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Worth Deserving Chapter 1864

“You have not entered the martial arts world for many years, so you may not have any idea of the number one spot on the Heavenly Ranking.”

“But I can also explain it to you guys a little more.”

“The Zhonghai Mo family, you all should know about it.”

“The number one powerful family in Yanxia, with power and energy all over the country.”

“The people in the clan, they hold important and high positions in all walks of life in politics and business.”

“The wealth and power they wield can completely influence the direction of the country.”

“For so many years, you have been asking me why the Mo family has such power in Yanxia and has flourished for a hundred years without decay.”

“It’s all very simple. It is simply because the Mo family is the strongest martial arts family in Yanxia.”

“In the past few hundred years, there have been ten Patriarchs, four of whom have been named Patriarchs!”

“Today, the third-ranked Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng above Yanshan, with the title of Pillar of Yanxia, is the uncle of the current Mo family head.”

“Moreover, Mo Wu Ya, the son of the Fist Emperor, has also become anointed.”

“It is said that Mo Kucheng is the strongest person in the Mo family for generations.”

“Yet, even so, when one looks at the Heavenly Rankings, Mo Kucheng is not even ranked in the top twenty.”

“But Chu Tianfan, he is number one on the Heavenly Rankings!”

“The only top ten powerhouse on the Heavenly Ranking in Yanxia, and the only top ten on the Heavenly Ranking in Asia.”

In the middle of the hall, Zhang Jiuling’s words were still ringing out.

But Zhang Zixi and the girls, long ago, could no longer speak.

The large hall was dead silent, and the sound of a pin dropping could almost be heard.

Yes, the Zhang family had been completely stunned.

Zhang Zixi was even more filled with trepidation and couldn’t stop drawing in cold breaths. Finally, with a flop, his legs went limp and he fell straight to his knees.

The Zhonghai Mo family, with the help of Mo Gucheng, had claimed the top position of the most powerful family in Yanxia.

But even for such a great figure as Mo Gucheng, who could influence the direction of a country, he was not even ranked in the top twenty on the Heavenly Ranking.

What kind of terrifying power should the number one on the Heavenly Ranking have?

He should be able to influence the world!

Thinking of this, Zhang Zixi was already completely scared.

Her three souls and six spirits had almost all scattered.

She knelt on the ground, her eyes full of fear and tears flowing down uncontrollably.

Before this, Zhang Zixi had always tried her best to look high at Ye Fan.

But only now did Zhang Zixi realize that no matter how powerful she had imagined Ye Fan to be, it now seemed that she actually held that man in contempt.

All of this was only because the height that man was at had far exceeded her imagination.

“Grandfather, I’m sorry.”

“Yes it was the granddaughter’s impulsive moment that caused the big trouble”

Zhang Zixi’s lofty head finally lowered at this moment.

She knelt on the ground, her eyes full of tears as she admitted her mistake.

The other Zhang family members also lost their voices.

Zhang Xu and the others, who had previously spoken up for Zhang Zixi, were all scared to death and stayed where they were.

Only Zhang Jiuling’s face was chilly as he glared angrily “It was your ignorance before.”

“But after today, I, Zhang Jiuling, will put my words here.”

“From now on, no one is allowed to provoke Chu Tianfan in the slightest.”

“Otherwise, I will throw you all into the West Lake to feed the fish without Chu Tianfan’s own hands.”

“My Zhang Family cannot tolerate such people who do not know how to live and die!”

Zhang Jiuling’s words were loud and clear, echoing unceasingly in the hall.

Zhang Xu and the rest of the Zhang family all bowed their heads in fear and said no more.

But in their hearts, they all knew that in the future, in the north of the river

The good old days of the Zhang family’s bravado in the north of the country had come to an end.



On the other hand, Ye Fan and Sugar had already returned to the small courtyard.

In the room, Yue Yingchun and Hu Yipeng were still waiting at the table.

Seeing that Ye Fan had finally arrived, Yue Yingchun immediately chided, “You b*****d, why are you so late today?”

“Your sister came back long ago.”

“Come on, let’s eat first, it’s getting cold!”

Yue Yingchun said as she opened all the rice that was withheld and then gave Ye Fan some rice.

However, just as Yue Yingchun finished speaking, the little girl, Sugar, was red-faced and excitedly said to her parents, “Mom and Dad, do you know that a group of bad people came just now?”

