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Worth Deserving Chapter 1878

Underneath the villa, Yue Yao stood proudly.

Above her stunning face, there was a majestic and cold look embedded in it.

At this moment, Yue Yao was not half as gentle and docile as she had been when she was beside Ye Fan.

Now she was a new generation of Heavenly Master Dao heir, and a desperate person carrying a blood feud.

From now on, peace and joy would only be a luxury for her.

From the year her own teacher pa*sed away, she fled everywhere.

Until, she was taken in by Ye Fan.

Of course, during these years, apart from studying the art of medicine and poison, Yue Yao was also secretly searching for her fellow surviving brothers of the Heavenly Master Dao.

In particular, of the eighteen personal disciples of her own teacher who sat down, nine had died in battle back then to shelter the old Heavenly Master from leaving.

In other words, there are still nine, surviving in the world.

Therefore, all these years Yue Yao had been secretly searching for them as well.

Until a few days ago, at the Jiangbei Auction, the last of the fellow disciples, was finally found by Yue Yao.

The black jade spell plate that had been auctioned off by Ye Fan earlier had come from the hand of this fellow senior brother of her own.

“Senior brothers, there is no need to be polite. There is even no need to address me as Heavenly Master.”

“I have said that I will not take over the position of Heavenly Master until I kill Burning Heaven.”

When the old Heavenly Master pa*sed away, he pa*sed on the Heavenly Master’s Ring to Yue Yao.

To the other fellow disciples, this was naturally equivalent to the Old Heavenly Master pa*sing the position of Sect Master to Yue Yao.

But Yueyao was reluctant to take over.

She always insisted that she would not take charge of the Heavenly Master’s Way until her great revenge was avenged.

“But Little Sister.”

On the stage, there were others who urged her to do so.

But Yue Yao immediately interrupted their words “Brothers, there is no need to say anything else.”

“Let’s get on with our business.”

“Let’s set off quickly.”

Yue Yao said calmly.

And then, she walked down the steps and walked towards the villa beyond.

“Junior sister, don’t you take the one inside with you?”

“Although this person’s aura is obscure, he seems to be a strong martial artist with not weak strength.”

“Bringing him along might be a considerable help to our great cause of revenge.”

“Perhaps our chances of survival can be increased by fifty percent.”

Among these few people, someone obviously sensed the faint aura in the villa.

Although it was as thin as a dragon, the sharpness and severity lurking beneath that aura made them shudder.

They were sure that the person inside was a powerful person of extraordinary strength.

Yue Yao glanced back, but shook her head.

“Revenge is a matter for our Heavenly Master Dao, it has nothing to do with him.”

“We are not qualified to ask him to risk his life to help us.”

“Besides, the burden on him is already heavy.”

Yue Yao spoke in a low voice.

There was a flash of reluctance and lingering in her brows.

After that, they did not stay any longer.

A group of several people turned around and disappeared into the night.

At the same time, ten miles away, the Meng family garden was lit up like daylight.

In the courtyard, there was even a crowd of people.

A large number of people were gathered in a frenzy.

After an unknown amount of time, everyone had finished a*sembling.

Meng Wanjun, who was at the front, addressed the Meng clan on the stage and let out a low roar “My Meng family, accumulated over several generations, a hundred years of foundation.”

“Our ancestors, with their diligent hands, have created countless glories and written countless heroic stories that can be sung.”

“However, no matter how high our Meng family’s career has gone and how far we have travelled, there has always been a great mountain that has hung over our Meng family’s head for these hundred years.”

“From the moment none succeeded to the throne of the Meng Family, I have been in a great sense of crisis all the time.”

“Yes, I believe everyone has guessed it.”

“This great mountain is the Zhang family!”

“He is like a sword hanging at the throat of our Meng family.”

“Who knows, the day the Meng Family is in a bad mood, they will stab down this sword.”

“For a hundred years, I’ve had enough of this kind of fearful life.”

“Moreover, I do not want to let my descendants, my children and grandchildren, continue to live under the shadow of the Zhang family like I did.”

“Therefore, tonight, I solemnly declare.”

“My Meng Clan, the war against the Zhang Clan, has begun!”

“Please, clansmen, trust me.”

“I, Meng Wanjun, will definitely lead everyone to completely remove the Zhang Clan, the mountain that has stood in the way of my Meng Clan for a hundred years before!”

Meng Wanjun’s majestic words seemed to have a special magic power.

In an instant, the entire Meng Family was surprisingly enraged, and they all raised their arms in unison.




The three sounds of the word war had the sound of thunder exploding.

From this moment onwards, the long-peaceful land of Jiangbei had finally set off a great battle between powerful families that was rare in the world.



The Lu family villa.

When Ye Fan woke up, it was daylight.

The light outside was misty.

The brilliant sunlight, reflected through the thin blinds, shone in.

Falling on the ground, it seemed like white flowing water.

It was quiet and serene.

Until, the moment Ye Fan’s eyes opened.

All the silence in this place shattered with a crash.

The original silence of the sky, at this moment, was like boiling water, wildly tumbling, converging and rising.

A hundred metres away, pedestrians walking past, after sensing the commotion, stopped to stop and look up.

“Mum, look!”

“The clouds are falling down, hey?”

A six-year-old child asked in surprise, pointing in the direction of the sky.

Pa*sers-by looked up and away, screaming “Oh my God!”

“What’s that?”

“Is that a tornado?”

The pa*sers-by were going crazy.

All of them looked ahead in disbelief.

They could only see that there, the wind and clouds were swirling wildly.

The clouds in the sky all seemed to be swept up by that air current.

The terrifying might was like a great ocean storm.

As far as the eye could see, the heaven and earth energy around them seemed to be alive, vying to be the first to converge towards there.

In the end, the majestic power, above that villa, converged into an upside-down funnel shape, frantically pouring down towards the villa.

At the very centre of the storm, there was a man, sitting on his knees.

Like a dried-up sponge, he greedily devoured the energy.

And, as the power gradually poured in, his whole aura grew stronger and stronger.

It was like a candle flame in the wind, burning bigger and bigger.

At the beginning, it was just a speck.

At the end, it was as powerful as a rainbow!

Finally, the storm stopped.

The man’s eyes opened wide, and a flash of lightning flashed in his eyes.

At the same time, an unprecedented might swept out in all directions, with him as the centre.

Only a boom was heard.

The single-storey villa he was in collapsed under the force of this might.

The doors and windows shattered and the beams exploded.

The dust that was raised filled the sky!

“My god, the house has collapsed.”

“Save the people!”

“Everyone, save the people!”

The pa*sers-by outside were already terrified.

Who would have thought that what had been a nice single-family house would just collapse.

While the earth was still trembling, a few kind-hearted people had rushed over, ready to wait for the dust to clear and then go to the ruins to save the people.

However, who would have thought that when they ran forward, they would see, on top of the ruins, a human figure standing there.

Behind him, was the river of heaven rotting.

Beneath his feet, were the ruins of the earth.

The man here was like a divine sword that pierced the sky, straddling the ground.

The power that rushes through the heavens chills the world.

He closes his eyes and opens his arms, embracing heaven and earth.

The man at that moment was as if he shared the same breath and destiny with this heaven and earth.

“Is this what it feels like to be in control of power?”

The man murmured to himself, that long-lost feeling. It was like a meeting of old friends!

That winter, at the top of the north of the river, Chu Tianfan, Lord of the Dragon God Temple, had recovered from his serious injuries and was once again in control of divine power!