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Worth Deserving Chapter 1874

The Meng family estate was already in a state of disarray.

The sounds of screaming and moaning were incessant.

At this moment, Zhang Zixi’s laughter was still echoing.

But Meng Wanjun and the others had long been too shocked to speak.

They stared at the woman in front of them with dead eyes, looking at her like a ghost.

Who would have thought that the powerful experts that their Meng Family had gathered with all their might would be so unbeatable in front of a woman?

In other words.

This Zhang Zixi, alone, had swept away a clan.

“Zhang Jiuling, Elder Zhang Zhang?”

“You you’re from the Zhang clan?”

Only after a long period of trembling and trepidation did Meng Wanjun realise something.

A pair of pupils suddenly tightened once again.

The Zhang family had been in hiding for too long after all.

So much so that even Zhang Jiuling’s name was somewhat unfamiliar to Meng Wanjun.

It was only after a long time that Meng Wanjun realised that this woman in front of him, what was her origin?

“But but why?”

“Hasn’t Elder Zhang always ignored mundane matters?”

“Why did he come out now?”

“And he’s taking advantage of my Meng family right from the start?”

“Could it be that your Zhang family is coming back into the world?”

Meng Wanjun’s eyes were filled with gloom as he asked repeatedly.

If it was an ordinary force, Meng Wanjun would not be so scandalized.

But what had appeared now was the Zhang Family.

Others did not know the Zhang family’s capabilities, but Meng Wanjun naturally knew.

This was the only remaining martial arts family in Jiangbei today!

Master Zhang, with the power of a Patriarch, had always been treated as the patron god of Jiangbei.

With such a powerful hidden family, how could Meng Wanjun not be terrified?

If the Zhang family intended to get rid of them, then they, the Meng family, were afraid that they would only have to wait for death.

After all, the difference between a mundane power, and a martial arts family, was too far.

Just like now, a random junior woman from the Zhang family had walked out and beaten their Meng family without a fight.

If their two families really clashed, then the Zhang Family would undoubtedly be a descending blow to the Meng Family.

“Uncle Meng, I’ve said it before.”

“I came here for one purpose only, and that is to hope that Uncle Meng will control the descendants of his clan.”

“There are some people that you cannot mess with and cannot afford to mess with.”

“Especially that woman called Qiu Mu Orange, if you ever touch her again, I will make sure that your Meng clan will be buried with you.”

“Take today’s incident as a warning.”

“I hope Uncle Meng, don’t do anything stupid.”

“As for the future, don’t worry, my Meng family has no intention of competing for power and profit in Jiangbei. The position of the richest man in Jiangbei will still be yours.”

“That’s all I have to say, take care of yourself.”

Zhang Zixi spoke slowly, his morose words, but they were heard by Meng Wanjun and the others.

Until after Zhang Zixi left, the hearts of the Meng family remained calm for a long time.

After a long time, Meng Wanjun, who had calmed down, however, slapped Meng Chuan on the face.

“You beast, what the hell have you done?”

“How did you provoke the Zhang family?”

“Do you want to get my Meng family killed?”

Meng Wanjun shouted angrily.

Meng Chuan, on the other hand, had long been scared silly.

From before at Liu Yubing’s house and now among his own family, Zhang Zixi’s tactics had undoubtedly scared Meng Chuan’s guts out.

Only at this moment did Meng Chuan realise that this Zhang Zixi was, in fact, what kind of a terrifying woman.

“Dad, I I didn’t know, I didn’t know that Qiu Mu Orange was related to the Zhang family.”

“Dad, I really didn’t know.”

Meng Chuan knew that he had made a big mistake, and his eyes were full of fear as he knelt down on the ground and begged for forgiveness without tears.

“Shut up!”

“Even now, you’re still making excuses for me.”

“How can you bear the burden of the family’s prosperity in the future with such a lack of commitment?”

“If the family is left in your hands, I’m afraid it will really be exterminated by others!”

Meng Wanjun kicked the rebellious son away and turned around and went back to his room.

That evening, Meng Wanjun took his son to the Zhang family’s old residence to apologise.

However, the wealthiest man in Jiangbei did not even walk through the Zhang family’s front door.

