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Worth Deserving Chapter 1885

“But it’s too late.”

“None of us know when Mr. Chu will leave the gate.”

“I’m afraid that my grandfather, simply can’t wait for that time.”

In the middle of the crowd, Zhang Zixi, who was hiding in the corner, had beautiful red eyes, and there was almost a tear glint in the depths of his eyes.

From the time he was a toddler, Zhang Zixi has been following his grandfather.

Boxing, sword practice, articles and poems, the world of people.

It can be said that the old man has taught Zhang Zixi all the insights and skills of his life.

Zhang Jiuling in her, not only their elders, but also their own life mentor, is the world’s most trusted and most dependent on her relatives.

He could never accept that his grandfather died like this in front of him.

She has to save her grandfather, she can’t lose the only family she has now.

“Zixi, you have to be calm.”

“What can you do if you go up there now?”

“The Meng family now has the help of someone high up.”

“Have you forgotten that even your grandfather couldn’t walk a single move in the hands of those men in black.”

“If you and I go up there now, we are completely throwing ourselves into the net.”

“Meng Wanjun is hosting a banquet at the West Lake today, with such fanfare, clearly waiting for you, to lure you into a trap.”

“You must be calm at this time. Come back with me.”

“Let’s go wait for Mr. Chu!”

“If Mr. Chu doesn’t come out, then we’ll beg him to come out.”

Lu Zi Ming pulled Zhang Zixi and advised him bitterly.

The night the Zhang family was attacked, Lu Zi Ming got the news of help and rushed to the rescue.

But Lu Zi Ming was ultimately shallow and powerless to return.

In the end, it was Zhang Jiuling who held back the black-clad strongmen and begged Lu Ziming to take Zhang Zixi, who was seriously injured, to save the last bit of the Zhang family’s bloodline.

He was entrusted with the task of being faithful to others.

Since the old man had entrusted his granddaughter to himself, Lu Zi Ming naturally had to do his best to shelter the girl in front of him.

However, when faced with Lu Zi Ming’s suggestion, Zhang Zixi shook his head “It’s useless, Uncle Lu.”

“Even if we really wait until he comes out of the gate, what can we do?”

“My Zhang family is not related to Mr. Chu, and I have even offended him.”

“He won’t help me, nor will he help our Zhang family.”

“Moreover, the other party is so powerful, can Mr. Chu alone, really deal with it?”

“He definitely wouldn’t risk his life just for the sake of someone unrelated.”

Zhang Zixi lowered her head, and there was despair in her beautiful eyes.

Lu Zi Ming also fell silent at once.

What Zhang Zixi said was not without reason, even if Ye Fan could appear in time, but why would he help the Zhang family?

As for Ye Fan’s strength, how much could he have left after he escaped death in the battle of the East China Sea?

Lu Ziming’s heart was also suddenly bottomless.

As the two of them fell into silence, on top of the high platform, Meng Wanjun suddenly picked up a sword.

The sharp edge of the sword reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

He looked around in all directions, and his majestic voice echoed unceasingly “Zhang Zixi, I know you are under the stage right now.”

“I’m giving you ten seconds to come out.”

“If you come out one second later, I will stab a sword on your grandfather’s body.”

“After ten swords, if you still don’t come out, I guarantee that your grandfather’s soul will return to the nine heavens.”

Meng Wanjun’s eyes were full of power, and his morbid words echoed in all directions.

A pair of tiger eyes, like a vulture, stared deadly at all parts of the stage.


Today he hosted a banquet at West Lake, in addition to telling all the powerful people in Jiangbei that in the future, the Meng family will be the top priority in Jiangbei. The other purpose is to attract Zhang Zixi to come here, in order to eliminate future problems!

Meng Wanjun’s work is meticulous, and there is no leakage.

Especially when dealing with the enemy, he never leaves any trouble behind.

What’s more, Meng Wanjun had heard about Zhang Zixi’s extraordinary talent.

This kind of person, if not timely eradication.

When he is a hundred years old, he will definitely pose a huge threat to his descendants.

