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Worth Deserving Chapter 1879

“Yao’er is worthy of being the Healing Fairy in the world.”

“Back then, when I was seriously injured like this, my father only managed to bring me back from the brink of death with all his might, and could not yet restore me to my peak and regain my strength.”

“I never thought that Yao’er would use just a few medicinal herbs and a few buckets of medicinal liquid to completely heal me.”

“I’m afraid that this is not even a few points inferior to living dead and fleshing white bones.”

At this moment, Ye Fan’s palms were clenched, and within his veins and tendons, there was a huge amount of power that flowed like a river and sea.

The feeling of his entire body being filled with power again was almost intoxicating to Ye Fan.

It was only after a long time that Ye Fan came back to his senses from this ecstasy.

Now was not the time to be pleased with himself, Ye Fan had to see how Yueyao was doing first.

Although Ye Fan was not very proficient in the art of medicine, he reckoned that treating his own injuries would be a great drain on Yue Yao.

As he was worried, Ye Fan began to look around.

But when he turned his head, Ye Fan then realised that the entire villa had collapsed.

A large number of onlookers were gathered in all directions, staring at Ye Fan like he was a ghost.

But Ye Fan wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to them, his entire body suddenly became anxious.


“Yao’er, where are you?”

“Yao’er, hear answer me?”

Ye Fan’s heart was burning with anxiety.

He was afraid that Yue Yao would be crushed inside the ruins again.

That silly girl was not good at martial arts, so if she was crushed, she would inevitably be injured.

Of course, Ye Fan’s anxiety only lasted for a moment.

Soon, he sensed that there wasn’t any Yue Yao’s breath under the ruins.

“It looks like Yao’er isn’t here.”


Just as Ye Fan was about to leave, he seemed to perceive something else.

His eyebrows instantly furrowed.

In the next second, Ye Fan flicked his finger and a letter floated from the ruins into Ye Fan’s hand.

On top of the envelope, it was written that Ye Fan had personally opened it.

The envelope was opened, and Yue Yao’s beautiful handwriting immediately leapt to the forefront of his eyes.

“Ye Fan, by the time you read this letter, the injuries on your body should have completely healed.”

“Congratulations. Congratulations to my Dragon Lord, for returning to the top of the world.”

“It’s just a pity that I didn’t get to see you regaining your grip on power.”

“Surely, it would have been handsome.”

“Like a sun, shining brightly!”

“By the way, Ye Fan, I’m leaving now.”

“Don’t look for me.”

“We all have our own paths to walk, we all have our own things to do.”

“Just go do your own thing with all your heart and soul.”

“Owen, Gaia and the others, make sure you bring them back. Especially Gaia, that old thing stole a lot of my elixirs, I’ll be back to get him back.”

“Also, that girl is very nice.”

“Maybe not as pretty as this fairy, but she is indeed the most suitable person to be your wife, and for a competent mother.”

“So Ye Fan, if you go to Truman again, make sure you come back alive.”

“Then take her home, as you said, and find a small village and live in seclusion.”

“Watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the garden, and watch the clouds roll in and out of the sky.”

“Seriously, at first I was furious to hear that you wanted a life of comfort.”

“I feel that the future of my Dragon Lord should be like an emperor, standing at the top of the world.”

“To see the kings worshipping and to have their subjects kneeling.”

“Only this kind of a life of bombast would be worthy of the majesty of the Dragon God Hall Master, and only then would it be worth living this life.”

“But when I decided to leave, I suddenly figured it out.”

“Some people resign and return to their hometowns, while others spend their nights catching exams. There is no fixed pattern of happiness in life.”

“As long as you’re with the person you love, what kind of life, it’s all happiness, right?”

“Haha, that’s somewhat true.”

“You know, I’ve always been a quiet girl, I don’t like to interact with people.”

“But somehow, it’s like there’s an endless supply of things to say to you.”

“Perhaps, all the words of this life are like written in this letter.”