Although he did not meet the Zhang family, Meng Wanjun and his son, Meng Chuan, knelt down and kowtowed to the Zhang family three times before leaving at dawn.

After returning to the family, Meng Wanjun first ordered the removal of all the billboards his son had previously set up to woo Qiu Mu Orange.

Furthermore, he publicly published an apology to Qiu Mu Orange.

In short, Meng Wanjun used all sorts of tactics with the speed of lightning. He quickly quelled the Zhang family’s anger.

All these practices showed the Meng family’s great sincerity.

But because of this, the Meng family also lost a great deal of face in the eyes of a group of powerful giants in Jiangbei.

The Meng family garden.

Meng Wanjun stood alone in the ancestral hall, looking at the ancestral tablets in front of him, and did not speak for a long time.

At that moment, a young man with a clean-cut face and as gentle as jade walked in.

This man, Meng Wanjun’s illegitimate son, was also a strong contender for the position of the Meng family head, Meng Yilong.

“Father, our company’s stock has fallen for several days in a row.”

“Several projects that were bound to be won were snatched away by other forces in Jiangbei.”

“The loss has been nearly ten billion yuan.”

Meng Yilong reported.

Meng Wanjun did not reply.

“Father, don’t you think that the price we paid is too high?”

“What the Zhang family wants is just a promise from us.”

“And why do you need to, personally, go to the Zhang family’s door to apologise?”

Meng Yilong was a little puzzled, and only felt that his father’s fear of the Zhang family was too much.

Originally, that day when Zhang Zixi killed on the Meng family, it could be completely suppressed.

But Meng Wanjun’s visit to the door with his son afterwards and his kneeling apology had been seen by many people.

So much so that now, almost half of the powerful forces in Jiangbei knew that the Meng family had offended someone.

There were even rumours that the Meng family was going to be unlucky.

However, Meng Wanjun did not answer directly to his son’s enquiry.

He looked at the incense stand in front of him and pointed to the tablets on it “Yilong, come over here and offer incense to your several great grandfathers.”

Meng Yilong didn’t know what his father meant, but he continued to offer incense as honestly as he could, and then kowtowed a few times.

“Yilong, the history of our Meng family’s origins, I haven’t told you yet, have I?”

“My Meng family, although they have lived in the north of the river for generations, but the real start of their fortune should still be told by your great grandfather and his family.”

“It was your great grandfathers who made our Meng family grow from a small, unknown family to a first-cla*s power in northern Jiangxi.”

“But your great grandfathers and theirs weren’t satisfied.”

“Their goal, is to be number one in Jiangbei!”

“Not in plain sight, but the true number one in Jiangbei.”

“In the process of working towards that goal, they messed with the Zhang family and killed a direct descendant of the Zhang family.”

“And what happened after that?” He was originally an illegitimate son of the Meng family, and it was only in recent years that he had claimed his ancestors, so naturally he knew very little about his ancestors’ affairs.

“What do you think?”

“As the saying goes, one mountain does not allow two tigers.”

“Your great-grandfather and the others wanted to challenge the Zhang family’s position and authority in Jiangbei, do you think the Zhang family will spare us easily?”

“That night, your great-grandfather received news that the Zhang family had sent strong men to prepare to destroy my Meng family’s entire family.”

“Everyone advised your great-grandfather to hurry and flee for his life.”

“But he didn’t.”

“Several generations of hard work and a hundred-year foundation, how dare he flag to abandon it?”

“Then what did they do, Tai Grandpa, afterwards?” Meng Yilong’s entire body became nervous and hurriedly pursued the question.

“That night, your great grandfather as well as his three younger brothers, the four of them brothers headed to the Zhang family.”

“In the end, they died in front of the Zhang family to thank them for their sins.”

“Up to that point, only then was the Zhang family’s anger quelled and the Meng family’s foundation for several generations protected.”

“Those four spirit tablets in the first row are your grandfather’s and theirs.”

“Now, do you understand why I did that?”

“Because, the lives of our Meng family are in the hands of others.”

“They hold the power, and if I anger them, my Meng family will only be at their mercy.”

“I can’t risk the whole family.”

“Your great grandfather and the others, they can even sacrifice their lives. What’s that personal face of mine?”