“They want to catch me and Little Brother Fan.”

“There were so many of them, and they were all armed with guns.”


“Sugar, what did you say?”

“There were bad guys?”

“Little Fan, what’s going on here?”

“That commotion outside just now, could it be gunshots?”

Yue Yingchun, who was still serving rice, shivered for a moment.

A few minutes ago, they had heard a movement coming from afar.

But Yue Yingchun and his wife didn’t take it to heart, they thought it was someone’s bear children setting off firecrackers.

But now, after hearing Sugar’s words, Mr and Mrs Hu Yipeng were a little unnerved.

“It’s alright, Auntie Yue.”

“They’ve all gone.”

“Guess it was the wrong person, right?”

Ye Fan tried to put it off.

Auntie Yue’s family were ordinary people, and Ye Fan didn’t want to involve them in such matters.

But Sugar, the little girl, couldn’t stop talking, excitedly saying “Brother Little Fan, why are you lying to my mother?”

“They are obviously looking for you.”

“To drive you out of Jiangbei.”

“But mommy and daddy, my little brother Fan is so powerful.”

“So many people have not been able to help my Little Brother Fan.”

“They were all beaten away by my Little Brother Fan!”

“All the car windows were broken by my Little Brother Fan!”

“In the end, all those people limped and ran away.”

“Little Brother Fan is so handsome!”

Sugar’s little face was red with excitement.

Although she didn’t see the process, the scene at the end when those Zhang family members saw Ye Fan and fled in despair, Sugar did see it.

For a moment, Ye Fan’s image in Sugar’s heart had undoubtedly become taller.

At this moment, she was telling her parents about Ye Fan’s glorious deeds with eyes full of pride.

However, the corners of Ye Fan’s eyes jumped darkly and he hurriedly explained, “Auntie Yue, Sugar is talking nonsense, it’s not true. It’s fine, let’s eat.”

“No, it’s not!” Sugar was instantly unconvinced, “Mom and Dad, if you don’t believe me, I’ll take you there, there are still many gla*s fragments at the scene.”

In the end, Yue Yingchun and his wife followed Sugar to the scene.

When they came back, the couple’s faces had changed.

They locked the door and shouted Ye Fan into the room.

“Little Fan, tell me honestly, did you cause trouble?” Yue Chunmei’s eyes were full of gloom.

Hu Yipeng also didn’t have his usual smile.

“No, Auntie Yue. It’s really nothing.” Only Ye Fan was still smiling, trying hard to rea*sure them.

“You child, you’re still lying to me!”

Yue Chunmei scolded Ye Fan sharply.

“We went there just now, not only were there gla*s fragments, there was blood on the floor and bullet casings.”

“You tell auntie honestly, did you mess with some big shot.”

“Sugar is my daughter, if what she says is true or not, I as a mother can’t tell?” Yue Chunmei said eagerly.

Hu Yipeng’s eyes were also full of worry “Yes, Little Fan.”

“Just tell us if there’s something wrong.”

“Although your Auntie Yue and I are not great people, we have lived most of our lives after all and have more life experience than you.”

“If you run into something, tell us, and maybe we can help you out.”

Seeing this, Ye Fan knew that he could no longer hide it, so he could only say, “Uncle Hu, Auntie Yue, I’m not going to hide it from you, but I did encounter some small troubles.”

“However, they have all been resolved.”

“Those people should not come back in the future.”

“Who are those people? They bullied you, should I call the police?” Yue Yingchun worried.

Ye Fan shook his head “I reckon it should be the Zhang family. But at this moment, I think Elder Zhang should have already taught them a lesson.”

Ye Fan smiled softly.

For Zhang Zixi’s offense, Ye Fan didn’t care.

In his opinion, tonight’s action should have been Zhang Zixi’s youthfulness taking matters into his own hands.

Zhang Jiuling, was not so young that he would do such a stupid thing.

“What did you say?”

“The Zhang family?”

“Which Zhang family?” Hu Yipeng was aghast, and then asked Ye Fan.

“The old man of their family, I think his name is Zhang Jiuling.” Ye Fan added.

“Zhang Zhang Jiuling?”

This time, Hu Yipeng’s face went completely white, and his entire body was almost dumbfounded.