“But there’s no need for that.”

“It’s not like we won’t see each other again.”

“When you come back from the Chu Sect, when I have avenged my master, we will go back to Lin’an, visit Auntie Yue together, and make dumplings with her family together.”

“By the way, I have also developed a few pills, so you should send them to Uncle Hu. It should do some good for Uncle Hu’s leg injury.”

“And don’t worry about me, I found my senior brothers, they are all very powerful, even with sealing strength.”

“With so many of us, it’s more than enough to kill a single Indian Heavenly King, there’s no need for you to do anything at all.”

“But I will be in the Kingdom of India, waiting for news of you stepping through the Chu Sect and returning in glory.”

“Ye Fan, be sure, to live well.”

A very long letter.

The tone was relaxed and cheerful.

Ye Fan, however, was not happy at all.

Instead, the more he read it, the heavier his mood became.

Especially when he saw the folds on the letter, which were wet with tears and then dried up.

Ye Fan’s heart tightened violently.

He could tell that this was a letter of finality.

Although it mentioned countless times that they would meet again.

However, the tone and content of the letter was as if she was saying goodbye to Ye Fan forever.

She had clearly left without saying goodbye this time with the idea of burning the jade stone.

“This stinky girl, it’s just nonsense!”

Ye Fan was furious.

Although he knew that Yue Yao did not want him to risk his life.

However, if something really happened to Yue Yao on this trip, Ye Fan would have to spend the rest of his life in guilt.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan immediately left this place and prepared to go after Yue Yao and the others.

“I don’t know how many days this niece has been gone.”

“I said I would accompany her, but I can’t believe I left without saying goodbye.”

“Let’s see me catch up with her and not teach her a hard lesson.”

Ye Fan had anxiety in his heart.

He was ready to rush to the Indian Country immediately to support Yue Yao.

But before leaving, Ye Fan still had to go and deliver medicine to Uncle Hu and the others first, as Yue Yao had instructed.

That silly girl was just so kind.

Anyone who was kind to her, she would always return with boundless enthusiasm.

Even Uncle Hu’s family, whom she had only met in pa*sing, was on Yueyao’s mind.

After leaving the Lu family villa, Ye Fan immediately rushed to the place where Auntie Yue’s family lived.

It was considered an old residential area in Lin’an, with narrow streets, winding and rugged paths, and old courtyards.

Although it is not as prosperous and opulent as the city.

But it was peaceful, calm and serene.

Ye Fan liked this kind of quiet life.

There are old people playing chess and games at the entrance of the street, and children playing with cats and dogs by the river.

There is happiness and peace, no strife.

Ye Fan reckoned that at this time of the day, that little girl, Sugar, should be out of school.

Perhaps she was also playing with the neighbour’s small children by jumping on the leather bandwagon.

And Auntie Yue should be sitting in the kitchen with her apron, cooking.

Uncle Hu, on the other hand, was more relaxed, drinking water with chrysanthemums soaked in goji berries, watching the news events on the central 13 channels, and occasionally tasting a few words to Auntie Yue.

Anyway, when Ye Fan was staying at Auntie Yue’s house, such scenes were played out every day.

Today, it shouldn’t be any different.


“Aren’t you the tenant of that old Hu’s house?”

“How dare you come back?”

As Ye Fan got closer and closer, it was the feeling that something was wrong with the atmosphere around him.

The street, which should have been bustling at this time of the day, was empty.

The few people he met head-on were also in a hurry to get home.

Until, after one old lady saw Ye Fan, she was instantly shocked.

“Grandma Wang, what’s wrong?”

“Is something wrong?” Ye Fan was puzzled.

But the old lady was terrified and said, “You child, don’t you know anything at all?”

“Hey, hurry up and run.”

“Don’t come back.”

“Or else I’ll be sorry for the sacrifice of Old Hu’s family.”

This old lady advised Ye Fan, then she herself did not dare to say more and left the place in a hurry.


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