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Worth Deserving Chapter 1877

Zhang Zixi was obviously a little surprised by Qiu Mu Orange’s loss of composure.

“Who is Ye Fan?”

“Is it an enemy of yours?”

“Although I don’t know where you get such great emotions from.”

“But I can tell you one thing, we’re not helping you because of that whatever Ye Fan you’re talking about.”

“My Zhang family reigns over Jiangbei, is it possible that just anyone can make us do things for him?”

“Miss Qiu, take care of yourself.”

After Zhang Zixi put down her words, she turned around and left.

Obviously, she did not know that the Ye Fan that Qiu Mu Orange was talking about was the one who was cultivating and healing in the villa of the Lu family, Chu Tianfan.

As for whether or not Qiu Mu Orange would come to the Zhang Family to report on her duties, Zhang Zixi did not care.

She only needed to ensure that this woman was safe and sound.

This would be considered fulfilling the Zhang Family’s promise to Ye Fan.

Shortly after Zhang Zixi left, Han Shaojie, Shen Fei and Chu Wenfei happened to come to visit Qiu Mu Orange and her mother and son.

Qiu Mu Orange gave them a brief description of what had just happened and asked for their opinions.

After all, Shen Fei and Ye Fan were almost brothers, so if these were really Ye Fan’s handiwork during his lifetime, Shen Fei would know something about it.

“Sister Qiu, I don’t think it should be Brother Fan.”

“As you know, Brother Fan committed a big crime in Jiangbei before he was born.”

“The land of West Lake pitted and killed more than hundreds of people in Jiangbei.”

“The powerful people in Jiangbei that I’ve come into contact with don’t have a good impression of Brother Fan.”

“Therefore, your relationship with Ye Fan will not give you any help in Jiangbei, but instead you might incur a killing.”

Shen Fei analyzed darkly.

At the side, Chu Wenfei also nodded his head in deep understanding “I was present at the battle at West Lake that day.”

“Ye Fan did kill quite a few people, and the water of West Lake was dyed red.”

“So, the people of Jiangbei can’t wait to hate him, how could they help him.”

“Besides, even if Ye Fan’s majesty was so vast that Jiangbei wouldn’t dare to mess with him. But that was before he was born.”

“Now that Ye Fan has long since pa*sed away, Jiangdong has all changed, and the Mufan Group has all collapsed, even Jiangdong has few people who respect Ye Fan anymore. Not to mention Jiangbei, which is thousands of miles away?”

“So, the Zhang family’s matter must have nothing to do with Ye Fan.”

Chu Wenfei spoke with certainty.

Anyway, he did not want to believe that Ye Fan could be that powerful.

To reign over Jiangdong in his life, and after his death, he was able to command the gentry of Jiangbei with his residual power alone?

How could this be possible?

That Ye Fan, no matter how powerful he was, was definitely not powerful enough to reach this point.

“But then, who could it be?”

“I don’t know anyone powerful in Jiangbei, ah.”

For a moment, Qiu Mu Orange instead became even more puzzled.

If Ye Fan was ruled out, who else could there be, with this energy and motivation, to help himself?

“Haha, my Sister Qiu is more delicate than a flower, a sinking fish, a closed moon, so I guess it’s just another gesture of affection from which suitor, to my Sister Qiu.”

Shen Fei joked as if to speculate.

Chu Wenfei also nodded his head “Shen Fei has a point, and this suitor is probably the young master of the Zhang family.”

“I went back and asked the old people in Jiangbei, and only then did I learn that the Zhang family has always been a hidden gentry in Jiangbei.”

“Mu Orange, congratulations, you have another chance to marry into a wealthy family.”

Chu Wenfei congratulated.

But Qiu Mu Orange was not happy.

On the contrary, she shook her head “No matter who helped me, I won’t repay them in this way.”

“Besides, I don’t plan to marry anyone else for the rest of my life.”

“It’s enough to have Fanfan with me.”

Qiu Mu Orange said softly, with a calmness that looked lighter in life.

Shen Fei and Han Shaojie didn’t know what to say.

Although they did not want to see Qiu Mu Orange depressed all day, they could not advise her to remarry.

After all, that would be a bit of a disservice to their former brother, Ye Fan.

But Chu Wenfei had no such scruples and said directly, “Mu Orange, don’t be so pessimistic.”

“You’re only in your twenties, right? Life has just begun.”

“Ye Fan has already pa*sed away, and your story with him is completely in the past.”

“The first twenty years of your life have turned the page.”

“The rest of your life is still long, you should open up your heart, forget the past and take on a new attitude to meet new people, with a new life.”

“Don’t keep living in the past or someone’s shadow.”

“That’s not good for you.”

Chu Wenfei advised in a serious manner.

Qiu Mu Orange just smiled “Thank you, I’ll think about it.”

These words of Qiu Mu Orange were very perfunctory.

