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Worth Deserving Chapter 1873

Chu Wenfei and the others were clearly taken aback by Zhang Zixi’s crazy behaviour.

Chu Wenfei and the others had not been in Jiangbei for a year or two.

They were well aware of what kind of status the Meng family had in Jiangbei.

Just like the Mufan Group at the time, it had only a hand in Jiangdong.

Although Chu Wenfei and the others did not know how strong the Meng family’s real power really was.

However, they had seen what the Mufan Group could do.

Shen Fei and Han Shaojie both believed that if the Meng family could become the richest man in Jiangbei, there must be an existence equivalent to Ye Fan in his family.

After all, if there was no strong person to shelter them, the Meng family would not have been able to achieve its current status.

Therefore, what Zhang Zixi did next was, to Chu Wenfei and the others, the equivalent of Chen Ao killing the Mufan Group back then and threatening to wipe out Ye Fan’s family.

Naturally, Chu Wenfei and the others felt that Zhang Zixi was crazy!

“Sister Qiu, don’t mind her.”

“We’ll take you away first.”

“My Brother Fan has only loved one woman in this life, even though Brother Fan is now gone, we, the brothers, can’t watch you get involved in danger.”

Shen Fei couldn’t care less about worrying about the safety of that Zhang Zixi, and urged Qiu Mu Orange to hurry up and leave.

On the other hand, the Meng family garden.

After learning that his son was in danger, Meng Wanjun immediately summoned all the clan elders to an urgent meeting.

In the end, after the people deliberated, they unanimously decided to send the family and go to the rescue.

As Meng Wanjun gave the order, the four sides of the Meng family began to mobilise.

The four sides of the Meng family began to mobilise their men and horses.

Car after car drove from the various properties of the Meng Family, and hundreds of people began to frantically converge in the middle of the estate.

Pedestrians pa*sing outside the gates clearly felt a sense of sabre-rattling.

They were so frightened that they quickened their steps and moved away, fearing that they would be affected.

“Clan Master, all of my Meng family’s lives from all over Lin’an have arrived and are waiting outside for orders at this moment.”

“Please instruct the family head!”

In the middle of the hall, a subordinate respectfully reported.

Meng Wanjun’s face was sinister and he said in a stern voice, “Very well!”

“In a moment, come with me to rescue my son.”

“How dare you mess with my Meng family and kidnap my Meng Wanjun’s son in the land of Jiangbei?”

“It seems that my Meng family has kept a low profile for too long, so much so that some in this Jiangbei land no longer take my Meng family into account.”

“Today, with this battle, we will once again strike a blow for the great majesty of my Meng Family!”

“Let those mice know that there is only one heaven in Jiangbei, and that is the Meng Family!”

Meng Wanjun was as powerful as a rainbow, his body swept with endless cold intent.

If anyone’s son was threatened with his life, I guess it would be difficult for any father to remain calm.

“Wanjun, I think this is still a bit weird at this point.”

“Earlier this morning, I just saw Xiaochuan take quite a few people out with him.”

“That’s a lot of people he’s brought with him.”

“But even then, they all went out in danger.”

“This shows that our opponents this time are by no means those who are equal to the system.”

“If you want me to say so, we should first be courteous and then explore the other side’s intentions.”

“Otherwise, if we start a war like this, there is a high chance that things will become unmanageable according to the law.”

Behind them, in the clan hall, an old man had worries in his heart and advised in a bitter voice.

“Seventh uncle, you are just too cautious.”

“It was the other side that started the trouble, and our Meng family only responded to the battle.”

“We’ve already been outputted by someone riding on our faces, and we still have to be polite first?”

“If this gets out, people will still laugh at my Meng Family for being weak?”

“In the future, how will my Meng family still be in charge of Jiangbei?”

There was no need for Meng Wanjun to answer, and several of the young and energetic juniors in the family were already filled with righteous indignation, speaking angrily.

“That’s right!”

“The other side kidnapped my Meng family’s eldest son, it is simply lawless.”

“This time, we must make them pay in blood!”

The rest of the people echoed.

“But the strength of the other party,” the seventh uncle was still worried.

Meng Wanjun said in a deep voice, “I know your worries. You are afraid that the other party is a martial artist, right?”

“However, even if it is a martial artist, my Meng family has nothing to fear.”

“Over the years, I, Meng Wanjun, have also searched for a few strong martial artists, so I can use them to practice.”

“Moreover, even if we lose, we still have a way out.”

Meng Wanjun’s mind was already made up.

