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Worth Deserving Chapter 1865

In fear, Hu Yipeng froze in place for a long time.

After that, he didn’t ask any more questions.

Instead, he hurriedly urged Yue Yingchun, who was at the side, “Quickly, Yingchun, hurry up and pack Xiao Fan’s things.”

“Give him that bit of money again and send them on the train overnight.”

“Leave Jiangbei tonight!”


Hu Yipeng’s reaction had undoubtedly shocked Yue Yingchun as well.

“Yipeng, what’s wrong?”

“This Zhang family, could it be some kind of remarkable family?”

Yue Yingchun asked in a low, terrified voice.

“Quickly don’t ask.”

“Hurry up and go pack up Xiao Fan’s things.”

“Send them out of Lin’an, no, out of Jiangbei!”

“Don’t ever come back.”

“Hurry up!”

“Otherwise, when the Zhang family’s people arrive, it’s impossible to leave if you want to.”

Hu Yipeng was full of anxiety.

Ye Fan obviously did not expect such a big reaction from Hu Yipeng’s family.

After that, Ye Fan even tried to explain, “Uncle Hu, it’s alright, I’ve solved everything.”

“You child, what do you know?” Hu Yipeng raised his voice violently.

“Do you really think that just because you’ve fought off a few people, you can rest easy in the future?”

“Where is the Zhang family’s energy that you, a beaten worker, can resist?”

“Take advantage of the fact that the Zhang family’s people haven’t arrived yet, so you can take your sister and leave quickly.”

“This is a little savings I have with your Auntie Yue, it’s not much, but it’s enough for your emergency for a few days.”

“Hurry up and go.”

Hu Yipeng said as he handed a pile of money to Ye Fan.

At the same time, Yue Yingchun, who was at the side, also gave Ye Fan a parcel “This is the buns I steamed, you and Yao Yao will eat them on the way.”

“When it’s settled, remember to give me and your Uncle Hu a call.”


“What do you think this is all about.”

I didn’t expect the separation to come so suddenly.

Yue Yingchun had previously thought that Ye Fan and the others would stay here for a long time.

But things are unpredictable, and the sudden change of events finally made Ye Fan and the others leave overnight.

Looking at Ye Fan and Yue Yao, Yue Yingchun’s eyes were slightly red.

Although they had been together for less than a month, Yue Yingchun’s family was undoubtedly very happy with Ye Fan and Yue Yao.

Especially Yue Yao, Yue Yingchun was even thinking of taking her as his goddaughter.

“Yao Yao, I’m sorry.”

“It’s Auntie Yue and your Uncle Hu who are incapable of protecting you guys.”

“I can only send you guys away.”

Yue Yingchun grabbed Yue Yao’s hand and said goodbye to Yue Yao with eyes full of reluctance.

They were only the bottom of the social ladder after all.

When calamity struck, the only way they could think of was to flee.

When Ye Fan and the others saw that they could not explain, they simply did not explain.

Originally, it was time for them to leave.

Earlier, Ye Fan was still thinking about what excuse he should use to say goodbye to Yue Yingchun’s family, but now this was the right opportunity to do so.

In the end, Ye Fan and Yue Yao just left the small courtyard, where they had lived for half a month, and the simple and kind family.

Before leaving, Hu Yipeng grabbed Ye Fan’s palm and said in a serious voice, “Little Fan, Uncle doesn’t ask much about your affairs.”

“However, there are some things that uncle still has to tell you.”

“You are a person of true character.”

“Uncle likes your kind of character.”

“But, with your kind of character, it would be fine if you came from a rich family, the shade and energy of your father’s generation would be enough to support you in this society to be fastidious.”

“But we have to accept the reality of our ordinariness and the truth of life.”

“We don’t have a distinguished family or a strong background, more than ninety percent of the people in this world are Zhang San, Li Si, ordinary people from the ma*ses.”

“So, in future, when dealing with the world, remember not to act in anger.”

“Learn to be smooth, learn to be worldly.”

