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Worth Deserving Chapter 1876


“Is he injured?”

Hearing Lu Zi Ming’s words, Zhang Zixi couldn’t help but be shocked.

She felt that Ye Fan should be a very powerful and strong person in this world.

Could it be that in today’s world, there was someone else who had the ability to injure him?

“Didn’t your grandfather tell you that?”

Lu Zi Ming was first stunned.

One must know that back then, Ye Fan’s fall was a sensational event in the martial arts world.

Lu Zi Ming thought that no one in the martial arts world should be unaware of it, no one should know about it.

But once he thought about it, all the things Zhang Jiuling had done in the past, Lu Ziming soon understood as well.

“It looks like your grandfather, is really bent on retreating from the world.”

“He doesn’t want his descendants to enter the world of martial arts.”

Lu Ziming shook his head and smiled.

These things, Zhang Jiuling did not say, Lu Zi Ming naturally also will not give Zhang Zixi details.

He simply said, “This man, Mr. Chu, his life, is a legend.”

“Zixi, if you want to go higher and further in the path of martial arts, learn more from him.”

“Your Uncle Lui asks himself that he has seen a lot and has read countless people.”

“But this is the first time I’ve met someone as gifted as Mr. Chu.”

“And I also reckon that there will never be another person like this again.”

“Hm.” Zhang Zixi nodded heavily, his eyes full of determination, “Mr. Chu, is the person I want to be.”

“It’s just that Uncle Lu, there’s one thing I can’t figure out.”

“Why would a man as outstanding as Mr. Chu marry an ordinary person.”

“I’ve tested Mr. Chu’s wife before, and her hands are weak, and there is no trace of cultivation on her at all.”

“I really can’t imagine that a strong man who wields supreme power would like such an ordinary weakling.”

This question had been in Zhang Zixi’s mind ever since she had met Qiu Mu Orange.

Zhang Zixi had always felt that only the strong were worthy of the strong, and that people who were mere ants were not qualified to climb mountains.

They dominated to stand under the foot of the mountain and look up at the sky.


“You made a move on her?”

“Are you crazy?”

Zhang Zixi’s words, however, took Lu Ziming by surprise.

“I just tested her out.”

“Didn’t really hurt her.” Zhang Zixi explained.

“That doesn’t work either!” Lu Ziming’s eyes were full of anxiety.

“You girl, no wonder your grandfather always said that you are not afraid of tigers when you are newborn.”

“You know what Mr. Chu is capable of, and you’re still going to mess with his woman?”

“This is also because Mr. Chu is in seclusion.”

“Otherwise, once that Qiu Mu Orange gave Mr. Chu Gao Zhuang, you would have perished in the Southern Spring by this time you.”

Lu Zi Ming was terrified, and his pale face warned Zhang Zixi repeatedly.

But Zhang Zixi did not know the seriousness of the matter and continued to speak lightly, “Uncle Lu, you are reacting a bit too much.”

“I just tested her a little.”

“It’s hard to believe that Mr. Chu would fall out with our Zhang family because of this trivial matter, right?”

“I think that our Zhang family in Jiangbei is still quite useful to Mr. Chu.”

“What do you know?” Lu Zi Ming once again said eagerly, “Do you know why my Lu family has fallen?”

“It was because my rebellious son, who had provoked Mr. Chu’s wife, that is, this Qiu Mu Orange.”

“After Mr. Chu learned of this, he rode the flying snow into the north of the river.”

“Above the West Lake, the ma*sacre was carried out in all directions.”

“Pity my old father, who was beheaded by his sword on his first day in the seal.”

“And after that, he killed my entire Lu family.”

“In desperation, I led my son to climb up Yan Mountain and hide in the Martial God Hall.”

“As a result, that madman, surprisingly, killed up to Yan Mountain again in the night.”

“In order to kill my son, he even went so far as to make a move with the Sword Saints and the others.”

“He even dared to do it to the Martial God Hall, so how do you think he would care about your little Zhang family?”

“You think that the Zhang family can help him hold down Jiangbei, but you don’t know that in front of his eyes, Jiangbei is just a bullet point.”

“His sight, his vision, has long since transcended Yanxia and looked at the world.”

Lu Zi Ming told the story of the past.

But Zhang Zixi was already completely stunned.

