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Worth Deserving Chapter 1886

Lu Ziming quickly rushed to Zhang Zixi’s body, a huge surge of energy crazy, a fierce heavy fist directly smashed out.

Under Lu Zi Ming’s fist, the area covered by bullets in front of him was directly smashed out of a fist vacuum.

The high-heat bullets all like kites with broken strings, helplessly fall.

For a time, the world was like a rain of bullets.

And, after shaking away those bullets, Lu Zi Ming’s fist power continued to fly a hundred meters.

Hearing a harsh scream, the gunman somewhere in front was directly knocked out by Lu Zi Ming’s fist, spitting blood all over the sky.

“Zixi, it’s now!”


Lu Zi Ming shouted at once.

Zhang Zixi also took advantage of this gap and killed directly in Lu Ziming’s direction with his sword.

“Meng Wanjun, today, I will make you pay in blood!”

Zhang Zixi’s eyebrows were red.

The hatred for the extermination of the clan was like a blazing fire, fiercely burning Zhang Zixi’s heart.

At this moment, she could not wait to break the Meng Wanjun in front of her into pieces.

“Father, hide!”

Seeing Zhang Zixi who came out of the gunfire, Meng Chuan was directly stunned and his eyes turned into the size of copper bells.

On the other hand, Meng Yilong rushed to the front of his father, shouting anxiously while preparing to block the sword for his father.

However, in the face of such a critical situation, Meng Wanjun is not afraid of danger.

He stood with his hands folded, standing indifferently.

His deep eyes, with a bit of playfulness and contempt, just faintly looked at the approaching Zhang Zixi.

“Father, go!”

“If you don’t leave, it will be too late.”

Meng Yilong’s heart was burning with anxiety.

Meng Wanjun still didn’t move a bit, instead, the corners of his mouth even brought up an arc.

That is the mockery of the victor to the loser, that is the arrogance of a generation of kings looking down on their own rivers and mountains and lands.

“Zhang family, this does not exist.”

Meng Wanjun’s words rang out abruptly.

In the ears of the people on the stage, it was just like the God of Judgment, pronouncing the fate of the Zhang family.

The moment Meng Wanjun’s words fell, three figures suddenly appeared in this heaven and earth.

They are dressed in black, the ghosts of the past day walk.

In a moment, they arrived in front of Zhang Zixi.

The power of the sky, like a dazzling sun, from the body of these three, violently released.

Even Lu Ziming, who has practiced martial arts for half a lifetime, was ten meters away, but still felt trembling in fear and horror.

“Not good!”

“Zixi, retreat!”

Lu Ziming immediately shouted.

Zhang Jiuling, who was on top of the stone pillar, also realized the dangerous situation of his granddaughter, and even though he was already dying, he still used his last strength and shouted anxiously, “Zixi, go!”

However, everything, it was already too late.

After these three figures appeared, there was no hesitation at all.

The fierce attack swept out like a violent storm.

“Heavenly wolf!”

“White Tiger Absolute!”

“Green Dragon Absolute!”

The moment the three of them struck, they were killing moves.

The terrifying attacks brought forth a frenzy in this heaven and earth.

For a time, the crowd could only see that at the top of the West Lake, there was a Heavenly Wolf roaring low, a White Tiger whistling, and a Green Dragon rising.

The infinite attacks of the three people’s sure kill strikes were like rivers rushing.

And Zhang Zixi, is undoubtedly the leaf of the boat above the wild waves of the vast sea.

In just an instant, he was smashed by the monstrous momentum.

The ribs were broken and blood flew across the sky.

With a muffled grunt, Zhang Zixi’s delicate body flew out like a kite with a broken string.

Along the way, he knocked over countless mountains, rocks, gra*s and trees, and finally, with a boom, he landed on the ground with a fierce crash.

Coincidentally, it fell right in front of Chu Wenfei.

Chu Wenfei has been completely dumb, he stood there in fear and helpless, looking down at his feet blood-soaked dress of the woman.

Chu Wenfei can hardly imagine, this dying woman in front of him.

The woman who was dying in front of him was Zhang Zixi, who had descended from the sky like a queen.

At this time, Zhang Zixi, chest has been sunken, ribs pierced the lungs, blood flowing down from the mouth.

The girl who was once so stunning and beautiful was now in such a sorry state.

“She will die, right?”

Chu Wenfei thought this way, and an unspeakable sadness gushed out in his heart.

Although he only met Zhang Zixi once, but her beauty, her domineering spirit, her valiant and heroic posture, undoubtedly left a deep impression in Chu Wenfei’s heart.