“Only those who have long sleeves and are good at dancing are more likely to get ahead!”

“Remember, being quick to anger and only wanting a quick fix is not being a hero.”

“A true hero is one who, after recognising the truth of life, still loves it.”

“Take this one time as a lesson in your life.”

“Little Fan, take care of yourself.”

“Your Auntie Yue and I, we’ll wait for you to have a bright future and for you to become famous in the world!”

Hu Yipeng’s eyes burned, and in those deep words were his good wishes and ardent expectations for both Ye Fan and Yue Yao.

That night in Jiangbei, the moonlight was like water.

The dim light illuminated Ye Fan’s path ahead.

Ye Fan rushed towards the two Yue Yingchun and heavily clasped his fist.

Faced with the blessings of these two simple people, Ye Fan did not say anything, but only returned the word “Good”!

And then, he turned around and left!

However, before Ye Fan could get very far away.

Sugar, who had been in the room, suddenly ran out.

She seemed to have heard Ye Fan’s conversation with his parents and immediately chased after them in tears.

She didn’t want to let Ye Fan and the others go.

She still wanted to listen to her Little Brother Fan tell her stories every night.

She also wanted to follow her Little Brother Fan and practice martial arts.

“Sugar, be obedient.”

“If your Little Brother Fan stays, bad people will come to harm him.”

“Do you want your Little Brother Fan to get hurt?”

Yue Yingchun advised her daughter.

The little girl, who knew how to behave, shook her head.

Two lines of teardrops were still hanging on her pretty face, which was carved in pink.

Although it was hard and although she was very reluctant, Sugar did not cry anymore.

However, with all her strength, she shouted at the slim figure that was fading away, “Little Brother Fan, when Sugar grows up, you must come and marry me!”

The little girl’s childish voice drifted far and wide with the cold wind of the night.



“Why don’t you explain?”

“That you are the Venerable of Jiangdong, the number one in the Heavenly Ranking, the Dragon God Hall Master who can make the whole Yanxia tremble three times with the stamping of his feet?”

On the way to leave, Yue Yao asked Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head “These are too far away from them, even if I told them, I wouldn’t believe them.”

“What’s more, compared to these false names, I would rather that Uncle Yue and the others remember me as just Ye Fan, an ordinary person who came to Jiangbei to make a living.”

These words of Ye Fan caused Yue Yao to faintly freeze.

It only felt that after what happened back then, Ye Fan had really changed a lot.

If it was said that the previous Ye Fan was a sharp sword.

Then the Ye Fan of today was a sword with a hidden box, seemingly lightless and dull, but endlessly sharp and dark.

Yueyao did not know how terrifying this “sword” would be when it was sheathed again.

Of course, her introverted nature also made Yue Yao feel a longing for a peaceful and quiet life from Ye Fan.

“Perhaps, he is really, already sick of this martial strife?”

Yue Yao looked at the man in front of her and thought darkly in her heart.

“Let’s go, Yao’er.”

“Let’s go to the Lu family.”

“Next, this life of mine, Chu Tianfan, will be entrusted to your hands.”

“But Yao’er, you don’t need to feel too much pressure.”

“This life of mine is one that I picked up from the ghost gate.”

“If I survive this disaster, it will only mean that Chu Tianfan is blessed by God.”

“Even if I cannot pa*s it, it is still the will of God.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly, facing life and death openly.

Although Yue Yao did not say it carefully, Ye Fan could guess that his next treatment would be risky.

Back then in the far north, in the icy mountains and snowy plains, his father had originally wanted to cure Ye Fan’s old illness completely as well.

But just because, the final treatment was extremely risky.

Once it failed, the previous work would be abandoned and Ye Fan would die on the spot.

Therefore, his father chose to give up.

“Ye Fan, don’t worry.”

“I won’t let you die.”

“I will let you live.”

“Live well.”

Yue Yao’s clenched palm was filled with determination in her beautiful eyes.

In her life, Yue Yao had already sent away too many people that she was close to and loved.

This time, no matter what, she would never let Ye Fan, leave her again!