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Worth Deserving Chapter 1875

There was silence, a long silence.

The Meng family ancestral hall was silent.

Only the cold wind outside swept in.

When he learnt that his ancestors had died for the sake of the family, the four brothers had given thanks for their sins, Meng Yilong’s heart had undoubtedly been greatly shocked and shaken.

Only from this incident did Meng Yilong truly appreciate the hardships and dangers of his ancestors’ wicker path.

Only now did Meng Yilong truly understand why his father was so fearful and respectful of the Zhang family.

After all, the lesson of the past was still before his eyes.

The Zhang family was so powerful that when he had offended them, Meng Wanjun could only use his twelve percent sincerity to exchange for the Zhang family’s forgiveness.

Otherwise, the family’s foundation, which his great-grandfather’s four brothers had exchanged their lives for back then, would once again be in danger of toppling over.

“But, Father, is this how we are going to go on?”

“To live in constant fear of being dominated by the Zhang family?”

“This time, we are the ones who have sinned against the Zhang family and should apologise.”

“But in the future, what if the Zhang family comes after us, will we just keep holding back like this? Live under the shadow of the Zhang family all the time?”

Meng Yilong’s eyes became fiery, and a nameless blaze burned in his heart.

When Meng Wanjun heard this, he was startled.

He did not blame Meng Yilong for speaking out of turn, nor did he blame him for speaking nonsense, but instead he smiled in relief.

“Good boy, with drive, ambition and guts.”

“Do you know what a family relies on if it wants to reach the top of the top and become the true number one family?”

“It is not ability, nor talent, but ambition!”

“My Meng family’s sons should have your heart and spirit.”

Meng Wanjun patted Meng Yilong’s shoulder.

Although he was praised by his father, Meng Yilong was not the least bit happy.

“I’m sorry, father. My son is incompetent and can only vent his anger here in vain, but he cannot help in the slightest.” Meng Yilong blamed himself in his heart.

Anyone could say grand words, but it was too difficult to achieve them.

With the place shown by the Zhang family today, just sending one person had suppressed their entire Meng clan.

Within fifty years, Meng Yilong saw no hope at all that they could surpa*s the Zhang family.

“No, not in vain.”

“Yilong, just wait and see, soon, my Meng Family will become the number one in the north of the river.”

“The fear of being dominated by the Zhang family will come to a complete rest in my generation.”

“In the future, when you brothers take over the family, my father will give you a peaceful and prosperous world!”

Meng Wanjun’s words were low, and in those deep old eyes, there was determination.

Meng Yilong froze at that moment.

He didn’t know why, but he felt that his father had suddenly become a different person.

When he first entered, he could still feel hesitation and entanglement in his father’s words.

But now, all the tangles had dispersed.

In just a few minutes, Meng Wanjun seemed to have made a very difficult decision.

And there was no turning back!

“Father, what do you want to do?”

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Compared to the family’s prosperity, I’d rather leave you well.”

“Stop it!” As soon as Meng Yilong’s words fell, Meng Wanjun immediately shouted angrily.

“Yilong, remember, you are my Meng Wanjun’s son.”

“You were born with the mission of family prosperity.”

“For this goal, anything can be sacrificed.”

“I want you to make a vow here that at all times, you will put the interests of the family first.”

“Even if it means sacrificing yourself!”

Meng Wanjun’s eyes burned as he spoke in a low voice with an unquestionable majesty.

A moment later, Meng Yilong left the ancestral hall.

In the room, Meng Wanjun was the only one left.

He stood there in silence for a long time before finally looking out of the window and saying in a deep voice, “Your Excellency, I have made up my mind, please come out and meet me.”

Meng Wanjun’s muffled words echoed, but here, no one responded.

Until, a cold wind swept through.

A figure, clad in black robes, appeared here as if it were a ghost.

“Master Meng, you have thought it through.”

“Once you join, there is no turning back.”

“If, on another day, we fail to step through Yan Mountain, you should know what will happen to your Meng Family.”

The man in black looked at Meng Wanjun and laughed grimly.