Seeing that he could not be dissuaded, the seventh uncle sighed and let them go.

Soon, Meng Wanjun walked out of the hall and looked at the Meng family’s men gathered below and said sternly, “Gentlemen, someone has kidnapped my son, provoked my Meng family, and wants to be the me of Jiangbei.”

“What shall I do?”

“Kill!” One man said.

“Kill!” Followed closely by another person who roared low.

In the end, everyone in the entire mansion shouted in unison.

The voices that rushed to the sky converged into a stream, shaking the entire heaven and earth.

The people Meng Wanjun had gathered today were obviously no simple characters.

In normal days, many of the entertainment venues run by the Meng family were maintained by these people.

Naturally, their viciousness was not comparable to that of ordinary people.

What’s more, there were also some strong martial artists who had blood on their hands.

Now, with Meng Wanjun’s help, these people’s emotions were undoubtedly pushed to the extreme.

When the Meng family members behind them saw the scene before them, they undoubtedly knew that the Meng family head was really angry.

His own son had been kidnapped, and he, as a father, was already up in arms against the murderer.

“Very well!”

“Whether or not the face of my Meng Family can be redeemed depends on you all.”

“Of course, I will go with you all on this operation.”

“I, Meng Wanjun, will join forces with all of you and go to the eastern suburbs of Lin’an to capture that evil thief!”

Listening to the mountainous voices, Meng Wanjun’s brow and eyes became even colder.

After he finished speaking, he waved his arm and waved his troops into the east!

“Everyone, listen to the order.”

“Follow me!”


Meng Wanjun’s bold words resounded throughout the manor.

But as soon as his words fell, a booming sound exploded abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, everyone could only feel that there was a trembling of the earth and a low roar that sounded like the hissing of a beast, whistling from far and near.

Until, in front of everyone’s shocked and abrupt gaze, the steel gate was smashed open.

A black SUV swept in as if it were a torrent of steel.

Along the way, it knocked over countless rocks and trees, and finally made a sharp turn and drifted away, stopping in front of everyone like a sword breaking water.

The door of the car opened and a cool, majestic woman stepped out of the car.

With a casual wave of her hand, she threw a blood-soaked body in her hand towards the front.

The crowd scattered and the body fell to the ground with a crash.

It was only after the miserable screams came that the Meng family realised that the person in front of them, was none other than Meng Chuan.

“There’s no need to go.”

“I’m coming over.”

Zhang Zixi’s indifferent voice rang out.

For a moment, a dead silence fell over the Meng family’s manor.

Meng Wanjun and the others were filled with panic, and all of them looked at each other with blank faces.

They had never thought to death that they hadn’t gone to the other side yet, but they had already killed them on their own.

What was this?

They had thrown themselves into a trap?

“Who the hell are you?”

“What exactly is your purpose in dealing with my Meng family?”

After a long tremor, Meng Wanjun asked with a low roar as he stared dead in the eyes.

Zhang Zixi lifted his eyelids “Uncle Meng, don’t you remember me?”

“Junior, Zhang Zixi.”

“By order of my grandfather, Zhang Jiuling, I respectfully inform the Meng family.”

“From now on, do not touch Qiu Mu Orange in the slightest.”

“Otherwise, the end of the Lu family will be the end of Uncle Meng’s family.”

“How dare you!” Zhang Zixi’s words were too harsh.

If they were to follow in the footsteps of the Lu family, it would undoubtedly not mean that the Meng family would be exterminated and their family would be copied.

This was what those family patriarchs of the Meng Family most abhorred, so they were naturally furious.

“What kind of curmudgeon is this, how dare he speak so wildly and threaten my Meng Family?”

“Simply lawless and unaware of the heavens!”

“Wanjun, why don’t you give the order to have him”

An old man from the Meng Family was still roaring in anger.

But at this time, Zhang Zixi turned around and slapped his palm out abruptly.

The majestic Qi energy gathered into a huge palm that covered the sky.

In an instant, it swept across the four directions.

Behind them, all of Meng’s men were like straw, being frantically harvested.

After a few breaths, everything came to a halt.

The original courtyard full of fighters all fell to the ground at this moment, groaning.

“Uncle Meng, this order from my grandfather, will your family listen to it or not?”

The sharpness dissipated, and Zhang Zixi once again regained her usual cool and una*suming aura.

She looked towards the Meng family members who were already scared stiff and smiled lightly.

For the first time, Zhang Zixi showed a smile to an outsider.

That “charming” smile was astonishing!