A woman he admired so much, just like this fell in front of him, Chu Wenfei naturally can not hide the sadness.


“Meng Wanjun, you b*****d.”

“Do you really dare to kill all of them?”

“Back then, even if Mr. Chu was as ruthless as he was, he still left some descendants of our Lu family.”

“Unexpectedly, you beast, you didn’t leave any hope for the Zhang family!”

Seeing Zhang Zixi’s appearance, Lu Ziming’s eyes, too, then turned red.

Rushing at Meng Wanjun, he cursed angrily!

He had thought that Ye Fan was already ruthless enough.

However, he didn’t expect that Meng Wanjun would be even more ruthless than Ye Fan.

Even the only remaining descendant of the Zhang family was not spared.

“Mr. Chu?”

“I don’t know any Mr. Chu.”

“Someone I don’t know is also worthy to be compared to me?”

“I only know that from now on, there is only one voice in this Jiangbei land.”

“That is my Meng Wanjun’s voice!”

“As for you, Master Lu, since you care so much about the life and death of the Zhang family, then I will be a good man to the end and send you to accompany the Zhang family.”

Meng Wanjun stood tall and proudly smiled.

He enjoyed this feeling, this feeling of dominating the lives and deaths of others, this feeling of stepping under the feet of those he looked up to in the past.

Back then, both the Zhang family and the Lu family were terrifying existences that he, Meng Wanjun, feared.

But now, the life and death of these terrifying forces that he had feared were all in his hands!

“Three, get rid of it!”

Meng Wanjun clasped his fist slightly and said respectfully to those three figures.

After that, those three people then turned around, and their morbid aura, locked Lu Zi Ming in a group.

The moment he was stared at by these people, Lu Ziming only felt a chill down his spine and his scalp tingling.

This kind of feeling, he had only ever had when facing the peak of clan master, or even half-step seal powerhouse.

“You who the hell are you guys?”

“Meng Family, how come there are suddenly so many terrifyingly strong people?”

Lu Zi Ming lost his voice in fear, his old face was pale.

“People who are about to die, why do you need to ask so many questions?” Meng Wanjun shook his head.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Immediately afterwards, three air-breaking sounds rang out abruptly.

In Lu Zi Ming’s frightened gaze, he saw these three people rapidly approaching, and three attacks came at him from three different directions.

Lu Ziming wanted to dodge.

However, the other party was too fast.

Before he could make any movement at all, he was hit in the chest.

Then the abdomen, then the spine!

Boom boom boom!

Three booms exploded directly on Lu Ziming’s body.

A fierce stream of powerful qi then rushed into Lu Zi Ming’s body like an abyssal sea.

The tendons and veins collapsed and blood spurted wildly.

Lu Zi Ming’s originally strong breath was like a candle in the wind, and it quickly went out.

Finally, the whole person also fell to the ground like a puddle of mud.

Just like this, just two face-to-face.

Zhang Zixi and Lu Ziming were both defeated.

The huge difference in strength left them without any power to fight back.

However, Zhang Zixi and Lu Ziming did not die immediately, and both seemed to have a breath left.

Meng Wanjun waved his hand and had the two of them tied to the stone pillar along with Zhang Jiuling.

And, pouring gasoline on them.

At the top of West Lake, Meng Wanjun held a torch high, looking down on the multitudes of people below.

The cold wind was bitterly cold, the flames were huge.

Meng Wanjun’s eyes were full of arrogance, and his majestic voice resounded through the north of the river.

“From now on, Jiangbei, with me as the king!”


The torches were thrown up high.

Among the terrified eyes of the people under the stage, Zhang Zixi’s three people were just engulfed by the raging fire.

However, that fire light burned for just a second.

Suddenly, a bone-chilling cold wind, like and come.

The surrounding temperature, instantly plummeted.

The original burning fire, but also suddenly extinguished.

The crowd in the room, involuntarily shivered.


“What’s going on?”

“Get me more fire!”

Meng Wanjun frowned at once and asked someone to light the torch again.

However, it still went out quickly.

Such a bizarre scene caused Meng Wanjun’s heart to suddenly have a bad premonition.

“My God!”


“What is that?”

However, at that moment, among the crowd, there was a sudden cry of alarm.

All of a sudden, everyone turned around.

Thousands of pairs of eyes, in unison, fell into the depths of the West Lake.

Only to see the road, a thin figure, feet on the West Lake, walking alone.

The cold wind is bitterly cold, killing intent rampant.

Ten miles around, gra*s and trees without words, insects and birds without sound.

The figure at the top of the West Lake, like a demon king again!