In the dim light, the man’s pale face was an evil and unearthly appearance.

“Your Excellency, don’t worry.”

“In any great endeavour, there is always the risk of failure.”

“I can still understand this point.” Meng Wanjun respectfully returned.

“Very well.”

“In that case, then make an oath before your ancestral shrine.”

“I’ll remind you one last time, once you join, not only you, but your Meng family as well, will have no way of turning back.”

The man in black reminded again.

Meng Wanjun, however, laughed lightly “There are always things that need to be done by my generation.”

“I don’t want to leave the threat of the Zhang family to the next generation.”

After laughing, Meng Wanjun knelt down in front of the ancestral hall, facing the ancestral spirit, and said in a deep voice “I, Meng Wanjun, wish to lead the Meng family and join the Chu Clan.”

“With immediate effect, my Meng clan in Jiangbei will become an affiliated clan of the Chu Clan.”

“When the day comes when the Chu Clan will be on Yan Mountain, I, Meng Wanjun, will give my full support to the Meng Clan, even if I have all the financial and material resources!”

The low voice echoed for a long time.

The black-robed man nodded in satisfaction “Very well, my Chu Clan’s army will arrive soon, until then, wait quietly for the mission.”

“As for the Zhang family’s side, don’t worry, in the next few days, my people will help you get rid of them.”

“By then, your Meng family, will be the true number one family in northern Jiangxi.”

“Master of the Meng family, congratulations.”

“Your ancestors, would be proud of you.”


After the laughter, the man in black had already turned around and left.

No one noticed, in the moment when this man in black turned around, the few mysterious lines that were faintly revealed under his long sleeves.

It was the Chu Sect’s symbol, the Floating Cloud Blazing Sun!



And as dark currents began to surge in Jiangbei.

The villa of the Lui family was still a quiet and peaceful scene.

“Uncle Lu, Mr. Chu he, is he really in seclusion?”

Lu Zi Ming had chartered a nearby high-cla*s hotel.

At this moment, Zhang Zixi was looking with open eyes, with eyes full of curiosity, from the huge floor-to-ceiling window towards the villa where Ye Fan was in seclusion, unable to stop looking.

“Grandpa said that Mr. Chu is already number one on the Heavenly Ranking now.”

“If he were to break through again, how powerful would he be?”

“Will he become a god straight away?”

Zhang Zixi kept asking, excited like a little fan girl.

There was no trace of the dominance and majesty that had swept through the Meng family by himself before.

“Who said that Mr. Chu was in closed-door cultivation?”

“Huh? Weren’t you the one who said that?” Zhang Zixi froze.

But Lu Zi Ming joked, “I was just guessing randomly, and now that I think about it, I might have been wrong.”

“After all, if he was in seclusion, he would have been alone, why would he need to bring a girl with him.”

“Moreover, that girl is extremely beautiful, as beautiful as a heavenly fairy.”

“In terms of temperament and looks alone, I’m afraid that even you, Zixi, would be inferior to that girl.”

Zhang Zixi suddenly became nervous “Uncle Lu, what do you mean? Are you saying that Mr. Chu is not going to cultivate, but with that girl”

Lu Zi Ming smiled and nodded “I can’t say it’s not cultivation, maybe Mr. Chu is going to double cultivate with that girl?”

“Girl, do you understand double cultivation? I don’t think your grandfather has told you about it.”

“It’s when yin and yang complement each other, when water and milk blend together, when fish and water enjoy each other.”

“Uncle Lu, stop it!” Zhang Zixi immediately became somewhat unhappy, with an indescribable emotion in his heart, and his whole person then became sullen and unhappy.


“Silly girl, look at your jealousy-filled look.”

“I’m teasing you.”

“Mr. Jiangdong Chu is known to love his wife in the land of Jiangdong.”

“Surely he won’t be messing around outside.”

“From my experience, the girl who went in with Mr. Chu should be for a healer.”

“So, he should be healing his wounds.”

Lu Zi Ming looked at the villa where Ye Fan was and guessed.