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Worth Deserving Chapter 1887

At first, the crowd looked over when the figure, just a white trace above the West Lake.

At first no one cared at all, only thought it was a grain of duckweed between heaven and earth, a gull between the clouds and the sea.

Until the figure closer and closer, the crowd saw clearly.

That is a human figure.

Above the flat lake, he had a green shirt on his body.

The cold wind was bitterly cold, bringing up the tips of his forehead hair.

The thin body, standing there, just like a lance stand up.

Of course, what is more surprising is that the man is walking peacefully on the West Lake, not wet, like walking on flat ground.

And, with each of his footsteps, the crowd will resolutely see that the lake beneath his feet is actually visible to the naked eye speed, inch by inch frozen.

Ten thousand hectares of water, condensed into frost.

This heaven and earth, as if the ice cellar.

With the approach of that person, the surrounding temperature, at a frightening rate of crazy decline, there was a moment, the crowd only felt that the nine cold winters, descended.

“This this”

“How is this possible?”

“This this is a person?”

Looking at the scene of the four directions of heaven and earth frozen under his feet, at this time the people around had gone crazy, all of them looked at the thin figure like a ghost.

They dead stare, trying to see the man’s face, but until they got closer, they only found his face, actually a, dragon head mask.

“Dragon Dragon King?”

“He he is the Water Dragon King!”

Someone among the crowd suddenly shouted.

When he was very young, he had heard the old man tell that under the West Lake, there is a dragon king shelter, put only to make the land of Lin’an wind and rain smooth.

“I know.”

“It must be our intrusion that disturbed the Dragon King’s purity.”

“Now the Dragon King under the water sends down his anger, just to punish us ah”

Among the crowd below, there was an old man screaming in fear.

Chu Wenfei really can’t listen, a kick in the old man’s belly.

“Motherf*cker, shut up if you don’t know!”

“And the Water Dragon King?”

“Water your sister ah!”

“Are you blind?”

“Can’t you see that it’s just a dragon head mask?”

“It’s obviously a person wearing a mask.”

Chu Wenfei face are black.

Thinking to himself how on earth did this idiot get rich.

Is the money in the south really that easy to earn?

This kind of idiot can also become a millionaire?

Chu Wenfei’s whole body is confused!

When Chu Wenfei was full of speechlessness, Meng Chuan on top of the high platform was not calm anymore.

Especially after that familiar dragon head mask, appeared in front of his eyes, Meng Chuan’s pair of eyes then widened.

“Is that him?”

“It’s that guy?”

“But but, this can’t be.”

“I’ve already sent someone to deal with him.”

“At this hour, that b*****d must have been beaten into a sieve by my men.”

“It’s not him.”

“It’s definitely not him!”

After a short period of panic, Meng Chuan quickly calmed down.

He did not believe that the man with the dragon head mask in front of him and the masked man who repeatedly offended him at the auction that day were the same person.

“It’s a coincidence, I guess.”

“It probably happens to have the same mask.”

Meng Chuan comforted himself with this.

Obviously, Meng Chuan was also afraid.

Afraid that they were really the same person.

If that was really the case, Meng Chuan felt as if he had guessed this person’s intentions.

As Meng Chuan looked stunned and uncertain, his father Meng Wanjun next to him seemed to sense Meng Chuan’s difference and immediately turned his head to ask him.

“This person, do you know him?”

“No, I don’t know. How would I know such a powerful person.” Meng Chuan instantly denied it.


At this time, the icy cold air, had already invaded the entire island from above the lake.

At this time, the silhouette of that figure, has become clearer and clearer.

The panic among the crowd also became more and more dense.

The Chu Wenfei seems to have sensed something, he was full of suspicion, his eyes nearly narrowed into a slit, looking at the man.

Although the dragon head mask covered his face, but I do not know why, as the person’s figure more and more clear, Chu Wenfei actually heart a familiar feeling.

Could it be him?

But this consciousness only appeared instantly, it was Chu Wenfei suppressed.

Back then, he watched that man buried in the ground.

A person who has returned to his homeland, how can he come out alive again.

“D*mn, what is wrong with me lately, why do I keep thinking of that guy.”

“Could it be that you miss him?”

“He’s not a girl, think about him for f*ck’s sake.”

Chu Wenfei shook his head and laughed.

And then continued to watch the show.

Although do not know who is coming, but intuition tells Chu Wenfei, next, this West Lake, afraid to have a big show opening.

“That that is”

“Mr. Chu.”

“Mr. Chu is here, old man Zhang, Zixi, it’s Mr. Chu who has arrived.”

“I knew it, Mr. Chu is a man of love and righteousness, will never see us die without saving us.”

On top of the stone pillar, the dying Lu Ziming, relying on his vague consciousness, vaguely saw the slim figure walking.

He had seen Ye Fan wearing a dragon head mask on his head, therefore, seeing the incoming person, Lu Zi Ming was near instantly certain.

It was Ye Fan!

It was the man who had terrorized the world back then!

He had come!

He stepped on the West Lake, he brought his anger with him, he came back with a vengeance!

Obviously, he was the enemy of his own clan, but at this moment, when he saw Ye Fan, he was like a believer meeting his faith.

In an instant, there were tears flowing down his face.

“Is it really Mr. Chu?”

Zhang Zixi breath breath shriveled.

Blood as well as blurred her eyes.

She could not see the man’s figure at all, but only felt a majestic power that was approaching him.

This should be Ye Fan.

This should be the power of the number one in the Heavenly Ranking.

At this moment, Zhang Zixi’s heart was excited.

That feeling was like a little fan girl, finally waiting for her idol to show off.

Zhang Zixi never dreamed that one day, the person she admired, the person she looked up to, would come to her rescue by stepping on the ice and snow.

That kind of satisfaction and happiness, nearly filled this girl’s entire heart.

However, while excited, Zhang Zixi could not help but worry.

She knew that in the battle that year, Ye Fan was seriously injured and near death.

I don’t know how much Ye Fan’s injuries have healed this time.

Will it affect his strength.

Can he cope with the mysterious strong man behind the Meng family.

For a while, a variety of emotions filled Zhang Zixi’s heart.

There was excitement, there was worry, there was panic.

Knock knock knock

At the top of West Lake, that man’s footsteps forward continued.

One foot one frost.

One step, one ice and snow!

Such a strange and bizarre sight can be described as trembling.

Those rich people attending the banquet on the lake island had gone completely crazy.

It was hard for them to imagine that human power could actually trigger the heaven and earth’s extraordinary image.

“This this”

“Is this really not a special effect?”

The tycoons opened their mouths wide and couldn’t stop drawing cold breaths.

They only felt that their outlook on life had collapsed at this moment.

They never thought that this kind of scene, which was difficult to see even on TV, would now really appear in front of their eyes.

“A group of things that have not seen anything. I have long said that summer insects cannot talk about ice, and just because you can’t see the ice and snow doesn’t mean that winter doesn’t exist.”

“You guys never know, in that world you can’t see, how strong can human power really be?”

For this group of rich people around, Chu Wenfei eyes full of contempt, in the words, all the superiority.

Just feel that this group of people around, are some frogs at the bottom of the well, ignorant and ridiculous.

“Master, is this also the person you sent?”

Meng Wanjun’s face was also a little pale.

Although that person has not yet reached the front, but even a hundred meters apart, Meng Wanjun still felt a strong threat and oppression, this feeling, even the previous Chu Sect elders did not bring her.