Meng Wanjun promised his son that the feud between the Zhang and Meng families would be completely over by his generation.

Therefore, he would never allow that the trouble of the Zhang family would continue to be left to his descendants.


A second later, Meng Wanjun pierced one of Zhang Jiuling’s arms with his sword.

But Zhang Jiuling was after all a strong master and his temperament far exceeded that of ordinary people.

Even though he was humiliated in such a way, Zhang Jiuling still smiled, “Meng Wanjun, don’t waste your effort. My granddaughter has already left Jiangbei, he is not here at all.”

“If you kill me, my granddaughter won’t come today!”

“Of course, only today.”

“But I believe that she will come back sooner or later.”

“Everything that was taken away by your Meng family at the beginning, my granddaughter will get it back for me.”

Zhang Jiuling spoke loudly and rolled his voice so that everyone could hear clearly.

Meng Wanjun, however, shook his head “Old thing, you are saying this to your granddaughter, right?”

“I’m not afraid to tell you, before overthrowing your Zhang family, I have blocked all the pa*sages to leave Lin’an.”

“Therefore, your granddaughter is still in Lin’an.”

“Moreover, with her affection for you, I guarantee that he is among these people on the stage.”

Meng Wanjun was ready and spoke to Zhang Jiuling in an almost playful tone.

And then, with another sword, he pierced Zhang Jiuling’s right arm.

Blood gushed out, leaving unstoppable along that huge stone pillar.


The third sword, the fourth sword

After all of Zhang Jiuling’s limbs were pierced through, Meng Wanjun’s cold laughter once again came out.

“Zhang Zixi, your grandfather treated you like a mountain. That night, even if I had to risk my life, I would still protect you from leaving. But unfortunately, your grandfather’s position in your heart seems to be less than half of your position in his heart.”

“In that case, then I won’t waste any more time.”

“If you want to see your grandfather die, I will do as you wish.”

Meng Wanjun seemed to have run out of patience, and when the fifth sword was stabbed, he decided to end this farce.

As the words fell, Meng Wanjun held the long sword.

This time, it went straight to Zhang Jiuling’s throat!

“Son of a b*tch, stop!”

Finally, among the crowd, a clear, cold, angry voice rang out.

The long table exploded, sand and stones went everywhere, and a long and horizontal sword qi, like a long rainbow, rose from the ground.

The speed is as fast as electricity and light.

Towards the front of the high platform, shot.

“What is this?”

“A newly developed weapon?”

Seeing this sudden burst of sword light, the crowd below immediately exploded.

These live in the age of science and technology, the news on the era of war are used guns, have never seen this kind of power?

Even some rich people, up to this moment still think that is the latest developed weapons shot out of the laser cannon.

“Finally, showing your face?”

Faced with the flying sword qi, Meng Wanjun not only did not half panic, but also revealed a light of successful plot.

He saw his arm waving, and the gunmen hidden in all directions immediately appeared and started firing towards Zhang Zixi who was bursting in front of him.

Ten million shells almost weave into a line of fire, covering Zhang Zixi all.

This is also fortunate that Zhang Zixi has leaped into the air, so the gunmen’s design is also all upward, the surrounding tycoons were not affected.

However, Lu Zi Ming, who followed Zhang Zixi, was full of anxiety.

“Zixi, come back!”

“You’re throwing yourself into the net and seeking death!”

However, no matter how he shouted.

But Zhang Zixi did not have the intention to retreat.

The beautiful eyes are determined, like death.

To her, if she could not save her grandfather, what was the point of living.


“Confused ah.”

Lu Zi Ming let out a long sigh.

After that, there was no choice but to follow Zhang Zixi and rush up together.

After all, at the moment Zhang Zixi struck, he undoubtedly followed and was exposed.

At this kind of time, Lu Ziming even if he wanted to escape on his own, it was impossible.

“I’ll take care of these gunmen, you go save your grandfather.”

“While those people are still here, fight quickly!”

“Otherwise, we will have to be planted here too.”