.”

“The one below the God Realm, the number one.”

“A man so terrifying that he brought the world’s martial powerhouses together to surround and kill him!”


It was as if thunder struck down.

Zhang Zixi and the others, who were just now because Ye Fan was a Pillar Kingdom powerhouse, only felt thunder explode in their minds after hearing this last sentence from Zhang Jiuling.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Zhang Zijiang’s expression trembled tremendously.

Zhang Xu’s face turned white.

Zhang Zixi’s legs went limp.

His mind was almost blank!

Number one on the Heavenly Ranking?

The first person under the God Realm?

Far surpa*sing the Pillar State?

My goodness!

Zhang Zixi and the others no longer dared to imagine it at all.

In their perception, the Yan Mountain Pillar Kingdom was already the strongest and most powerful person.

But now, this Mr. Chu, Chu Tianfan, was even more powerful than those few for them on Yanshan Mountain?

Could it be that a god had descended to earth?