Shen Fei knew very well that it would be strange if the woman in front of him listened.

Afterwards, Chu Wenfei hosted a big dinner in Jiangbei, inviting his former friends.

In this way, he celebrated the fact that Qiu Mu Orange was out of her misery and completely free from the Meng family’s entanglement.

After that, Qiu Mu Orange, naturally, did not leave Jiangbei, and of course, he did not go to the Zhang family as the head of any branch.

She did not want to rely on anyone, no matter who it was, she just wanted to live on her own, on her own.

Qiu Mu Orange’s life returned to peace, but the storm in Jiangbei was just beginning.

Ever since Meng Wanjun made the decision to submit to the Chu Sect.

Within seven days, there were several strong martial artists in Jiangbei, secretly sneaking in and hiding in the Meng family.

“Elder Tang, can these three people alone really trip up the Zhang Family?”

In the Meng Family’s backyard, Meng Wanjun looked at the several black-clad figures in front of him, but he was somewhat suspicious.

He had originally thought that the Chu Sect would send an army of martial artists to help him push the Zhang Family across.

But to his surprise, the Chu Sect had sent just a handful of people.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Any one of my Chu Sect’s strongest men is an existence that can defeat a hundred at a time.”

“Not to mention the three, just any one of them would be enough to trample down the entire Zhang family.”

“What’s more, isn’t there still me?”

“I’ll give you three days.”

“Within three days, understand your family feud.”

“After three days, it will be the time for you to serve my Chu Clan.”

In the darkness of the night, the black-clothed figure spoke coldly.

There was no telling how much intrigue was contained within the morose words.


“I will make some preparations, and tomorrow, I will immediately move out and point my sword at the Zhang Clan!”

Meng Wanjun was filled with excitement.

This day had finally come.

The humiliation suffered by his ancestors would be completely repaid by him, Meng Wanjun.

In three days’ time, there would be only one sky in the north of the river.

That is, the Meng family!



It was just the beginning of February, and the temperature in Jiangbei had begun to warm up.

Outside, the sky was suddenly filled with light rain.

The fine willows by the river, too, were faintly drawing out a few green spots.

“It looks like this winter has already pa*sed.”

In the middle of the villa, Yue Yao, who had finished her treatment, stood by the window, looking at the light outside, and said in a quiet voice.

While in the room, Ye Fan had yet to wake up.

At this moment, Ye Fan was sitting with his upper body on, in a wooden bucket as high as a man, receiving the final medicinal bath.

Yue Yao estimated that it would take several more days for Ye Fan to completely absorb the medicinal power in it.

But Yue Yao was no longer prepared to wait any longer.

After she put down a letter, she picked up the black jade spell plate that Ye Fan had bought for her earlier and turned around to leave.

Only, when she reached the door, Yue Yao stopped again.

Then, she quietly walked over to Ye Fan again, bent down and leaned over, and her warm lips, just like that, were kissed on top of the corner of Ye Fan’s lips.

“Ye Fan, goodbye.”

“Thank you, for staying with me for so long.”

Yue Yao said softly and long, that blush on her pretty face was actually that charming and moving.

At this moment, Yue Yao recalled the light when she and Ye Fan first met.

At that time, she was in a desperate situation and was being chased by her enemies in the yellow sands of the desert.

At the darkest and most wretched moment in her life, this young man had suddenly entered her life.

Yue Yao could not decide how she would meet Ye Fan, but the ending at this point was something she could influence.

With this kiss, she would have a tender ending with Ye Fan.

Yue Yao knew very well that after this trip, she and Ye Fan, I was afraid, would never see each other again.

If she succeeded, she would stay in the Indian Kingdom and regain control of the Heavenly Master lineage.

If she failed, she would lose her fragrance and her life.

As for Ye Fan, when he wakes up, he will go back to the Chu Sect.

Let’s hope that this time, he will succeed.

Yue Yao prayed secretly for Ye Fan in her heart.

Yes, in fact, Yue Yao had never wanted Ye Fan to go with her to venture into the Indian Kingdom.

We all had our own missions to accomplish.

Ye Fan was already carrying too many heavy things on his back, so how could Yue Yao be willing to impose her destiny on Ye Fan again?

Besides, the viciousness of this trip was not much easier than when Ye Fan had gone to the Chu Sect alone.

Yueyao herself had no idea how much the Indian Kingdom Buddha’s Heavenly Chu Palace had in store for her.

As she walked out of the villa, several people were already waiting in the courtyard.

These people, with different skin colours, some black, some white, but there was a golden thunder pattern at the realm where their eyebrows were.

If King Yin Tian Burning Heaven were here, he would have recognised at a glance that these people were all among the eighteen personal disciples of the old Heavenly Master of the Heavenly Master’s Way back then.

When they saw Yue Yao, they bowed and shouted in unison, “Greetings, Heavenly Master!”