Her pretty face was pale and she was so shocked that she could not speak at all.

Obviously, she had not expected that the girl who was useless in her eyes, Ye Fan, would go out of his way to fight against the entire Yanxia for him.

This alone was a fact that made no one know how many women were crazy about him.

“He is indeed a legend.”

Zhang Zixi shook her head and lamented, while her heart envied Qiu Mu Orange, it was hard to hide the loss.

A martial artist, the greatest romance, was like this, right?

To avenge the woman they loved, they would not hesitate to make enemies of the whole world.

Zhang Zixi only hated herself for meeting her too late.

Otherwise, she would have gone out of her way to chase Ye Fan down.

Because, this man, really was her own ideal type.

There was the power that she looked up to and revered, and all the romance that he aspired and pursued for.

After a short silence, Zhang Zixi turned around and walked towards the stairs.

“What are you going to do?”

“You girl, don’t do anything stupid.”

“You just killed Qiu Mu Orange, you won’t be able to replace her.”

Lu Zi Ming was in a hurry then and hurriedly pulled Zhang Zixi back.

He was afraid that if this girl got carried away, she would do something crazy again.

After all, a woman’s jealousy was terrifying.

“Uncle Lu, don’t worry.”

“I won’t touch his scales.”

“I’ll just go and bring Qiu Mu Orange back to Jiangbei.”

“He cares about her so much, if something happens to her while she’s away, he’ll definitely implicate us as well, right?”

After saying that, Zhang Zixi drove off to find Qiu Mu Orange’s whereabouts.

Zhang Zixi had thought that Qiu Mu Orange had already fled Jiangbei, but only later did she realise that she didn’t seem to have gone.

After learning that the Meng family had publicly apologised, Qiu Mu Orange and the girls realised that Zhang Zixi had already set everything right.

Since this was the case, Qiu Mu Orange naturally did not need to flee.

When Zhang Zixi found Qiu Mu Orange, she was staying with Sugar in the hotel.

“This is a letter of engagement from my Zhang family.”

“Tomorrow, take this letter of appointment to the Zhang family and find my uncle Zhang Xu.”

“He will arrange for you to work in my Zhang family’s company.”

“Don’t worry, the salary and treatment will make you happy. At least, the level of the head of the branch.”

Zhang Zixi’s expression once again returned to her usual cold and indifferent appearance.

She stood tall and looked coldly at the woman in front of her, before handing over a piece of paperwork with her grandfather’s signature, still on the table in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

Her best friend Liu Yubing’s eyes lit up when she heard the head of the company.

“Mu Orange, did you hear that?”

“Head of the branch, huh?”

“You’re the boss.”

“I don’t care, you have to arrange a vice president position for me anyways.”

Liu Yubing was agitated and hastily picked up the appointment letter and looked at it again and again.

But Qiu Mu Orange was unmoved.

She looked at Zhang Zixi, not knowing why, from her, she always felt a kind of hostile intent if anything.

However, Qiu Mu Orange could not figure out why she had repeatedly helped herself when she had hostile intentions.

Helping her to set things right with the Meng family, and now giving herself such a generous job.

“Miss Zhang, I want to know, why?”

“Why have you helped me?”

“I don’t feel that there is anything in myself that you guys can give so much for.”

Qiu Mu Orange asked in a deep voice.

Zhang Zixi returned “It seems that you still have self-awareness.”

“It is true that you are worthless to us.”

“But it can’t be helped, our Zhang family had promised one person to protect you for the rest of your life.”

“Therefore, it is none of your business for us to help you.”

As the words fell, Zhang Zixi quietly turned around and was about to leave.

“Who is he?”

“Is it Ye Fan?”

“Is he the one who gave you these words before he was born?” Qiu Mu Orange pursued the question.

“As I said, it’s none of your business.” Zhang Zixi said coldly.

“Then you take it back!”

“I don’t need your charity, and I don’t want his promise.”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.”

“You guys don’t need to care about me in the future either!”

Qiu Mu Orange suddenly became angry, her eyes red, and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

Was it that man again?

That b*****d, why, why everywhere she went, she couldn’t get rid of him.

She had tried so hard to forget about her.

She had even fled Jiangdong because of it.

But why, still, could not walk away from his shade.